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Found 6 results

  1. SE30_Neal

    Currupt ram and rom

    Hi all, having problems installing rominator 2 and owc memory. tried installing both separately without sucess as i just get a grey corrupt screen on boot up and funny sound. I cleaned up the board and connectors with contact cleaner as i thought maybe my se/30 is afterall 27+ Years old and may not have had the simms installed/removed in that time but still no look, put the old rom and ram back in and it worked straight away. Now i have a new 1gb hdd with Mac os 7.5.5 installed and wasn’t sure if that was causing the rominator from working but as i cant even get a boot up screen that wasn’t the problem, any suggestions?
  2. Hi guys, I just installed 16GB of PC2 6400 RAM into a Late 2005 G5 (11,2) The memory is showing as PC2-3200U-288 in the system info. QUESTION 1: Would I benefit from installing actual PC2 4200 RAM into the machine? (Which is the specified maximum speed for the machine) GeekBench2 in 32 bit mode gives a benchmark of 3370 which seems to be OK for this class of machine. QUESTION 2: Would using non ECC vs ECC make a notable difference? Thank you guys.
  3. ktkm

    SE/30 Start-up time

    I saved an SE/30 with 64MB of RAM! Since I’m not used to this amount what is the normal boot-time? It takes approximately 50 seconds for the ”happy-mac” icon to do it’s thing in 32 bit mode (Mode 32 7.5), is this normal? Is it time for a re-cap? /K
  4. GerrySch

    LC 475 Questions

    To All: Hi, I'm Gerry. I'm new here because I come from the Apple II world. I belong (for some 30 years) to the still active OAC (Original Apple Corps) Users Group here in Santa Monica Ca. With much of the group we discuss Macs since that's what people want help with but we also talk about Apple IIs and PCs. I have a couple of Apple IIgs-es, and recently an Apple IIe card for the classic LC series Mac. I bought an LC 475 and added 128 MBs of system RAM and upped the display RAM to 1 MB. So far everything works great. Then, in an effort to replace the noisy boot hard drive, I replaced it with a SCSI2SD card and a 32 GB miniSD card. After a lot of head-scratching and trying to figure out which version of HD SC setup to use (as it turned out Drive Setup 1.5 worked best) I divided the SD card into 4 SCSI drives (0-3) and partitioned drive 0 for 6 partitions, 4-2GB HFS (for compatibility) and 2-32 MB ProDOS partitions along with the other three drives having 2-4 GB HFS hard drive partitions. So there are 12 drives on the desktop. While trying to install System 7.5.3 on the first HD, I had a lot of freezing and crashing issues and had to repair the partitions using Disk First Aid. After completing the install and upgrading to 7.5.5, the system works well except when I copy files from virtual one drive partition to another (for backup), I still get periodic freezing/crashing. Finally, in an effort to get the LC 475 talking to other computers, I purchased an AsanteTalk bridge and got the LC 475 and my iMac G3, running 9.2.1, talking using Appletalk over TCP/IP on my network. So, after all my head-banging I have some questions. I have the iMac on my my network but it doesn't work well accessing the internet due to the age of the included browsers. I also have a late 2008 Mac Pro on the network running OS X 10.11.6 (no more system OS upgrades). I'd like for the LC 475 to access shared files on the Mac Pro so I can easily transfer software images but I can't get file sharing working, even between the iMac G3 and the Mac Pro. So my first question is there any way to share files between the LC 475 or the iMac G3 with the Mac Pro? My research so far says no but hopefully someone will have a suggestion. BTW, I can ping the iMac G3 from the Mac Pro but not the LC 475. Second, Since I have 132 MBs of RAM in the LC 475, System 7.5.5 swallows it all up except for around 3.2 MBs according to the Finder. If I pull out the 128 MB SIMM and reboot, the LC 475 reboots and along with 12 MBs of Virtual Memory, boots fine with again about 3.2 MBs of memory available according to the Finder. How do I limit how much RAM System 7.5.5 swallows up so I can run as many applications as I want? I've searched but, so far, I've seen no comments on 7.5.5 being a memory hog or how to control it. Thank you for any insights you have. Gerry
  5. Hi, m68k users! I've been using bbraun's djMEMC fix in the NetBSD kernel to support 260 megs in a Quadra 610. However, sometime between last summer and now I've noticed that when I'm booted in to Mac OS 8.1, the Quadra is showing 132 megs whereas it was definitely showing 68 megs in the past. This isn't after warm-restarting from NetBSD or anything like that (I think bbraun mentions or implies that the ROM memory routines run on all boots, so changing-then-rebooting to get more memory isn't an option). Has anyone else seen 132 megs on a Quadra or Centris 610 without modifications?
  6. In Apple's official documentation and other documentation on the Internet say that the Xserve G5, which has eight memory slots, can take up to 16 gigs using ECC memory. In the past I've bought a couple of 2 gig ECC DDR-3200 DIMMs, but they didn't work. Considering how some regular DDR DIMMs don't work in Macs, I assumed it was the DIMMs. Does anyone know what specific kind or of a specific place where one can get 2 gig ECC DIMMs which will work? If I find working ones, I am also inclined to test one in a PowerPC Mac mini. I always thought that if the mini had 2 gigs, it'd have been perfect, and especially now with a 1 TB 2.5" SATA hard drive in place of the DVD drive.