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Colour Classic - should I or not

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I have this Colour Classic Logic board that hasn't been recapped.


I've tried firing it up - it came up with death chime but no video (which might be RAM at fault)


It has been washed through-fully twice and final wash with ISO and its very clean - no marks between ram chips etc.


Has anyone came across to Colour Classic that hasn't been recapped to throw chime of death but works after recap?


Just don't want to recap it and find out it still has chime of death after recap. (due based on my experiences with LC boards that still has chime of death after recap and don't want to waste time)




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I had one or two not work after a recap but they typically also are victims of battery leakage or other corrosion so there are probably other underlying problems that are not cap related. Another one had something leak onto the processor and basically dissolved half of the pins on it. I tried to replace the processor but that did not end well so I just got a replacement board. You'd figure original CC boards would be pretty common with everybody throwing them out in favor of various upgrades and mods, but it took a while to find a reasonably priced replacement (which I still had to recap).

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