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  1. jruschme

    An IDE Zip 250

    IDE Zip 250 was an option, at least, on several models of PowerMac G4, so it's sort of a Mac thing.
  2. jruschme

    HP Laserjet 4 Plus & a MAcintosh Quadra 650

    There is a JetDirect card that plugs into the LJ 4+. I think there are a couple of versions, but at least one has an AppleTalk port (in addition to Ethernet jack). I believe the part number is J2552A. Damn, I wish I had saved mine when I junked my LJ 4.
  3. jruschme

    1984 World Book

    Somewhere around here I have a fairly late slide rule whose instruction book talked about the slide rule being a device that allowed the computer to perform his job faster and more accurately.
  4. jruschme

    1984 World Book

    Of course not. Everyone knows that a computer is a person whose occupation is to perform computations, as in a bank.
  5. jruschme

    ADTPro audio on a Retina MacBook Pro?

    Does the rMBP have a headset jack? If so, an alternative might be a splitter from the single TRRS plug to separate mic and headphone jacks.
  6. A few years ago, I used BatteryRefill.com to rebuild the pack for an IBM ThinkPad T20. I seem to recall the price being reasonable, though the fact they had to regale the pack was also obvious.
  7. jruschme

    Raoul Duke's Gonzo Adventures

    It's probably based on an Atheros wireless chip. For Mac OS X, you want one based on a Broadcom chip. (The exact opposite advice of what'd you get if you were going to run Linux. I'm kind of not surprised that you can only run SL. Is that generation of Atom even 64-bit compatible? (If not, then it rules out Lion.) And I suspect that you have something like GMA945 or GMA950 graphics which aren't supported after Lion, anyway. If you can't tell... I did once try to run SL on an AspireOne D250 (a pink one at that), but got fed up with the compromises.
  8. jruschme

    Compu's Conquests

    So, what kind of price are we talking for a C2D Mini with power brick?
  9. jruschme

    $35 Garage Sale iBook, iPod, and Netbook

    Looks like the original Asus 901. Is that an Atom or an underclocked Celeron?
  10. jruschme


    There were actually two cards- a Mac86 which was an SE expansion board and the Mac286 which was Nubus. I've never seen a Mac86 in the wild, but the Mac286 was basically a single (er, two) board computer which interfaced to the Mac and had its own memory. 1MB was the normal memory on a Mac286, though the later version could max at 4MB.
  11. Misaligned heads were a common problem in the 5.25 era. I confess that I've never heard of it with a 3.5, though that seems the likely cause.
  12. jruschme

    Mac software for Cisco Aironet 340

    Funny, I used to love my Aironet. I used to use one with my WallStreet. IIRC, it was the only card with drivers for both Classic and OS X (besides a real Airport card).
  13. jruschme

    Mac software for Cisco Aironet 340

    If memory serves, you need to create an account on CISCO's server. That, or try to find a copy of the software somewhere else on the net.
  14. jruschme

    Quadro 610 / 6100 hybrid DOS card?

    Back when I was running a 610, I used a 610 PDS adapter with the card portion of the 6100 DOS card. It ran just fine.
  15. jruschme

    PowerMac G3 B&W Boot Problems

    I thought it was Command+Option+O+F