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    • Okay, you are much more experienced than I, so I believe you.  I am going to be checking for software issues.  It had a SCSI2SD installed in it, but I didn't do the install.  I am wondering if something semi important was missed when the OS and PAC software were installed.  I just saw that gunky chip when I had to pull the power supply to get at the floppy drive, and figured asking questions was not a bad idea.
    • I stand to be corrected here, but if the CPU were noticeably damaged, I'd expect rather worse than 'acting a little odd'
    • Okay great.  Thanks!
    • Yes, that notch is there to mark Pin 1.
    • Recently I managed to track down a nice looking SE/30, all cleaned up, with the board recapped by the seller, and with a new 30GB SCSI drive. The seller showed some photos of machine up and running, so I didn't expect it would end like this.   Unfortunately, when it was delivered, instead of a working SE/30, I was greeted by a chime of death and this pattern:     Tried to reseat the RAM and ROM, remove the battery and RAM altogether, even booting with bare minimum on board, and nothing works, the same pattern and chime of death still prevails. I glanced over Dead Mac Scrolls, but couldn't find that exact pattern. Currently, having no other idea (as I said before, the board was recapped with tantalum capacitors already, so I don't think that's the case), I just left it to soak in vinegar for 2 hours, as there might be some corrosion I haven't spotted. Anybody had a similar problem and have any idea what could I do next?