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  1. peterstory

    Where to start with 3 Mac IIs?

    @mattsoft and @joshc Right you are: after closer inspection, I do see some corrosion near the caps on both IIcis. Thankfully, the corrosion looks superficial, so hopefully the caps will be the only thing needing replacement. So recapping will be my next step! @aeberbach Ah, the Open Source Scan Converter looks excellent! Unfortunately, a bit out of my price range at the moment, though it's definitely on my wishlist now. If anyone owns one in the greater Pittsburgh area and would be willing to let me borrow theirs, just let me know! @max1zzz Good to know that the batteries probably aren't needed. Looks like it is an accelerator card! I've attached photos of all the expansion cards:
  2. peterstory

    Where to start with 3 Mac IIs?

    @sstaylor Ah, thanks for the clarification with regards to the AUI connectors. Excellent, after removing that extra stick of RAM the error chime is gone: now #2 gives only the standard startup chime. Based on the information in that thread, I attempted to configure my video adaptor. However, with the adaptor plugged in, #2 no longer gave the startup chime! After removing the adaptor, the chime returned. Perhaps due to the ancient PRAM battery? @mattsoft Thanks for the tips! I successfully removed all three PRAM batteries. Thankfully, they all appeared intact and not to have caused any damage. I didn't see any obvious corrosion in the IIcis (#1 and #2), but I did see some in the IIcx (#3, see photo below). Perhaps this is due to leaky capacitors? For now I will focus on #1 and #2, but if they turn out to be equally difficult, I will clean #3's board and test/replace capacitors on all the boards. I'm assuming all the IIs need PRAM batteries to boot? If so, I'll probably need some replacements before I continue my troubleshooting. EDIT: This video suggests that a PRAM battery is needed to boot:
  3. I recently recovered three Macintosh IIs from the trash at my work. I'm hoping that between the three of them, I'll be able to create at least one working machine. Below I've documented what I have. So far, I haven't been able to get video output from any of the Macs. I consider myself an expert on modern Macs, but a complete novice on anything pre-Power PC. If y'all could guide me to the point when I can get video output from one of the Macs, that would be tremendously helpful! Accessories Two Mac video adaptors, pictured below. I can't find anything about these online. I've tried several of the settings with all of the Macs, but nothing has worked so far, so I think I need a more systematic approach. Modern Acer V213H monitor (1080p native) with VGA input ADB keyboard and mouse Computer 1: Macintosh IIci All RAM slots full 2 expansion cards with video ports Hard drive is noisy, possibly failing? When plugged in, the power light turns on, but there is no startup chime Computer 2: Macintosh IIci Some RAM slots empty No hard drive When plugged in, gives an error startup chime Computer 3: Macintosh IIcx All RAM slots full 2 expansion cards with video ports When plugged in, the power light flashes, and there is no startup chime