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Macintosh II: coincidence in corroded traces?

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Yesterday i was playing with some non functional boards i put in a box over a decade ago. 




Of them, the one i recapped in 2008 has been suffering from erratical no video/no nubus syndrome. The reflowing of colder joints and the recostruction of one lifted pad restored the board to a functional state. 


Strangely i have found an irregular corroded or scratched trace starting from memory slot. It was corroded exactly above the "C7" capacitor writing.  I've've found very similar pattern in a second, not yet restored, board and even in a IIx (!!!) Why only one and why the same ?






Any insight? Could be because of Apple intervention during test phase or in the support timeframe?
Or are them simply badly corroded traces because of C7/battery acid leak?


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