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    • 386s do not support more than 16MB extended memory. In fact I couldn't even get my card to work with anything but 4*1MB SIMMs yet.
    • So, something I tried, my particular card has 4 of the 30pin ram slots, which are the same as the macintosh ram slots. I pulled 64mb from my q950 and popped it into the orangePC card, and while its doing the ram check. it usually fails around 79XXkb at address F300. Other times it will start to do ram check, but characters are missing, then the card crashes and starts giving beep codes.   Is it possible that the card doesnt support more than 8mb of ram..?
    • Well, that was a nightmare--   What i ended up doing was: extracting all the image files into a folder on my win10 computer zipped it downloaded maczip retrieved it on my q950 via fetch extracted the zipped file mounted the orangepc drive and copied everything over launched the freedos boot floppy and backed out of the installer changed directories to C:/ and fired up fdauto.bat   The rest is history! Now to learn how to install windows haha
    • Pretty remarkable that you did that without a hot air gun. I sure wouldn't have wanted to do that.
    • Nice find!   After reviewing that article, I took note that John Bass says his software really only handles drives up to 5MB, suggesting additional software to partition the drive if you go beyond 5MB to keep the sheer number of files from bogging down the system.