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  1. Brett B.

    Couldn't help myself...

    They were common as mud back in the day but I haven't run across one in years. The one I had is actually the first PC I ever built from scratch - it started out as a dead motherboard that had a 900MHz Duron CPU on it that I got for next to nothing. It just sorta came back to life after several hours of messing with it and has worked great ever since except for one other instance where it appeared lifeless after being unplugged for a couple years. I ended up putting an Athlon XP chip in it, some sort of cool video card, RAM, don't even really remember now but it's a cool dedicated XP box now. I blame it for singlehandedly starting my love affair with Gigabyte branded PC parts. As a sidenote, I am just now remembering that old PC hardware and discussions I had with my buddies about it. A lot of them were Intel guys, but quite a few of us were into AMD pretty heavily, myself included. It was kinda weird how similar hardware "felt" different running the same software - Intel chips seemed to kinda chug along with brute force but didn't do anything real fast, and the AMD ones would zip through the task and then choke on something odd for a bit. Just my observation. Hardware from today doesn't have that same feel.
  2. Brett B.

    Couldn't help myself...

    PLENTY of PCI slots! Yeah, I could throw a Radeon variant in it... I think I have a PCI 7000 with PC firmware and I definitely have a PCI soundblaster card somewhere but... meh. I still have an AMD Athlon XP based machine from that era that is much better suited for that purpose.
  3. Brett B.

    Couldn't help myself...

    It's a G2, single processor 1.13GHz Pentium III but has a socket for a second CPU. I am under the impression that it was pretty low end hardware when it was new but they were pretty reliable. Too bad it doesn't have an AGP slot, it otherwise might have made a cool retro gaming rig.
  4. Brett B.

    Couldn't help myself...

    I took the Tempo-X card out and put it in my nice Quicksilver, replaced the bad drive with a good one, and I now have a perfectly working 1TB RAID array. So cool! I also scored a free Compaq Proliant ML330 G2 server and had some time to play with it. Really nothing special, already have a PIII based server but I have a soft spot for old Compaq hardware. Works great but the 4GB memory upgrade I had in hand for it won't work - it's apparently VERY picky about clocking PC100 RAM up to PC133 specs and just won't boot so I'm stuck at 640MB. Oh well.
  5. Brett B.

    Couldn't help myself...

    I have a nice Quicksilver, another one that is in fair condition, plus the new Sawtooth and DA. And an iMac G4... and a G4 mini. The only one I really actually want is the first one, the rest are just fluff that I picked up on a whim.
  6. Brett B.

    Couldn't help myself...

    Well, about half of it comes from responses to a craigslist ad I have had posted for several years. On occasion I also have found things at thrift stores, Facebook marketplace, in the trash, yard sales, etc. I am a pretty dedicated scrounger and make the rounds at a variety of good spots at least weekly. I'm kinda back to the point where I need to part ways with a few things. I have a pile that I really don't want (like theses G4s...) but they had some unique item included that made me bring home the lot.
  7. Brett B.

    Couldn't help myself...

    Round, small, about the size of an ADB port with three larger round pins. I'll try and remember to take a picture. I am fairly sure it's the original 22" model, M5662.
  8. Brett B.

    What's on that old hard drive?

    Where to begin. After 15+ years in the IT industry I have seen it all - medical records. Gross pictures. Financial information. Business paperwork. School files. People are definitely more careful than they were, but it's still shocking - I recently purchased a Pentium 4 based PC for the case at a thrift store for $4. I discovered that it was fully functional and full of 20+ year old patient records from a chiropractor's office. Non functional hard drives are used for target practice - several rounds of 5.56 destroys them pretty well. Functional drives are low level formatted with 3 passes of Active Kill Disk and then reused - if it's good enough to be used by the DoD, it's plenty fine for permanently erasing grandma's bank ledger. I do save cool software, if possible.
  9. Brett B.

    Couldn't help myself...

    This one is an earlier graphite cinema display and has a plastic case - it has a single cable that splits into DVI, USB and a 3 pin power connector. I will probably hack an aftermarket PSU - just kind of a bummer that I don't have the original, even if it was dead, I wouldn't have to cut off the connector on the monitor end.
  10. Brett B.

    Couldn't help myself...

    So since my last post - I swapped out the 6200's logic board with one that I saved from a 5260/120. Huge improvement and I also added a bunch of other spare stuff - ethernet, TV tuner, AV card, etc. The 6200 came with a 256k L2 cache card that prevents the 5260 board from booting but works fine in its original home... don't know what's up with that. Haven't touched the LCII's - they're on my winter repair list. I did dig through my box of expansion cards and found a "2-8MB memory expansion card", an ethernet card, and a 50 pin SCSI card for the IBM. I think I saved them from a dead PS/2 I tossed years ago - never thought I'd find a good home for MCA cards! I also scored again last night and bought two G4's - a 400MHz Sawtooth and a 733MHz Digital Audio. Both work great but the DA is kinda beat up and missing two bottom handles/feet. I also got a Cinema display of some sort that is missing its power supply unfortunately. The biggest score was in the DA - It had a Sonnet Tempo-X SATA card! AND, a 4 bay external SATA hard drive enclosure full of 250GB drives! I haven't figured out exactly how to make it all work yet and I think one of the drives is dead but it was totally worth $30 for the lot!
  11. Brett B.

    Demand for Performa 630CD?

    I know for sure I have a double sided 32MB SIMM and a single sided 16MB SIMM on the logic board and an identical 32MB double sided SIMM on the DOS card. The 64MB SIMMs I have are double sided. In reality, not much difference, although I swear it feels faster while running everyday tasks. Probably mostly in my head. Back in the early days of 68k collecting it was more or less just bragging rights to have full '040s in our Low Cost machines.
  12. Brett B.

    Demand for Performa 630CD?

    I hear it's possible - I know for sure that the second slot for sure does not support anything larger than 16MB, I tried it. But just one 64MB stick would give me a theoretical max of 84MB. And maybe the DOS card would see a full 64MB stick too but I'm not holding my breath on that one.
  13. Brett B.

    Demand for Performa 630CD?

    One of my favorites. Maybe because it was also my first 68k? The DOS compatible ones are super cool, that's what I have. Mine is also overclocked to 40MHz and has a full '040 chip. HUGE improvement over 33MHz. I've had it maxed out at 52MB memory for years but now have come across some 64MB SIMMs that I need to try in it.
  14. Brett B.

    I saved 100+ iBook G3 Clamshells

    Right at the top it says he is sold out
  15. Brett B.

    Almost Disappointed They're not G5's

    Not much up here, 20 cents a pound or so. Just took in a bunch, didn't get what I expected. I definitely woulda picked these up though, good score. Seems to me they're a little more useful than a G5 and they look just as cool.