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  1. I got one from Herb's Stuff: http://www.retrotechnology.com/herbs_stuff/m_parts.html#programmers $19 with USPS Priority mail shipping (US to US address) FYI I think the Q700 uses the same switch as the IIvi/IIvx/C650/Q650/PM7100, with round buttons, where as the IIcx and IIci use a similar switch but with wide thin rectangle buttons.
  2. Fizzbinn

    SyQuest 105 Cartridge

    What operating system are you running on the Mac you are testing the drive with? If it's not bad it might be a PC FAT format that isn't supported by the PC Exchange Control Panel you have installed. I think the early versions of PC Exchanged only worked with floppies too. Does the format dialog that comes up show a data size for the format it offers? Most SCSI utilities can show you drive info like model number. I have both 105 and 270 drives, their models are: 105MB: SQ3105S 270MB: SQ3270S I think resellers/SyQuest bundled other vendors drivers originally but SyQuest did release their own branded drivers that work all the back to System 7 on all their SCSI drives: https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/syquest-utilities-401
  3. Fizzbinn

    Fizzbinn’s Finds

    Sony 6X CD-ROM Discman PRD-650MC update - So from the Internet Archive Sony product specs I was able to find out what the Sony model was for the optional internal "Rechargable Lithium-Ion Battery" mentioned on the box: Sony LIP-12 Surprisingly you can still get new ones (3rd party) on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07WDW85LX/ Looks like it should work with the similar PRD-250MC Sony 4X CD-ROM Discman as well. If only replacement PowerBook batteries were so easy to find! (I guess being used in a bunch of other higher volume Sony products helps...)
  4. Fizzbinn

    Few Random finds from abandoned building

    Is the Adjustable Keyboard the only Apple ADB keyboard with that limit?
  5. Fizzbinn

    Fizzbinn’s Finds

    I turned my attention to my IIsi over the weekend (still can’t figure out the voodoo to bring back my 2400c ) and played with the Applied Engineering QuickSilver card I recently acquired with manual and floppy! The 32k static RAM Cache is the most interesting thing about it as I have other adapters that add an FPU. I decided to run some benchmarks via Norton Utilities System Info 3.2.1 (System 7.0.1) with the original clock chip and overclocked to 25Mhz with 50Mhz clock chip, with and without the card/cache and FPU: A neat progression in performance improvement (essentially doubling over stock). The best performance run “Macintosh IIsi/25 + FPU/Cache/D” came when I remembered the Memory Control Panel Disk Cache trick of setting it to 1024k to use up the slower soldered on motherboard 1MB of RAM with disk cache forcing the video memory, OS and all other apps to use the faster RAM in the SIMM slots. If you have the memory a pretty significant improvement on its own! CPU comparison with the other system in this version of Norton Utilities System Info:
  6. Have you tried scrapping as the traces to see if there is actually copper until the black spots? Maybe compare with the known good board?
  7. Fizzbinn

    Quadra 950 and the IIfx architecture

    The Quadra 900 Developer Note has interesting relevant info on this: http://mirror.informatimago.com/next/developer.apple.com/documentation/Hardware/Developer_Notes/Macintosh_CPUs-68K_Desktop/Mac_Quadra_900.pdf “The I/O bus in the Macintosh Quadra 900 computer is similar to the I/O bus in the Macintosh IIfx computer. The I/O bus in the Macintosh Quadra 900 computer runs at a clock rate of 15.6672 MHz. The controller ICs that are connected to the I/O bus include new custom ICs along with ICs originally designed for the Macintosh IIfx, such as the IOPs.”
  8. Fizzbinn

    Fizzbinn’s Finds

    Opportunistically adding to my boxed Apple OS collection when I find them on eBay for a non-crazy price. Still looking for: System 5.0 - Not holding my breath, recently went for $305 on eBay... System 7.1 Sysyem 7 Pro Mac OS 8.0 Mac OS 8.6 - Not sure this was sold on its own... Mac OS X 10.0 Mac OS X 10.4 - Last one in a full size box I believe.
  9. Fizzbinn

    mAcTX - ATX to Classic Macs

    In addition to what you have I think it’s all LC/Performa 4xx models.
  10. Fizzbinn

    2400c - How to keep it working?

    I think I jinxed myself by starting this thread! I can’t get my “new” 2400 to start up after being on the shelf for three weeks... I tried resetting the power manger to no avail: http://www.jacsoft.co.nz/Tech_Notes/PP_Manage.shtml#faq7 When I plug in a power adapter (tested good on my 1400) I hear a small click sound, pressing the power key does nothing. Pressing the resets but on the back does nothing. The PRAM battery was removed shortly after I got it but I did have a battery installed that seemed to be holding a charge, I wonder if that failed and did some damage not visibly noticeable? Failed power board? Blown fuse somehow? I’d greatly appreciate any thoughts or ideas to try
  11. Fizzbinn

    Fizzbinn’s Finds

    The driver software is actually CD Mounter Pro 3.2.0 by Software Architects. Works great, tested via my PowerBook 1400 (running 8.6) as my 2400 isn’t booting for some reason... grrr.
  12. Fizzbinn

    Fizzbinn’s Finds

    I spent more time on the Internet archive and think I found the drivers! Device drivers for Sony's PRD-Series CD-ROM Discman Products mac_prd20.sit (402 kB): Version 2.0 for Apple Macintosh Finding the right Sony website and year was the trick. Assuming the drivers test out okay, I'll see about uploading them somewhere (Macintosh Garden?). The bare drives seem to be fairly common on eBay, the Mac specific SCSI cable not so much though...
  13. Fizzbinn

    Fizzbinn’s Finds

    I managed to pick up an external portable Sony 6X CD-ROM Discman PRD-650MC for my PowerBook 2400/180 setup, original box and all parts but no manual or drivers. I did the ResEdit trick on the Apple drivers and got it to work except for eject. The disk unmounts but then quickly remounts, if I time pressing the “Open” button just right it’s good but more often I’m too late or early and get an error that I’m sure isn’t great. Anyone have a copy of the original drivers? Ideas where I might find them? I tried web.archive.org with no luck.
  14. Fizzbinn

    Quadra 700 - 68040 33mhz or 40mhz upgrade

    What did you decide on your overclocking approach, target speed?
  15. You got it correct now, I just double checked mine (still soldered in place), I guess I didn’t look close enough before. The two closest to the corner (C20, C16) are the 2200uf 10v ones and two in the middle (C13, C14) are the 1000v 25v ones.