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  1. TattleTech: http://www.tucows.com/preview/207028
  2. Yeah, I was always under the impression you could use them interchangeably. And I've never had a problem doing so. I also was under the impression that the shielding was the difference, which probably explains the different readings you're getting on the shells. Easy way to tell would be if you had a genuine Apple ADB cable - say, a coiled keyboard cable. Do the continuity test on the shells, and you'll have your answer.
  3. Very clever solution!
  4. tmtomh

    Anyone still use firewire drives?

    I agree that USB/FW drives are ideal. But, not having the budget for one at the time, several years ago I bought a very inexpensive FW enclosure - like under $20 - for a 60GB IDE laptop HD I had leftover from an iBook repair for a friend. The drive has proven invaluable, for that whole series of Macs that have FW ports but don't have USB 2.0 - most of the iMac G4s, the B&W G3s, the beige G3s, and so on. The drive has been a lifesaver (and time saver) so many times, when I needed to install an OS or transfer large file backups to or from these kinds of machines. The only pity is that to use the drive with my '09 iMac (which has only FW 800 ports), I need to spend almost as much on a FW400-800 adapter as I did on the original FW drive enclosure itself.
  5. tmtomh

    My worst nightmare has come true

    Sorry to hear about this. There are quite a number of folks with the knowledge (as evidenced by the previous responses) to help - and quite a few with the actual skills. I know thetechknight has a number of videos on his YouTube channel in which he recaps and otherwise repairs Classic compact Mac logic boards. I obviously can't speak for him, but I'd bet his repair rates are fair and reasonable, if you feel you can't complete the repair yourself.
  6. tmtomh

    "Booked" At The Eleventh Hour...

    Yes, very well done - few people would have bothered to save this gem. Congrats!
  7. tmtomh

    Alternatives to the 800-series case

    Just an FYI - in my experience you can put a Quadra 800 motherboard into a Q700 case with no problem. No problems mating to the CPU, the internal speaker, or anything else IIRC.
  8. tmtomh

    Plastic dyes vs. paints . . .

    I've used spray dyes. They work very well, preserving the texture of the plastic. But they're expensive. In my experience it takes three small cans to spray a medium-sized computer case evenly (like a Iici or maybe a compact Mac). The dye is not totally impervious to damage - a very shallow scratch or scuff won't reveal the original color, but a medium or deep scratch will. It is also possible to coat unevenly, if you hold the can too close. So you have to keep it at some distance - which unfortunately means more overspray, which means more of a mess, more smell, and more cans you have to buy. So I would say it's worth it, if you're willing to go to a little expense and a good deal of mess and cleanup.
  9. tmtomh

    latest conquest - Macintosh ED

    Lived in Pgh for 5 years and loved it! Scott - don't forget that they call the tunnels "tubes," and that the Primanti's sandwiches are all-in-ones (like the Mac! ) because it was easier for the steel workers to pick up and carry back to the factory, back in the day... As for Pittsburghese, when I lived there (20 yrs ago) there were a lot of "Yinzers"; maybe the population has changed these days. Great people there, very friendly, and a great place to live.
  10. tmtomh

    8500 logic in 7200 case possible?

    Can't answer all your questions with certainty, but yes, the 8500 mobo should work fine in that 7200. AFAIK the 7200 PSU and mobo connectors (to power, SCSI, floppy, etc.) are all identical to the 7300-7500-7600 series. And I know from personal experience that one can put 8500-8600 mobos into the 7x00 machines. So you should be good to go. As to whether the result counts as an 8200, that's more of a philosophical question.
  11. tmtomh

    Ethernet to Wifi on old laptops

    Very impressive!
  12. tmtomh

    Apple //e Trickery-ness!

    Nice work - very cool, and the video really shows what it can do.
  13. tmtomh

    IoMega Zip100 drive

    @jurschme - I have a VST Firewire ZIP 250 drive, just like this one: http://reviews.cnet.com/other-removable-media-drives/smartdisk-vst-firewire-zip/1707-6407_7-1541732.html For reasons I can't recall, I also have an extra power adapter for it. PM me if you're interested. Thanks!
  14. tmtomh

    Another iBook G3 & Problem Solved

    Great story - and great salvage job! I've taken apart a few of those iBooks, and that was a few too many. What a PIA!
  15. tmtomh

    A Not-so-vintage 2007 Black MacBook

    Congrats - looks like a great machine.