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DayStar Macintosh Performance Guide 1995

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Here folks is the last DayStar Catalog covering their final lineup of 68K Upgrade cards:








And if you would like a copy of it in PDF form: https://archive.org/details/DaystarMacPerformanceGuide1995

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This is a cool find!


Actually having a Turbo 040 now, I'm only slightly and superficially bummed that it doesn't have that cool 040 decal thing on the ceramic top. Granted, mine has a passive heatsink, but still :) 
I remember seeing these upgrades all the time in MacMall and MacWarehouse... wish I'd still kept a couple of those. I've seen a few up on Archive.org 


That PowerPro card is pretty impressive (at least on this chart). And that RAM expander;  I would love to see it fit inside a 610 :lol: I mean,  I'm sure it does, because they advertise it as such.


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