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  1. Couldn't help myself...

    I think both of them will stay here... and intact... unless someone stops by. I already broke both of the tabs off the Performa 550 rear cover - I'm not going to disassemble them any further. Kind of a shame to part them out - there's not many surviving 5xx machines now, even with a few little chunks missing, I think I'll keep them intact.
  2. Couldn't help myself...

    I was given a Performa 577 yesterday! It even came with a StyleWriter and nice keyboard, mouse, and bag of cables. Works great! Been a while since I got a freebee. Unfortunately it's suffering from the typical brittle plastic syndrome and is missing little chunks here and there. I'll probably be parting ways with either this one or my Performa 550 - haven't decided which one I want to keep yet. If anyone's in the western South Dakota area anytime and wants to do some horse trading, hit me up.
  3. Couldn't help myself...

    I picked up a Multiple Scan 15 monitor today for $10. Not sure if it works or not yet, will test it tonight, hoping it does though. It's in fantastic shape. I'm hoping that it will solve some of my KVM issues - I have a "Basic Color Monitor" that does not work well with my KVM, or anything else, for that matter. I think it has to do with resolution switching and several VGA adapters. Maybe tonight I will be free of VGA adapters entirely and have a working KVM!
  4. Out of curiosity - what games are you guys playing in OS9 that require that level of processing power? I am a little out of date now but I played a ton of games back in the OS7, 8, 9, and very early OS X era. I just don't recall not being able to play ANY OS9 compatible games on my tricked out G3 simply because it wasn't fast enough... the only road block I ever ran into was simply lack of OS 9 support. IIRC even fairly graphic intense games like Quake 3, Warcraft III, Unreal Tournament, etc ran great even with every setting maxed out. I may be forgetting something since I switched to gaming on the PC sometime around 2004 or so... I just don't remember my old hardware ever being a limiting factor, and if had a fast G4 at that point that was OS X supported, I would have been using it and not OS9.
  5. My LC630 had no leaking caps the last time I had it apart (year ago maybe?) I'm sure it's just a matter of time.
  6. Seriously corroded Macintosh color classic

    I would be interested in taking the machine itself off your hands if you decide that you want to part ways with it. I just happen to have an LC550 board that I've been saving for a board-less Color Classic for about 15 years...
  7. Studio Display and 9.2.2

    I will be interested to see if you figure this out. My Studio Display and QS G4 do the exact same thing. Power button works fine, brightness and USB ports do not. I don't recall that it matters what operating system - stuff just flat out doesn't work. Pretty much factory stock hardware configuration on the G4 too, makes me think that it's a software issue.
  8. With the "Sapphire" logo on the heatsink, I think you can be 100% sure that it is NOT an original Mac compatible card. If I remember right, ALL Mac compatible ATI cards made back then were ATI branded, not resold by third parties like Sapphire. There's nothing wrong with a flashed PC card once it's done correctly (I have a flashed Radeon 9200 in my G3 that works great) but the eBay ad is incredibly misleading.
  9. The $10 Beige G3 Minitower to close out the year.

    Nice score. For some reason these are super sensitive to vibration - I have to go reseat everything, every time I move it or it won't boot. I don't know if it's just simply age, or oxidation on connectors, or something else but both of mine are definitely more sensitive to vibration than they were years ago.
  10. Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    Forgot to mention that the other thing to keep in mind is whether or not the cover piece on the drive tray will fit through your bezel when the drive opens and if the eject button will line up. A lot will be fine but I have a few that are just no go in all aspects.
  11. Power Macintosh G3 Minitower Upgrades

    Yes (kinda.) I have used several over the years. Pioneer and LG drives seem to work well. Others, maybe, almost everything will read discs but a lot will not write, and even fewer will write DVDs.
  12. Both of my G3s came with PCI SCSI cards and 4GB 68 pin drives. First thing I did was dump that ridiculous trash. I might have saved one of the cards, but regardless, myself and many others were sitting on a mountain of relatively large and mostly free IDE hard drives that were pulled from PCs. Why would you NOT use better parts? I have never seen any performance hit by going with IDE drives - the only limiting factor in data transfer on a beige G3 is the stupid 10Mb/sec onboard ethernet. Ironically, both of my G3's also came with 10/100 ethernet cards... go figure, server model thing. You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose by not using a SCSI card in a G3. The free PCI slot in itself is worth it, put something useful in it! You only have three afterall. Not to mention that you STILL have onboard 50 pin SCSI no matter what and although it is slow, you could use a 50 pin to whatever adapter if you just simply must have SCSI devices. But I've been playing with these things for almost 20 years now and I still don't see the point.
  13. Beige G3... my all time favorite classic Mac. If I were to build another one from scratch, I would do these upgrades in this order: 768MB RAM upgrade USB card Rev B/C ROM to allow master/slave IDE drives Large IDE hard drive (80+ GB is fine) DVD-RW 10/100 ethernet card 400+MHz CPU upgrade from B&W G3 or Yikes G4 or faster aftermarket CPU (hard to find now.) 4MB onboard VRAM upgrade Radeon 7000 or 9200 video card Wings AV card Zip drive I'd dump SCSI drives altogether. Waste of time if you can use IDE or SATA, if you ask me. This stuff ^ will get you a really killer OS9 machine and 90% of those upgrades are still very cheap and easy to find. Running OS X is possible but in my experience, way more trouble than it's worth.
  14. Couldn't help myself...

    I can't complain, it was only $10 and it's in super nice condition. And it came with the original disks, manuals, etc. According to the owner's manual it can be upgraded to 4MB RAM on two expansion cards that occupy ISA slots, and it can even do color video output! I have been wanting a Compaq Luggable for a while but this will suffice and the LCD screen is pretty unique.
  15. Couldn't help myself...

    Not really Mac related but I picked up this little guy last weekend. The specs I found say that it has a 10MHz 286, 640KB RAM, and either a 10 or 20MB hard drive. Seems like it works great! I need to round up a copy of WordPerfect, seems like a perfect use for it.