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    • Are the capacitors original?
    • Capacitor list and dimensions for reference:  
    • For additional reference, here is the capacitor list and dimensions for the M5140 (APS-20U) - North American version, which appears to be slightly different in its construction from the European version, and the cap at C151 has different ratings:   Position Capacitance Voltage Operating Temperature Height Diameter Lead Spacing Replacement Part # C108 47µF 400V 85oC 25mm 16mm 7.5mm EEU-ED2G470   C111 47µF 50V 105 oC 11mm 6.3mm 2.5mm 493-1896-ND‎   C151 33µF 35V 85 oC 11mm 5mm 2mm 493-1856-ND‎   C201 1200µF 16V 105 oC 31.5mm 10mm 5mm P12367-ND‎   C202 180µF 16V 105 oC 19mm 6.3mm 2.5mm 493-14370-ND‎   C207 82µF 16V  not listed 15mm 5mm 2mm 493-1778-ND‎   C252 1µF 50V 85 oC 6mm 4mm 2mm 493-5954-ND‎     The part #'s are what I used for a few of these, all in stock at Digi-Key Canada.  
    • Looks like my repair job on the analog board wasn't thorough enough.  I'm still getting occasional screen dimming/flickering issues.  Is there a picture that shows the most problematic solder points that should be inspected?  I did the connector areas but there must be something else.
    • Turns out my friend has a spare keyboard and mouse that he's going to let me have.  Given what everyone has said, I'll probably keep the SE out and keep the Plus as a spare.     My current spare is a Classic that even after recapping has an issue where the top right corner flickers and 'wobbles'.  I think a bad battery may have caused some damage years before I got it.  I should see if I can find a better board for it some day as the rest of the unit is good.