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    • Thanks for your help on this guys. It's a shame that it isn't easier to send it to the States. 
    • Oh yeah, the fabrication plant I used was able to create proper boards.   I haven't had any problems with reliability.  I've built 8 complete sets of 128MB now, and all have worked fine in my two IIfx testbeds.  It's conceivable that I could have received some on the very low end of the scale at 1.17mm, which would be below threshold.  So far, out of the ones I have built, they are all .050" exactly on the micrometer across the fingers.  I did use 2oz copper, I wonder if that makes the surface copper layers thicker?   About Rominator,  I have 3 of them, and have never had to use tricks to get good contact.  SIMMs should have a tolerance from 1.19 to 1.37.  Standard fabrication tolerance is ±10%, so if BMoW used 1.2mm substrate, he must have received some batches on the bottom of that tolerance scale.  I should measure mine.    
    • This thread has been really interesting.  Thankyou!
    • I posted the test result and the modification method on my blog.The data maybe incomplete, but if you are interested please check it out.
    • Great!  I'm pretty sure the port was originally designed for the 2/5 (hence the "25" in "LISA25.SYS").   This is one of the reasons I get a strong feeling that this wasn't ever really finished; it was a demo platform, rather than a serious port.  Error handling is nonexistent (if you get an abort/retry/ignore prompt and press 'r' for retry, it actually restarts the machine, at least here).  I have found so many ways to crash this so far