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  1. krishnadraws

    Triple IIci

    I'm looking forward to the updates. That board cleaned up really well! The IIci case is one of my favorite Mac form factors.
  2. krishnadraws

    IIGS Setups

    Glad to "meet" you all! Thanks for the heads-up on AFPBridge @superjer2000 - I'll look into it!
  3. krishnadraws

    Mac SE FDHD worked with SCSI2SD - now it won't boot from it

    Thanks everyone! I plan to install the system software on the 2nd SCSI2SD partition to see if I can get that partition to boot properly.
  4. Strange issue here...maybe someone can help. I have an internal SCSI2SD on my Mac SE FDHD. All was fine in the world and the Mac would boot from the SCSI2SD SD card with no issues. Today, I turn the Mac SE on and I get a blinking question mark. Strange... so I boot the Mac from a floppy Systems disk. Once the Desktop loads, I can see the SCSI2SD volumes and all its data appears intact. Rebooting the Mac yields the same issue. It will bypass the SCSI2SD and hang at the question mark. I've made no changes and yet the SCSI2SD does not boot. Anyone have any insight on what to troubleshoot? Thanks!
  5. krishnadraws

    Awful Macintosh SE FDHD Revival

    Good on you for getting this Mac back up and running again. I had a similar basket case Mac (a damaged Mac SE/30). It was a lot of fun to work on. All it needs now is a logic board.
  6. krishnadraws

    Macintosh SE/30 Restoration Video

    I enjoyed watching the video. You did a great job explaining your approach. I look forward to seeing Part 2!
  7. krishnadraws

    IIGS Setups

    I thought it might be fun to see how many Apple IIGS users lurk on this forum. I'm sharing my setup, which consists of: Woz edition Apple IIGS (purchased new in the fall of 1987), upgraded to ROM 1 2 working 3.5" floppy drives (800K) and one faux floppy (case only - on top) TurboIDE card (hard drive using SD card) ZipGS 8MHz 32K cache (side note: Where can I buy more cache to bump it up to 64K?) VidHD video card Uthernet II card 4MB RAM (Garrett's Workshop) Two USB fans keep the computer cool (my SystemSaver IIGS died after 30+ years of stalwart service) Additionally, I have an old 80MB Power drive (shown in photo) which powers on but the drive appears to be gummed up. The IIGS is hooked up to an HP display. The IIGS on the bottom was purchased secondhand and I've added my SecondSight VGA card (which works) to run it on occasion. I'm running GS/OS 6.0.4 with custom system icons and fonts, courtesy of fatdog. My FloppyEMU has come in handy for transferring files over from .2MG format. I primarily use my Apple IIGS for playing games and playing audio files (Soundsmith). I'd love to be able to connect it to my classic Macs via Appletalk but not sure what extensions / additions I'll need on the IIGS side to make that happen.
  8. krishnadraws

    SE/30 - Somasi Mac (after recapping)

    Mouser.com sells UE8's. Not sure how to advise on the lifted pads. I have a "basket-case" SE/30 board that's in much worse shape that I've given up on because there were many traces eaten and a few pads lifted. Good luck!
  9. krishnadraws

    A few Mac SE/30 related questions

    I’m trying to maintain a solid FTP connection between the SE/30 and my modern Mac, even when both machines are idling. It seems that the connection lasts for about 10 minutes or so before the SE/30 is disconnected from the MBP. Ultimately, what I want to do is directly pull .hqx and .sit files from my MBP to the SE/30, but that’s another post.
  10. krishnadraws

    A few Mac SE/30 related questions

    It's more of a timeout / idle connection. I'm able to pull large files down to the Mac SE/30 with no issue. I just want the connection to stay active, even if I'm not actively downloading / uploading something at the moment.
  11. krishnadraws

    A few Mac SE/30 related questions

    The Mac SE/30 still shows on the local network with no issues, so I'm guessing it's something with the IP layer?
  12. krishnadraws

    A few Mac SE/30 related questions

    Thanks! For me, it's not a deal breaker (I don't mind the bluish tint) but it seems noticeable since I have an SE sitting right next to it. Might have to move 'em to different parts of my room
  13. krishnadraws

    A few Mac SE/30 related questions

    I may have to upgrade to 7.5.5. I'm also going to pick up a ROM-inator II. What are some of the things you recommend doing with it?
  14. krishnadraws

    A few Mac SE/30 related questions

    AppleShare over AppleTalk appears rock solid. It's only Ethernet...