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  1. Does the cable have a solid fill for pin 17 or does it have one of those removable plastic filler pins? If it is solid, then you will have to break off pin 17. If the other case, then you can remove that filler pin, but be careful to plug the cable in with the correct orientation.
  2. cruff

    Solder mask or corrosion?

    That's pretty uniform, so may be solder mask overflow or failed tented vias. If you didn't remove anything with the vinegar scrub, then you are probably good to go.
  3. Wow, I can't believe the prices for a passive card I saw in a search. Unfortunately my dual G5 doesn't have that upgrade installed.
  4. I had a further thought about this issue. Do you have a logic analyzer available? Even a small USB based one with 12 or 13 lines would work. We might be able to figure out if you have some bad solder joints at the SCC.
  5. cruff

    eBay IIci WTF

    Cache card plugged into the wrong slot?
  6. cruff

    AppleColor High-Res (M1297) Tear Down

    It isn't a law that I'm aware of, it is probably a requirement of the company doing the recycling. For example in Boulder County, you can drop off your electronics for onsite disassembly and recycling, and the description of the process doesn't mention anything about intact housings. There is an extra charge if the CRT glass is broken, so perhaps something similar applies in the Denver metro area.
  7. Ok, all I have is a crappy phone picture, I didn't get my good DSLR out to do a proper job. The moire pattern was caused by the phone sensor, and it doesn't look like that at all. The picture was quite good once I disabled the auto image scalling and increased the brightness setting. My VAXstation 4000/60 has a 1280x1024 8bit graphics card in it that outputs RGB with composite sync on G. I've ordered that connector for the power input, it should be here next week. My power supply said the 300A was drawing 0.83 A at 12 V while the display was active.
  8. I found an RGB-HDMI 300A at https://www.surpluscrestron.com for $53 delivered. It was a pull from service, and was missing the connector block for the power. I believe a connector like this https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/molex/0395000002/WM7732-ND/1280583 will work, I haven't yet ordered one to verify, but I have a four position connector block like that on my Keysight power supply and the dimensions are correct. I hooked it up today to my VAXstation with a 5 coax to VGA cable and it worked nicely with my Sony TV. I haven't tried it with my IIgs yet, but found a link about how to do it at http://www.apple2faq.com/knowledgebase/iigs-to-hdmi-using-an-extron-rgb-hdmi-300a/
  9. cruff

    SCSI Voodoo HowTo

    https://stason.org/TULARC/pc/hard-drives-hdd/quantum/PRODRIVE-LPS-540-S-541MB-3-5-SL-SCSI2-SE.html I found this without using quotes on the search.
  10. cruff

    SCSI Voodoo HowTo

    A search for "quantum 540s" will turn up the information.
  11. cruff

    M0487 Keyboard - Some keys not functioning

    For the keys that aren't working, do the plungers operate correctly? For the disassembly, the furthest you disassembled it was to the state in the second picture in the original post? I.e. just removed the keys and cleaned up at that point?
  12. cruff

    Apple IIGS Repair Help

    Yes the corrosion could cause shorts, higher impedance "shorts" or open traces.
  13. cruff

    Apple IIGS Repair Help

    The battery contents were probably alkaline, you will need to neutralize that with a mild acid, such as vinegar, followed by a thorough wash. If you are going to replace the battery, I'd recommend using one of those off-board battery mounts with wires you solder to the motherboard where the battery holder used to be.
  14. One thing that could affect the transfer rate is if the Ethernet interface uses DMA for data transfers or CPU polled I/O. Not having DMA available will lower the throughput drastically.
  15. Possibly bad memory. Have you tried a memory test program?