Here are some news for SCSI2SD and Mac Plus: I used the description of MOS8_030. The vendor etc. were Seagate and ST225N. Device Size: 8 GB; HD SC Setup formated 20 MB. OS 6.0.8 Then I was able to format the 8 GB SD with Lido 7.56. I installed 4 Partitions (First 1 GB; 2-4: 2GB). Formatting and partitioning was done in Lido. Now I have 4 drives mounted and the plus booted from the first partition. For me Lido worked and produced a bootable SCSI2SD. When I tried this some weeks ago, it did not work. My SCSI2SD has firmware 4.8 (former was 4.7) and I use the newest software. I think the settings in the general settings tab are very important for creating bootable SCSI2SD for a Mac plus. Martin