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  1. Yeah that sounds plausible, thanks.
  2. Would this work to get ethernet connectivity under A/UX on an SE/30? I'm skeptical as I haven't been able to confirm that *any* of the existing SCSI to Ethernet adapters work under A/UX, but perhaps my information is incomplete.
  3. Your problem sounds like something I also dealt with. It started with flashing and popping and changed into a completely black screen after a while. I also suspected a problem with the analog board. However it turns out that the analog board relies on the main board for a hsync/vsync signal, and if that signal corrupted, you may get the flashing symptoms. One reason this might happen is that the board is constantly resetting itself. In my case the problem disappeared after repeated cleaning. The SE/30 then worked for a while but is now back to its initial simasimac state, however I haven't seen the flasing/popping anymore.