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Found 7 results

  1. Simple question, does anybody know where I can buy (or a design to make) some PAL 30 pin SIMMs for my IIx? I'm stuck at 8MB and would love even a little more. Note they don't work with standard high capacity SIMMs.
  2. I just recapped my Macintosh IICX because it was having the common issue where the computer won't turn on and the power supply just clicks over and over again. Also, the sound wasn't working. After recapping the computer, the machine turns on just fine, but there is no chime and nothing is displayed on the screen. Do you think that I messed something up while recapping it or is there some other explanation to this problem? By the way, it worked fine before I did the recap on the rare occasion that it would actually power on without clicking repeatedly.
  3. Recently imported a couple of CC ii, they both worked initially. The second one I acquired started right up, but had a "sparking" sound every time it was booted, and every time it shut down (CRT off). I noticed the fan was not working, and the back casing was not flush against the front casing. I took the back off and fitted it flush with the front, screwed it back down. Fan worked, and initially, there was that "sparking sound" but no video. Took it apart again, and this time I noticed that the grounding harness was loose, and detached from the left side bracket. Reinstalled it correctly, grounding cable now against the Trinitron snugly, and reassembled everything as it should. Powered on, no more sparking sound, but no more video, either. System would bong at startup though, and I could hear floppy drive loading the Disk Tools, but nothing shows up on screen, and I don't hear the screen being energized. Removed back, CRT doesn't seem like it's even getting any power. Reading service manual, it mentions that not properly reinstalling the ground harness/cable could damage component/s. Which I figure I probably did. Meh. But I can't, for the life of me, figure out which component/s has been affected. I've looked all over this board, tested a few components for continuity. I'm stumped. Swapped out the analog board from the other CC ii, and the tube/system comes to life. Hazaaaa, the tube is okay! Just the analog board. Grrr. Sooooooo I guess I traded working fan for video...not the best trade ever, I admit Now, I just gotta figure out how to fix the original analog board, because the picture with this other one is not aligned nicely even after I've adjusted the pots in the back (and I'd prefer to have two working CC ii's). Any advice or suggestions/leads that I could try out would be greatly appreciated. I've thought of swapping the flyback transformer, swapping the video board, swapping the....that's pretty much it, actually. Couldn't find any individual components that looked suspicious/damaged, so falling back against my own, I've decided to turn to any experts here who could help me out, please! Cheers,
  4. I just got my hands on a new IIfx upgrade board (not the one that just sold on eBay for 600, I actually lost that) from an old Apple dev I met on Facebook. The thing was pristine but of course I recapped it to eliminate variables, and after getting all the parts together it's not booting. Instead what happens is the power supply comes to life, and the two floppy drives start firing off like crazy and chirp wildly for a second. There's no boot chime or death march chord, and the speaker/psu/drives all worked fine when this was still just a IIx. Any suggestions? I'm getting desperate to get the thing working. I haven't found anyone else online with this issue and all the books including dead Mac scrolls couldn't give me anything either...
  5. bman12three4

    Classic II hard drive broken

    I have a recapped classic 2 mobo with an 80mb hard-drive. I plugged in the hard drive, turned the mac on and booted from the system 7 disk utilities floppy. Once the reformatting was done, I restarted the mac and installed system 7 on it. This all worked well and I played Oregon trail on it for a while, but after I turned off the computer a couple of times, the drive stopped showing up. When I power up the mac, I get the missing OS floppy icon, and when I boot from the Disk Utilities I don't see the drive on the desktop, or with the actual application. The drive sounds the same as it did when it was working. The mac came with a hard drive installed but it didn't recognize it either. What can I do to fix it?
  6. Greetings, (this is my first post on 68kmla) I newly installed Mac Os 8 on my Mac IIci's 72gb external drive using resources patches and Wish i was(and not Born Again). Now it boots just fine and i find it significantly more stable than my old system 7.1 which was also somewhat stable. But what satisfies me the most is the fact that now i can access HFS+ file system. So i partitioned this large drive to get a large 69gb HFS+ storage drive and a 1gb HFS drive to boot Mac Os 8.1. What i am wondering now is about enhancing the responsiveness of the computer and the UI's speed: Will replacing the RAM SIMMs (two 4mb and six 2mb - 20mb) by eight 16mb SIMMs to have 128mb of RAM will do so, and is it worth it? I'm asking here for opinions because in the other hand -- if i don't get more ram, i would later (by the end of january) have the occasion to have a woking SE/30 or a Powerbook 150. I really am wondering what is the most worth it. I also put my IIci's configuration below: -Cache card on; -9gb Quantum internal drive w/ system 7.1 and 6.0.7 on it; -72gb HP external drive in an Optimac box; -20mb ram -8°24 GC -Asante ethernet card Thanks for replies
  7. Where can I start? I opened up my Mac II. Hard drive is missing - check. 1 floppy drive - check. Does not turn on - expected. So what's left? Further inspection, pull out the magnifying glass! MC68030RC40? Huh? MC 688852-40? Wait a minute! Wait a minute! (The board is layered with dust, remove cards, wipe off dust) Apple IIfx stenciled in yellow ink on the board! Now this is confusing. I know I have a IIfx, but its in its own IIfx case. This case says Macintosh II. (*Flips over to see bottom*) Bottom label seems thicker than normal, in fact it is on top of another label, just a bit off by a tiny bit! It says, "Macintosh IIfx!" So it was an upgrade of sorts, from a Mac II to a IIfx! As we all know the IIfx is the fastest Mac of its time until you get to the Mac 950! But it does not turn on. Question, does it need a recapping? Yes it does. But in looking over the board most of the caps are Tantalums in black - like this one from the Mouser Site: There are ONLY two 47µf @16v that always leak and did leaked - they need to be replaced! and immediately! But only these two are affected. There are about 3 Axial caps and they look OK. The batteries did not explode - thanks god! and there were two rust spots on the board by the Nubus slots but cleaning them with acetone, it was just surface rust from something dripping down on it... not penetrating the paint on the traces. Probably dried up drool from some idiot who searched my collection in the storage facility. Grrr.... So, Questions: Why only 2 cap in the IIfx that need replacing? How to just start a the IIfx with dead PRAM batteries (That I removed)? What SCSI Hard drive to replace it in there? Where to get RAM for the IIfx? It seems to only have only 8 or 16 megs of RAM, with all 8 slots occupied. I remembered running System 6 on it. Stay with System 6 or move to System 7 with a RAM upgrade? It has 2 Ethernet cards, and a 24bit Apple Video Card. I remember using it for may things including using it as a network router to switch between AppleTalk and Ethernet for the class lab. Pictures coming up once I get it cleaned up. The case itself is a dark shade of yellow, though it should lighten up with a good wash. I'll RetroBrite it during the winter. And as I thought in https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23566-se30-tantalum-capacitor-mouser-cart/?p=244586 , the black caps do look great! Just the effect I was looking for! You'll see what I mean when I post up the pics.