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  2. Lee Adamson

    Apple IIGS Repair Help

    I'm sending him my spare ROM1 mobo and a RAM card, and he's sending me his dead one to try to fix. It'll be an interesting project. It looks pretty dire to me, lol, so I'm not gonna hold my breath. Gunna have bodge wires stacked so deep underneath that it won't snap back over the tabs. :3
  3. Lee Adamson

    Macintosh LC III recap - Capacitor Recommendations?

    When I did my IIci, I was out of SMD electrolytics of the correct values, so I just cut the leads on through-hole electrolytics really short and soldered them to the pads. It actually worked far better than I expected, and I think I'm going to just leave it that way until they start failing (I used cheapo chinese caps, since I expected it to just be a temporary experiment and wanted to use them up). I generally prefer Panasonic, and that's what I'll probably use next time, being afraid that I'll just have the same trouble in another 30 years if I use the "correct" SMD electrolytics, but any quality brand Japanese, American, or European capacitors ought to last just fine (and that should apply to SMD capacitors, too). One thing that I *am* suspicious of is when people replace SMD electrolytics with tantalums. When electrolytics fail, they fail open, and the circuit is (hopefully) designed with that in mind. When tantalums fail, they fail *closed*, and again the circuit is (hopefully) designed with that in mind. But with the recent popularity of recapping with tantalums "because they don't leak", I think we're going to see the magic smoke coming out of a lot of boxen 30 years from now when those tantalums start failing. Best case it'll keep PSUs from powering up, but worst case it might burn traces on motherboards, which would be really unfortunate.
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  5. cheesestraws

    Power connector size

    Unfortunately that's not an option for my use case: the power supply is fine, but I need a barrel jack extension lead of the correct size to make the power wire longer. Context: I'm using my eMate as a serial terminal for my rackmount kit, and I need a wire long enough to run to the PDU of the rack.
  6. trag

    Umax J700 PSU?

    Tablet typing. Sorry. Replace with any ATX supply. I like Corsair. Need to make adapter or rewire supply. Google SuperMac Insider by Kennedy Brandt. Support. Technical issues. Instructions there. Ignore bit about minifit BMI, red herring. Perhaps easiest to start with ATX extender cable. Oh, and I did find the bare AT style connectors somewhere. So they're available. Where, though. I'll check to see if I made a note somewhere.
  7. tattar8

    Dead 512k, rapid clicking?

    So I replaced both F7 and G7, but the same error persists. Should I continue replacing chips or try something else?
  8. Hey! I'm trying to find the voltage and polarity that the original power supply for the Outbound Notebook 2000 used. Does anyone have scans of the manual or a picture of the AC adapter itself? Also, anyone know where I can get an image of the floppies that shipped with the unit containing the special Outbound extensions, desk accessories, etc? There's very little documentation on the Internet. Thanks in advance if anyone has anything.
  9. Which component should I order to replace LL1 on 630-0525 Classic II analog board? I hastenly removed LL1 along with all electrolytic caps, in hindsight LL1 could've stayed I think and I can't find any reference anywhere of what to replace it with! No obvious markings on the component itself.
  10. trag

    Power connector size

    Really not a silly question. Keeping track of all those jack sizes can be important, especially as the power brick usually fails before the device. Unfortunately I don't know the answer. Recently I bought this adapter that comes with many jinterchangeablevtips. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015PXUHYA
  11. Hi guys, I'm starting the process of recapping the logic board of my Macintosh LC III, I have enough 10 uF 16V caps, but no 47uF 16V caps or a 100 uF 6V cap, any specific caps recommended for the 47 and 100 uF 16v caps? I'll be looking to buy from Mouser as they are pretty close to me. Thanks for any advice.
  12. I have an 8600/200 that's been in storage for a long time. Took it out today and was able to get it to boot, but when I insert a CD in the optical drive the system seems to get stuck. I have the little watch cursor mouse pointer, and the system just seems to be stuck or not responding. The mouse still moves. I try to do a force quit and the window pops up but it never fills in, it's just a white window. I restart the computer with the CD in the drive, it boots up then gives me a the wait watch cursor and gets stuck. This happens after the full boot, after the desktop and icons show up. I'm assuming it's trying to read the CD and put it's icon on the desktop. If I do not put a CD in the drive, I can use the computer like normal. At least so far. Any one have any ideas what could be causing this?
  13. cheesestraws

    Power connector size

    Silly question - does anyone know the physical dimensions of the barrel jack connector that the Newton PSU uses to connect to the PDA?
  14. Hi, I have both V5 and V6 versions of SCSI2sd in various systems. I have never had any issues with the V5, but the V6 has always been very sensitive to environmental conditions, specifically ribbon cable condition and noise from the power supply. With those conditions the symptoms were all over the place, including bus errors and just hanging. I did a lot of troubleshooting on my own and also worked with Michael (the designer in Australia) on trying to resolve the issues. With some fixes he did to my board (mine was an early version) things improved somewhat, but never resolved to reliable operation. What I found in my system (a power mac 7600) was that if I used a good quality short ribbon cable routed away from the power supply, it worked every time and was very reliable. If I used any ribbon cable routed around the power supply (the standard configuration) it was nothing but the random problems. Since the power supply generates electrical noise, and the ribbon cable is unshielded, we concluded that the noise conducted onto the scsi bus was too much for the V6 to handle reliably. This with a unit that I had returned to Australia and was updated to the latest hardware configuration as of early last year. So, I would suggest experimenting with different ribbon cables and routing to see if this solves your problems. Incidentally I never saw any of these issues with the V5 board with any of my 7600 configurations.
  15. cheesestraws

    Quadra 700 setup with SCSI2SD v6

    When does it hang when it reboots? How far does it get into the boot sequence?
  16. Farhad

    Sfiera’s Conquests

    I’d possibly be interested in taking it off your hands. I need a CD drive cover for mine, and am also looking for a logic board replacement as mine is starting to have some cooling issues with the CPU and I haven’t been able to fully fix it. Let’s talk when you’re ready to flip it
  17. bibilit

    Horizontal line on Mac Classic

    Are you still having a Bong ? strange, as this kind of pattern is related to a Rom issue, can you scope the reset and data lines ?
  18. pinto_guy

    Horizontal line on Mac Classic

    Yes, I swapped the ROM chip with one from a good board, but no effect. I also put the LB in a wash cycle in the dishwasher, and I get the same pattern.
  19. Dear all, I'm struggling to make an EMTEC 4GB sdcard work on my Quadra 700 with a scsi2sd v6 board. I've followed Steve's installation step by step (http://www.savagetaylor.com/2018/01/05/setting-up-your-vintage-classic-68k-macintosh-using-a-scsi2sd-adapter) and all went fine until I switched the IDs (from the disk where I copied his 755_2GB image to the disk where I installed OS 8.1). After switching IDs, making ID 0 the disk with the OS8.1. installation, I either get a "bus error" after the OS starts loading or, if I try to boot with extensions disabled, it hangs. Any ideas? I have a very standard Quadra with 64MB of memory. No additional cards installed. 100% stable running OS 7.6.1 from its original IBM SCSI drive. Thank you all in advance for the invaluable knowledge sharing in this forum!:) -- lG
  20. beachycove

    160gb drive in a Pismo?

    I just received a 160GB PATA 2.5" drive from China, via eBay. It was intended for a Pismo running under Mac OS 9.2, which is limited to a 128GB drive. I had thus ordered a 120GB, but received the larger drive. Yes, I have complained, and got no resolution. i will make a modest complaint, but that is not going to solve my little problem. So, leaving eBay out of the matter, what are my options? The drive is still in the sealed bag, so I haven't attempted to install the thing, but I get confusing messages from searching about what to do if I do plug it in: neither https://lowendmac.com/2005/how-big-hard-drive-imac-emac-power-mac-powerbook-ibook/ nor https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT2544 are a lot of use in my situation. So I will ask you people: Can I simply partition the thing into a 128GB drive and go ahead, or is there some limit in the Pismo's hardware (and software under OS9) that makes using a drive >128GB in a machine like a Pismo (under OS9) a bad, bad idea?
  21. BadGoldEagle

    BGE's take on the Quadra 900/950 ATX PSU Mod

    FINALLY managed to make a logo that works! Turns out that (for logos at least) you have to point Kicad towards a folder and not the actual file... Why is that so???
  22. cruff

    Apple IIGS Repair Help

    Yes the corrosion could cause shorts, higher impedance "shorts" or open traces.
  23. Cera

    Mac lc 475 no sound

    Ok I'll do it. thank U to all.
  24. Yup, the 9th pin is for a specific kind of modem/DSP thingy. 9 pin ports are backwards-compatible with 8 pin stuff.
  25. Scott Baret

    Mac lc 475 no sound

    Recap the board. Most Macs which lose their internal speaker do so because of this. Also, check the contacts of the speaker on the board at its connector. It's less of an issue with the 475 or other newer LCs (the contact pads do create problems sometimes on the original LC, which uses a different speaker assembly) but still worth investigating. That being said, caps are likely your primary culprit.
  26. bibilit

    Mac lc 475 no sound

    Hi, i cut the head off the old capacitors first, then remove the legs. That way, there’s no pressure on pads. You can have a drop of sound in the first place, then a lack of it.
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