Wow, can't believe it's almost been two years since I touched this thing.  Anyway, good news! It's now 80% functional. The other 20% aren't crucial for now but I'll definitely have to come back and finish it later (perhaps in another two years?). What are those 20% you may ask? Serial. But the important stuff, SCSI, floppy, sound, ADB etc all work.     In order to get the sound back, I added another wire (the red one) to bypass C10. Not great but since that's only for audio, that's fine enough. Plus I will remove it once I get a replacement cap. It's temporary otherwise I would have made the wire shorter... It was a just a quick and dirty fix. Another capacitor (C13) was replaced as the Maxell obliterated the old one (I didn't even find its remains!).   I believe that all the bad traces are fixed. Several pads are still bad (I didn't bother fixing them because I focused on getting it to work and didn't clean up the pads where the serial filter used to be. By the way, do you have a Digikey part number for one of those?)   The chassis (the one on the LB) is still bad, and I can't desolder it. I'll give the hot air gun a go but I doubt I'll ever get it off.    That's about it for today. I'm really happy!   Edit: Found a replacement Bourns filter. 4120R-601-250/201