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    Help with Macintosh Plus 220-240v recap parts

    https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Panasonic/ECQ-E2395JB?qs=sGAEpiMZZMv1cc3ydrPrF0%2BjlB8SXIRuf09bNNZbGIg%3D It’s what everybody’s using..... Be one of us!!! ...And I’m sure you can get it there, rather than ship from USA
  2. Mac mini g4, 1.4 ghz, 1gb ram, and v8 is the un offical vers. of os 9 from “macos9lives” that runs on a mini.. They’re doing great work there.
  3. For what it’s worth, I have a mini that I put os 9 on the other day (from macos9lives, v8), but haven’t played with it too much. Problems. it will auto boot into the last selected os 10 ver. selected in the os 10 startup sys prefs (I have both 10.4 and 10.5). always have to hold down option key to boot into 9. audio is all up. www, classilla works, but horribly frustrating slow. protools gives me a DAE error that I cant find information for anywhere. I know they’re still working on fixing it and making improvements to it, as well. It's better, smaller / faster than the DT G3 I’ve been using.... but I’ll still keep it for now to make floppies for System 6 & 7.
  4. I found it and tested it without drive connected, and pin 9 is not connected to any other pins.
  5. jimjimx

    Mac System 7 ... on an iPad.

    There’s a Commadore 64 emu Hand BASIC - CBM Flavor by Hawwash-Soft https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hand-basic-cbm-flavor/id394924289?mt=8
  6. Well, I was going to do that, but apparently I put it someplace VERY safe, and can’t find it.... But I found my SD to 40 pin ide card, that I need for the iBook G4.... I’ll continue to look.............
  7. I have an 0131 I can get around to in the morning, but, do you want a drive on the other end, or unplugged inside the case? I can do either.
  8. Does anyone know what causes this, and what will fix it? I pulled it out of storage and wired up a new PSU (IBM 16v 4.5A), and was disappointed to see these lines. The top half was worse, but after squeezing the top edge, it became better than the bottom half. Next, see if I can rebuild the pram batteries with 2025s. (Does anyone know what the pram batteries are?)
  9. jimjimx

    Fitting a SCSI2SD in a 68k Mac

    Thanks fo the info. I didn’t use the utility. I plugged it into the scsi on a G3 using os 9, and used lido to format and partition it. I didn’t know you could set it up as 2 (or more?) scsi devices.
  10. jimjimx

    Fitting a SCSI2SD in a 68k Mac

    My question is...... Can I partition, and have multiple boot volumes. I’ve tried & failed so far.
  11. jimjimx

    PowerBook 520, lines on screen, pram batteries

    The PRAM Batteries are Panasonic VL 2330 placed in series. Red +, Black -, and White is the center tap. This is the information I asked for, found myself, and give to all others looking for it.
  12. jimjimx

    520c: Help Needed

    For what it's worth, I bought a IBM 16V 4.5A PSU on eBay, and connected the red & orange wires from the Powerbook cable to the positive, and everything else to negative. My Powerbook 520 works just fine. Although since the batteries are dead, I can't say if the charge circuit is fully working..... Here's the one I bought: https://www.ebay.com/itm/GENUINE-IBM-02K6657-02K6669-16V-4-5A-ThinkPad-AC-Power-Adapter-Charger-OEM/252818420883?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140107095009%26meid%3Ddf53b130a53e4c909fc21325c44da5dd%26pid%3D100040%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D4%26mehot%3Dlo%26sd%3D263471999128%26itm%3D252818420883&_trksid=p2046732.c100040.m2060 --jim
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    PowerBook 520, lines on screen, pram batteries

    Thanks for the advise. I’ll try to find those caps, and more info on the pram batteries. I know there’s 2 of them. @techknight . In what area should I look for the caps?
  14. jimjimx

    MacBottom breakthrough

    I opened the MFS in an emulator, and saw this. It's only 361k I wonder what "Electric Start" means.....
  15. jimjimx

    MacBottom breakthrough

    That's too bad. I know how ya feel.. I guess it'll be there for the next person looking for it. I'll still report whatever happens, when I get my MacBottom serial drive & 512kE together...
  16. jimjimx

    MacBottom breakthrough

    Good news! I think I may have found some drivers / utilities! Go to http://vintageapplemac.com/154-classic-mac-survival-kit And download: http://vintageapplemac.com/files/misc/ClassicMacSurvivalKit.sit Under Hardware, you will find: MacBottom 800K.img.sit MacBottom MFS.image.sit I was able to convert the 800k file, but not the MFS file. …And I haven’t tested or used either one, yet. If you still have your drive, let me know what your experience is. It'll be a week and a half, before I get everything together, to give it a try.. If I get there first, I'll let you know. Good luck! --jim
  17. So, I see my old telephone sitting there, and decide to find out the fact..... I pull out my early Macintosh keyboard cable (128k, 512k, Plus). I pinned out both of them, and it was the telephone hand set cable that was backwards... Apple has the standard pin 1 to pin 1, pin 2 to pin 2, etc.. AT&T has pin 1 to pin 4, pin 2 to pin 3, and the like... This is even backwards from the RJ-11 that they use to connect the phone to the wall jack. So, it's AT&T Bell Labs that has the backwards cable, and we can all stop saying that Apple has a backwards cable!
  18. I’ve been thinking of it, on and off, for a few years. I would use the method, starting on p27 of: http://www.ccadams.org/se/classicmac2.pdf I know that some people think that only “plug in” mods should be made, and that soldering chips onto the logic board ruins the whole thing, and kills the experience, and value, etc. But as we all know, if the price of RAM at the time allowed it, they would have done it! I can get this done for under $20. Plus It’d be fun to back up a disk, with only 1 swap! Load a bigger system... Type more, before it asks me to "Insert Disk". Maybe somebody reading this did this upgrade, and can tell me how they like it, or any problems they had. I’m just looking for thoughts, opinions, ideas, hate or love.
  19. Yeah. No. Gorgonops. As I said: we all know that if Apple could have done it for $20, they would have. And/ or, if they knew people would buy it, for what it cost at the time, they would have done it. 256k DRAM is under $0.80, and the demultiplexer is the same. A few $0.20 resistors & caps, bam, it's done. The hard work was given to me, and I just need to follow directions, and as I always comment to my co-workers, neatness counts!! Stand on the shoulders of the people that came before you, not their head, breaking their neck! I've already decided to do this, although I probably won't start the physical work for another 4 - 5 months, as, I'd like to dedicate space and time, so that I can do it in a single day, I'll be ordering the components (and checking the speed of the current RAMs so that I match the speed!)
  20. jimjimx

    New Hard Drive options on 8600

    I miss the old SCSI 160 & 320s that had 500 bh mtbf.... And a hardware jumper setting, that made it "Read Only", or "Write Lock", so that I could make it "Storage only", and it would NEVER get infected, or tampered with, as, it was a physical jumper, that couldn't be hacked, without opening my enclosure... I really wish companies would add that feature again. It was simple & clean.
  21. Yes. I agree. If it was't an 800k, I don't think I'd have the question...... Although.... 1MB..... 400k..... Hrrrmm........ It's only $20, and it'll be fun!!! Imagine the extensions that could be loaded..
  22. Thank You for contributing to my inquiry. I appericeate it much!! I just want to let you know that I've decided to do it, because as I've said, Apple would have done it, if they could have done it for $20 I don't use this as a "Look what I got" computer, I actually use it. I spend the time to do triple backups on it, and a file with all my passwords is on the disk, as it's not going to be hacked, or looked at by invaders. And I still hope to read more comments, ideas, love & hate, and experience, about this idea......
  23. Gorgonops ....... You just put me over the top. Thank You! I"m gonna do it! if Apple could have done it for $20, they would have... I can do it for $20, so I will.... I NEVER mentioned that I wanted to make this a Plus, just add more RAM. I love this 512kE, and will show respect to it, by upgrading it to 1MB! FXXK! I bought it for $17, on 1/2 price Monday at a thrift store, in a 3rd party carry bag, with "Mac Bottom", external floppy drive, network cables, modem cable, Key & mouse, etc...... when I left the store, i left quick, thinking they were going to grab me for theft, at that price..... I've put a new gear in the floppy, and it"s all happy again. And when friends type on it, they say "everything else disappears", referring to the rest of the world, all distractions, and people that start every sentence with the word "hashtag".....
  24. Forget the whole "Plus" section, If I wanted a Plus, i'd go get one. 'Nuff said...... Wait.... What? I asked for ideas, thoughts, comments, experience, on doing this to a 512kE. If I had a Plus, I wouldn't want the extra RAM to copy floppy disks.... it's already there.. I'M NOT TRYING TO MAKE THIS A MACINTOSH PLUS. JUST A HAPPIER 512kE.
  25. I thought about that, but I don't want more stuff, and the upgrade is only $20, vs the cost of a Plus.... And then I'd be looking to upgrade the Plus to 4MB. Ha ha.