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  1. Are the ram chips still available for these vintage video cards or do you need to snag the rare expansion kits on eBay to upgrade them? See Apple Service Source manual for video card upgrades attached which doesn’t detail the ram chips required. Video_Cards.pdf
  2. Note: I wonder if the admins could create a Repairs or Recaps forum so that we can collate and capture knowledge like the below before it is lost. https://jbretro.wordpress.com/2019/07/10/m1296-recap/ The aim of this post is to create a reference online of capacitors used in the main and neck board of the Apple 12″ Macintosh Monitor (M1296). Attached is a spreadsheet of capacitor values that has been created by the writer and verified / checked for accuracy and show photos of the recap. This monitor’s design has the front bezel match the curve and width of certain Macintosh computers, famously the LC line and also IICI. It is a fixed resolution 512 x 384 @ 60 Hz RGB monitor which used composite sync. Internally it is a Japanese design by Matsushita and uses a shadow mask CRT tube. It is not compatible with traditional analogue RGB video signals, even when fed clean C-SYNC. I found the build quality to be strong and pleasing to repair. My monitor featured vertical collapse when turned on and was known to have little use from new, cosmetically perfect and from a single owner in Sydney, Australia. Capacitor C418 was the failure point for me, along with rotted traces from heavy capacitor leakage. The main board was indeed wet and electrolyte pooling in the grooves of the case. I chose to re-cap everything including the neck board as clearly I felt like a challenge. After repairing some traces and verifying my work, the monitor was tested as working ‘first go’. The image remains pristine – clear, converged well and bright. PDF spreadsheet M1296 Repair Recap rev 2.xlsx (attached) Apple 12″ Macintosh RGB Monitor M1296 Main board uF V C401, C413, C502, C523 1 50 C416 22 25 C418 2200 6.3 C420, C519 220 25 C501, C526 47 50 C507, C520, C522 10 50 C512, C414 100 50 C517 100 25 C518 10 160 C521 82 160 C525 0.1 50 C908 (Comment: Negative Black) 220 450 C914 22 100 C915, C921 10 100 C919 330 180 C920, C417 2200 35 Neck board uF V C203 1 50 C205 220 100 C206, (C517 from main board) 100 25 C2B4, C2G4, C2R4 2.2 50 C2R2,C2R1,C2G1,C2B1,C2G2,C2B2 47 25 C6B5, C6R5, C6G5, C207 1 160 C6R3, C6G3, C6B3 47 25 m1296-repair-recap-rev-2.xlsx.pdf
  3. TimHD

    Stylewriter 2400 orange light

    Yes. It’s an error. See page 24 of the service manual for the error message summary table https://www.applerepairmanuals.com/the_manuals_are_in_here/Color_StyleWriter_2200.pdf
  4. I have one. I think it’s in one of my IIci or se/30s. Pretty sure it didn’t come with a cache card.
  5. TimHD

    Baroni’s Collection

    Is there a way to get a disk image of your scsi2sd AU/X partition? Been keen to set one up but I see it’s quite a tricky setup process...
  6. Ta. Apparently there's an inside & outside small steel bracket and possibly even a plastic cover. Again, my version seems to pre-date these later models as the manual peaks out at 5400/75 and LC580 options (plus 'Nubus' slot references). I did see some cheap newer kits in the USA for like $5 but the shipping is about $50 plus right now!
  7. If I get the better drivers, do they help with the built in display or only the externals? Am thinking I might get some further partitions on the 20GB hard drive, one for 7.61 (for it's 040 heart - not sure if I boot without the Sonnet extension it falls back?) and possibly also 8.0 (5500/225 603e) - while it's currently configured as a PPC (7450) 9.2.2 (Old World) thanks to the G3 L2 400/1M card. Quite a beast and not bad for something I picked up for under A$100... 8)
  8. I have an earlier (5200/75 era) Apple External Video Connector Kit (M4099LL/A) which seems to only have the large metal retainer bracket to mount the DB-15 VGA out port. Later version of this connector kit (5400/225 era - see https://usermanual.wiki/Apple/EarlierPowerMac.1073851292/html) also have the ‘Small Metal Bracket’ and ‘Small Metal bracket with Ribs’ and Jack Nuts included (see page 2. As I am trying to add this to a 5500/225 via the lower small access slot on the rear (called “Nubus Card Access door” on those versions, but the 5500/225 is PCI only), the earlier kit I have doesn’t have one! Hence hoping to buy those Small Brackets or swap them for the large bracket I have in my kit. Alternatively, are there other sources anyone knows where I could acquire a mounting bracket from other kits/sources?
  9. @Byrd Here’s those pics of the card. I note this version comes without a DVI connector like some retail versions. Looks like the OEM version - see http://store.richspsxparts.com/atira70pci32.html
  10. TimHD

    TimHDs pics

  11. Thanks for the comments (and glad that cable has helped). Will any 7” PCI video card work, or is there a specific sub-class of video cards that can be used (esp if a 3DFX Voodoo is too pricey)? I have a PowerMac 6400 that currently has PSU issues, with a PCI video card I might try if compatible... Looks like I have, as you noted, a Radeon 7000 in there - do you know if that is a 3rd party card (not Apple bundled) or donated from another Mac series, eg 6400)? Finally, I have an Apple External Display Connector kit (a DB15 connector that plugs into a dedicated connector on the 5500 motherboard) - see my related post seeking a bracket - would that be accelerated and running off the ATI iic graphics on the motherboard?
  12. Some time ago I picked up a black PowerMac “Directors Edition” 5400/180. It came with a 5500/225 (PCI not PDS) motherboard, a Sonnet Crescendo G3 (7450) L2 400/1M accelerator, a TV/ FM Tuner card, an AV card (820-9745) and what seems to be a ATI IIc and/or ATI RV100 (both come up in System Profiler) card in the raised PCI slot. From looking at everymac.com and other sites it seems the video card might have come from a 6400. Interested to know whether there are better PCI video cards that could go in this to max this out?
  13. TimHD

    Duo Li-ion Battery

    Likewise very interested in this project. Hope you manage to get it working. Are those small boards custom, relatively easy to source or originals (retained)?
  14. 4 sticks (64) please
  15. Count me in for a set for my iifx please.