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    • I'm trying to rescue a US 120V Macintosh Plus that was gifted to me. The previous owner accidentally connected it to a 240V UK mains power supply without a step-down transformer. Whoops! The original 2.5A 250V fuse had clearly blown so replaced it at the same time as doing a complete recap. When I did the "smoke test" just now (and this time I made sure to the use the correct step-down voltage converter), the fuse blew again so something somewhere isn't right. Would anybody be able to help me diagnose what the issue could be? Just as a side note, the logic board works fine in another Plus so luckily that wasn't fried by the original mishap.   Thanks for any help in advance Will
    • I'm about to send my STL file to a friend so he can start the 3d printing for me.    Check it out: assembly with 4 screws. I'm hoping the holes are big enough for the button and stick.   in-browser model viewer: https://a360.co/2X7DvxZ   Side analysis:  
    • Thanks, that would be great!  Although the icon in your graphic seems to be yet another version than the one in OP’s photo.
    • Hmm I just want to ask again  does anyone every tried to recreate the Macintosh Color Classic front badges/logos? Unfortunately I lost my small logo/badge after I measured it  
    • If shipping to the Netherlands isn't too crazy, I'm definitely interested   Given you mentioned a scrapped 610, do you happen to have the spare middle blank bezel or CD-ROM bezel for that same computer too, that you might part with?