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    • I don't know if there ever was a file.  If there was, I was stupid for not having downloaded it back in 2009 when this thread was started.  I spent a lot of time Googling for it recently but came up with nothing.  Hopefully someone can provide it.  I hate it when useful information resources like this are lost forever.
    • @olePigeon The Musée Mécanique up in SF's Pier 45 seems like a place you'd like?   It's been awhile since I was there last (I remember first seeing it on my 11th birthday when it was under the Cliff House), but it had a section of 1980's era arcade games that seems like it'd be of interest to you.   c
    • The SIMMs in my IIci are about as tall as your SIMM expander.   I have a full stack (I call it "the brick") of 8 huge SIMMs.  I'm guessing they were some of the earliest 16MB modules and just used a crap ton of lower density chips, utilizing both sides of the board.   I love the extra big SIMMs.  It's like a hot rod.
    • Ever been to The Sanctum in Meriden?     https://tothesanctum.com/
    • Back with pics of the glass bottom chassis.     Loads of cubic down there for a quartet of the 72-pin SIMMs I have on hand plus the thickness of the SIMMexpander PCB. I shoved it as far back as I could to where the top of the rear SIMM makes contact with the Plexi MoBo stand in.     At 100mm we'll call mine "standard height" SIMMs. The most rearward would probably be about even with the fourth 30-pin SIMM back to allow extra headspace required for the bayonet board mounting process. At the very front there's room for a SIMM at least 120mm tall and probably a second one given the thickness taken up by the PCB.   Then again, there's also that single angled socket in my bag of toys, just pulled it out for one last pic:     I'd dearly love to see a SIMM tall enough that it won't fit right up there in the front of an SE/30.   And now I've got visions dancing around in my head of of an inverted design mobo, its component side visible through the picture frame bottom of my clear case. . Thanks much, @maceffects