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  1. Von

    3D Printed SE/30 ROM Clips

    Nice work on those!
  2. If you remember, could you write it down and share the steps? I just got Nisus Word Processor 3.06 on disk and I'd like to make backups.
  3. Von

    The Main Setup Hacks in progress thread.

    Yep, that is the one and it has been great except for its locations for hard drives. There is one in the 3.5" bay and then another towards the top/back of the case. Since we are in Hacks...here is a mod that I made: This is a bracket that I made to hold 2 drives from some case internals I had lying around. It holds 2 SSD drives one of them a 2.5 in an adapter bracket. And here is that bracket mounted in the Inwin case making it easier to get at the drives: Not the best shot but the new drive caddy is behind the flashlight.
  4. Von

    The Main Setup Hacks in progress thread.

    Not sure on the make...the branding is from the PC shop that I got it from circa '98 called Cutting Edge Computers in Redmond WA.
  5. Please count me in as well. I am hoping to get one of my IIfx boards up and running soon.
  6. Von

    The Main Setup Hacks in progress thread.

    Oh yeah, that cases is bedazzled with many LEDs: The case came from CompUSA and I think it is a white-labled InWin or KingWin. I added the stainless drawer handles on top to move it around as well as the fan in window to match the stock fan on the top window. It runs XP on an intel 915GUX board which is nothing special. My plan after doing some backup on this machine is to get it to dual-boot to a linux disto. THe case to the right is my many-boot Museum box mentioned here.
  7. Von

    The Main Setup Hacks in progress thread.

    I think this may qualify as a hack... At the office I have a workstation that can be used standing or sitting. With the work from home in place, to get a standing workstation I took and old coffee table and sat it on top of my home office desk with monitor arms holding the 2 Tunderbolt monitors.
  8. Von

    Compact Mac Test Stand

    Very nice work!
  9. Von

    A Perfect Condition SE/30

    Looks very nice! I finally got my SE/30s out and am still working on them...
  10. Von

    Asanté MacCon SE/30 clone

    If this happens, please count me in for 2 of these.
  11. So the problem you just fixed was with a Micron Xceed card card have a line on screen when used in conjunction of a grayscale adapter? I have 2 Xceed cards and one of them has the line...
  12. Von

    Carrera040 in Daystar adapter?

    These are the 2 IIsi Daystar adaptors that I have. Also have the Daystar that allows you to put an accelerator or cache card in the SE/30.
  13. Von

    Carrera040 in Daystar adapter?

    Did anyone try a Carrera 040 in a Daystar adapter to see if it works? I now have a working IIsi and the needed pieces however I am somewhat concerned about possible damage...
  14. Von

    New (to me) Sun LCD monitor

    OK, i got the Sun setup before the start of the Seahawks game. Here is my report thus far... My Vintage Macs and PCs will all share this monitor with a dual KVM setup that is: Dr Bott KVM >> NEC multiSync adapter >> VGA cable into a Belkin SOHO KVM >> VGA cable into the Sun LCD I had to look up 13W3 and the answer would be no. Looks like DVI I did a factory reset on the monitor settings and get this warning about 1600 x 1200 being recommended Within settings it allows Native which is quite small Another setting is Aspect and the last is Full I'll give a closer look to Aspect and Full to decide which looks better. My 17" EnVision LCD was starting to fade around its edges so I have been shopping for a replacement. I got a 19" Samsung followed by a 22" ViewSonic I like the look of the Sun sitting next to the vintage stuff. I'll need to do a bake off among the 3 which has the sharpest across everything that connects to it...