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  1. twillkickers

    Opening up a PowerBook 500 series AC Adapter (Model No M1893)

    Sorry for the late update. I basically destroyed the plastic getting it open. Still not entirely sure if there is a proper way. If someone has a good fix tutorial for these it would be appreciated!
  2. twillkickers

    Opening up a PowerBook 500 series AC Adapter (Model No M1893)

    I can confirm. Just peeled off the label and there were no screws under there. What tool did you use to get it open?
  3. I am trying to open up an old PowerBook 500 series AC adapter to recap it. However I can't find any instructions online of how to open one. Has anybody opened up one before? Are there any screws under the sticker need to undo first, or should I just start trying to ply the plastic open at the divide? Thanks.
  4. twillkickers

    Connecting to Internet on an LC II

    Thanks for the tip. I tried configuring manually. I entered a static IP in the IP field. I entered my router IP in the "router" field and I entered and as my DNS (Google DNS.) However, the same issue still seems to be happening. Am I missing something? Should I try different settings?
  5. I am having trouble getting my LC II to connect to the internet. I am trying to connect directly via ethernet using an Asante MCiLC network card. I've installed all relevant drivers, and I am using Internet Explorer 4.0.1. I am using System 7.5.5. When I connect my Ethernet cable directly from the LC II's network card to the router, the upper light on the network card blinks quickly. However, when i open up Internet Explorer 4.0.1, I get errors such as "Data transfer error (-28)" and "The website could not be found" for every website I type into the address bar. I have set my TCP/IP settings to DHCP. Am I missing anything? Any and all help is appreciated! I have been working on this all day and now I am very tired
  6. twillkickers

    Hard Drives Compatible with LC II

    Gerry, thanks for your input! After freezing the hard drive did start making a more promising noise than before, but the LC II failed to recognize it. I opened the hard drive up for one last try by following some instructions on YouTube, but I seem to have made the situation worse now. Looks like this one is gone for good! Since buying a new SCSI HDD will cost more than the machine is worth, I'll probably consider this old Macintosh as a parts machine. Thanks for everyone's help!
  7. twillkickers

    Inserting Floppy Disk into LC II

    The photo should be view-able now. I had my permissions set to private and now I've changed them to public. Feel free to take a look and tell me what you think!
  8. twillkickers

    Inserting Floppy Disk into LC II

    I've opened up my drive, and it looks a lot different than the drive shown in the wiki. See the below photo of my drive: Is this drive the auto-inject type? Is there a tutorial for cleaning this type of drive? Thanks!
  9. twillkickers

    My Hardware

  10. twillkickers

    Hard Drives Compatible with LC II

    Gerry, Thanks for the idea! I have a couple questions: How long should I leave the hard drive in the freezer for? Should I wait for the hard drive to thaw for a while after removing it from the freezer? Or should I put it in the computer right after it comes out of the freezer? Thanks for your help!
  11. On Macintosh computers with a thin disc slot (such as the LC II,) do disks need to be inserted in a special way? There seems to be no way for me to insert the disc fully into the drive without using a second disk as a kind of ram to seat the disc fully in the drive. Is there something wrong with my disc drive that I could fix; or is this just the status quo with these older Macintosh machines? Thanks for your input!
  12. twillkickers

    Hard Drives Compatible with LC II

    Well, I was able to install Lido 7 to a floppy disc on my LC II and get it running. After Lido 7 scanned my machine, it came back to me with the following two errors: "Unable to read drive Capacity!" followed by "OSErr = 5 Bad SCSI Command: phase error." The "OSErr = 5" window pops up twice for some reason. When I click "Bus Status" the window displays "0" values for every field (ie. Attention, Acknowledge, Reset, Busy, etc.) and at the bottom says "Phase: Bus Free". Does this mean my drive is gone for good? Any input is appreciated! FYI I am currently running my LC II with a floppy disc-bootable version of System Software 6.0.8.
  13. twillkickers

    Hard Drives Compatible with LC II

    Thanks for the response! Where would the best place to download an .img for Lido or SilverLining be? I've noticed a lot of Macintosh disk images that I find online are contained in .sit files, which my modern-day PC that I'm using can't handle. Thanks for your help!
  14. Just re-capped a power supply and the board from an old LC II my dad had in the basement. At first, everything worked well (even after my sketchy solder job.) However, after a few reboots the computer stopped recognizing the hard disc. The bootup tone still plays, but the "?" disk icon shows up on the screen. The hard disc makes a small spin up sound upon boot, as if it is trying to start, but then it quickly goes silent. What i want to know is 1) Could my amateur re-cap job be the culprit? 2) Is my current hard drive more than likely dead for good? and 3) If my hard drive is dead, what would be an acceptable replacement for this drive? I did find this eBay listing for some SCSI hard drives: http://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-286714-B22-404709-001-289042-001-72GB-10K-U320-SCSI-HARD-DRIVE-/181680342091?hash=item2a4cfe044b:g:guAAAOSwEK9TyBZx; would the drives in the listing be compatible? If not what should I do? As an added note, the system does boot properly from a floppy disk if a floppy disk is inserted. However, I prefer having a nice hard drive to work with! Thanks for any & all help!