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  1. jimbojones

    Best OS version for a Classic/Color Classic?

    Thank you all so much for this. It makes a lot of sense. I don't have other Mac's for Appletalk/Ethertalk, so have been using MacTCP and Fetch to pull files from my internal FTP server without a problem and this has worked fine on 7.5. Will try 7.1 and see if I can get the same working. I'm going to take the suggestion of having a play with each and seeing what I prefer, then look to slim it down if it's slow, and dual boot if I want to.
  2. Hi everyone, Am new here. I've just picked up the compact Mac bug after using a couple as a kid and this month have picked up a Mac Classic with 4MB RAM running System 7.0 and a Mac Color Classic with 10MB RAM running System 7.5. I'd like to do a fresh install of the OS and was wondering what the best version of System 7 would be for each. I understand the Color Classic will work with up to 7.6.1, is there any reason to not go for that? I'll be mostly running old games on them I should think. I also picked up a lovely AppleCD 300e SCSI drive, a Dayna LC ethernet card and a 500MB HD, so have plenty of space and a means of getting any disk images onto the machine. Thanks, Jimbo