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Macintosh Classic II with missing ROMs

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I rescued a Macintosh Classic II from recycling but unfortunately someone removed the ROMs for some reason (left the RAM in place though). This is the older rev board with the 4 ROM chips.


I have another Macintosh Classic II (also has the 4 ROM chips) that does have the ROMs and while I've been recapping/restoring both systems I've been moving the one set of ROMs between the two boards.


From what I've been able to find so far looking around, it doesn't seem like there's an obvious way to replace these, other than of course sourcing chips from another board.


Anyone have any experience with this (perhaps flashing new eproms)?


Here's an obligatory photo of the board (with RAM and caps removed, before it was recapped)




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I have 2x Classic II’s but with the 2x40 pin ROM setups. One of the ROMs is bad so I’m looking to program a new set. What type of blank ROM would work in those and what sort of programmer would be needed?

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