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  1. CharlieFrown

    Macintosh Plus Performance Enhancement

    I am quite pleased with Mac Rominator and RAM disk's performance "boost". Waiting for 64 MB Rambus thing by Garrett. BTW has anyone thought about putting MC68HC000 based accelerator inside Plus? It's quite popular in Amiga and Atari ST worlds these days, these processors can go up to 50 MHz and give you around 4 MIPS, which is almost twice as fast as 16 MHz 020.
  2. CharlieFrown

    Original Classic crashes on playing the sound

    here's update: recapping the logic board worked magic and eliminated all these problems: - no sound - sudden slowdowns, when computer would stall and wait before completing tasks - hard drive inaccessibility - quite often the hdd wasn't present at booting
  3. CharlieFrown

    Dove Marathon Racer (68020) drivers

    Oops I thought I got 020 version. dove.racer.hqx
  4. CharlieFrown

    Original Classic crashes on playing the sound

    ok thanks for reply. Need to check this while booted from Floppy/ROM.
  5. Hi, Luckily this one never had a leaky battery. Boots just fine, but never heard any sound from it. When I click play sound in System 7 Control Panel it crashes. Cleaned the board with IPA, especially around sound chip, put headphone jack back and forth. No progress. I am planning to recap the board, but I guess there's something else going wrong?
  6. Hi, Is it possible to damage Macintosh Plus keyboard chip with changing keyboards or/and cables while computer is on? Today I tested my two M0110A keyboards with Plus and self made modified cables (none of them were regular phone cord). One of my keyboards worked fine while using old version of Mac Paint in typing mode. Then I switched the keyboard while computer was working and now none of the keyboards work! I tried different cable while the computer still on - nothing. Maybe I should clean the keys and metal pins that connect the cable. Any other things you would try guys? BTW my analogue board had a toasted capacitor 0.47 uf 250v (x), which I replaced with 0.50 uf 250v, the only one they had in store, if it has anything to do with this issue.
  7. CharlieFrown

    512K: weird keyboard issues

    wow thanks for such detailed explanation guys! After WD40 treatment described by you and Larry Pina in his excellent book now all the keys work like charm.
  8. CharlieFrown

    512K: weird keyboard issues

    ok cool, thank you guys. I applied some wd40
  9. CharlieFrown

    512K: weird keyboard issues

    ok thanks Slomacuser. Here's an update: I sprayed some alcohol underneath the non working key like "A", now it's stuck typing "aaaaa" on screen like crazy and it doesn't respond to the other keys. I want to access the area under the white switch to clean it, but it's totally different than Plus keyboard.
  10. CharlieFrown

    512K: weird keyboard issues

    Hi, Happy holidays. I have this Mac 512k with European Qwerty M0110B keyboard (M4 M011OB). However noticed some issues: - some single keys like A D, F do not work at all, what might be the problem? These white switches need replacement or some PCB contact points need silver glue? - when I use old version of Paint (2.0) the keyboard gives me totally weird input - enter works like I, z acts like x, x acts like C, the space bar doesn't work at all, while the key next to it works like space. I checked the cable with Plus keyboard and it works just fine. Any clues would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. CharlieFrown

    Mac Rominator issue

    Hi, I have a Mac Rominator installed in my Plus, I get the customized chime, welcome screen, but when I press "R" the Mac gets suspended on Welcome to Macintosh screen. Anyone had similar problem?
  12. CharlieFrown

    ROMBUS - 64 MB flash interface for Mac Plus

    count me in! Interested.
  13. CharlieFrown

    Turbo SE accelerator

    68HC000 cpu's are used in modern accelerators for Amiga, they are capable of running at 50 mhz(!). Would love to see HC based turbo for 512k/Plus.
  14. CharlieFrown

    Mac Plus and 2 MB floppy drive

    Hi, 1) is there any chance the Plus will be working with SONY MP-F75W-01G floppy drives? I am pretty sure HD (1.44 MB) formats are not available because of older IWM chip, but what about ability to format disk as 400k or 800k? 2) Can I use the stepper motor from the MP-F75W-01G inside the older 53W drive? Thanks