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  1. Couldn't help myself...

    I can't complain, it was only $10 and it's in super nice condition. And it came with the original disks, manuals, etc. According to the owner's manual it can be upgraded to 4MB RAM on two expansion cards that occupy ISA slots, and it can even do color video output! I have been wanting a Compaq Luggable for a while but this will suffice and the LCD screen is pretty unique.
  2. Couldn't help myself...

    Not really Mac related but I picked up this little guy last weekend. The specs I found say that it has a 10MHz 286, 640KB RAM, and either a 10 or 20MB hard drive. Seems like it works great! I need to round up a copy of WordPerfect, seems like a perfect use for it.
  3. LC III found curbside

    Nice! I love curbside finds. They don't come along very often anymore but they're just that much more satisfying.
  4. Couldn't help myself...

    Yeah I'll probably flatten the box and store it in the furnace room. No reason not too I guess, maybe I'll run across styrofoam inserts someday. I also bought a Performa 550 yesterday. Haven't turned it on yet, it was cheap-ish, and all-in-ones have been getting me all hot and bothered lately so I had to have it. I will get some pictures taken of all my new toys soon.
  5. Couldn't help myself...

    He bought it right after my parents bought theirs because he thought it was cool and rarely used it. I have my parents old iMac too but it has definitely been used, abused, and upgraded. The screen is a little fuzzy now and the plastics are discolored. I don't know what I'm going to do with the new one - maybe set it up next to the other or something, I am pretty sure I have a 333MHz CPU and 256MB memory for it somewhere. I'd really love to find a mezzanine slot CPU upgrade and build a really nice "sleeper" but the chances of running across one of those is not good. I got the original boxes and all the accessories with it too but missing the styrofoam inserts that would have gone around the computer. Really on the fence about keeping the box, if it was complete I would but it's kinda just another box now.
  6. Couldn't help myself...

    I brought home another Bondi iMac yesterday. I normally wouldn't have bothered... and I almost still didn't, but this one was my grandpa's and it is as close to mint condition as it gets. I am sure it has been used less than 10 hours total and was under a cover in the guest bedroom all these years. It was more or less an impulse buy that he made back in 1997. Only upgrade it ever got was Mac OS 8.5. Crazy! I need to set up another desk in the basement, I'm starting to get a stack built up and nowhere to put stuff.
  7. Unknown_K's latest conquests.

    Good score on the iLamp, I picked up a 17" 1GHz one a few months back from the thrift store for $20. Very dirty and scratched up but the magic eraser made it look pretty nice. I wish it would boot OS 9 but for the price I can't complain - I always kinda wanted one, I wouldn't have minded even one of the low end models.
  8. My First Quadra

    Nice Quadra, now you need a video capture board, TV input, and DOS card 63x have always been high on my like list. They're easy to max out and surprisingly fast.
  9. Beige G3 VRAM Upgrade

    I probably have a spare module if that one on eBay doesn't work out. I used to pull them off ATI video cards from junker PCs.
  10. I found a thing lol

    Wow, that's cool. I don't normally get too excited about keyboards but it looks identical to the KeyTronic ones that were real popular in the late 90's. I like those a lot. Very nice score, hope you get it working.
  11. Quadra/Performa 630 HDD question

    It has been a few years since I've had my LC630 opened up but I can tell you that it's not as simple as plugging in a cable. The logic board edge connector (inside the computer, not on the logic board itself) has built in ribbon cables for SCSI, IDE, etc... there is no internal 50 pin connector on the logic board, the SCSI cable is part of the edge connector. You may be able to use some sort of 50 pin passthrough connector attached to the back of the CD-ROM drive, although space may be a concern. I also don't think you'll have enough Molex power connectors for three drives at once... or enough space inside the computer for the second hard drive, for that matter. Perhaps above the logic board. In any case, I would be worried about the extra heat and power draw. Bottom line to me would be to use a larger IDE hard drive if storage capacity is your goal, or an external SCSI drive.
  12. Beige G3 minitower questions

    Mine has a 400MHz CPU module clocked up to 433MHz, 768MB RAM, 80GB IDE hard drive (using the onboard controller) as well as two IDE DVD-RW drives, and a flashed PC Radeon 9200 w/ 128MB. Also have a USB card and 10/100 ethernet card. I don't know about partition size limitations but I suspect you're right. I've never run OS X, OS 9 doesn't care... I have one big 80GB partition. Performance with the onboard IDE controller is very good IMO. Good enough that an IDE controller card would be a waste of a PCI slot. The only thing here is that you need a Rev C ROM to use more than one drive per channel. I don't know how easy they are to track down these days. I am very happy with my Radeon 9200 but the drivers for it do not work well. The Radeon utility crashes when I try to load it and there are some other issues - I think I had a working software package for it years ago but it has been lost and it's just about impossible to put back together now. Previously I had a Radeon 7000 Mac Edition with 32MB. I think it's a better choice these days because you're not relying on unobtainable software and zero documentation. I would really recommend getting a 10/100 ethernet card too. 10mbps onboard ethernet is just so bad. These are really my favorite Macs of all time, they are as close to perfection as it got back then. I just wish for one more PCI slot or onboard 10/100 ethernet!
  13. look what happened to my PlusED

    Since the damage is done... I'd try to make a mold of the undamaged part, fit it over the melted section, and heat it from the back with a heat gun to see if you can melt it back into the right shape. Then a scrub with a magic eraser and maybe a retro Brite treatment to even out the color... Can't hurt it much more, what do you have to lose.
  14. SE/30 wants to initialize all Floppy disks?

    It is totally possible to have several bad disks these days... although it's far more likely that it's the drive. I have one that did something like that, swapped out and all was well. I have noticed that certain machines in my collection seem to write disks far better than others... for example, I made a set of 6.0.8 disks for installing onto the Plus I just got. Formatting disks on my G3 and imaging them failed about 75% of the time. These were well used disks but I discovered that formatting them on my other Plus, then imaging them on the G3, worked fine and I ended up with only one disk that just didn't work.