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  1. Brett B.

    Macintosh LC Takes Forever to Boot

    I'd be shocked if they haven't leaked. ALL the caps in pizza box LC machines I have seen have leaked. Even those that I know were rarely used. I would almost lean more towards a power supply issue in this case, but it could go either way.
  2. Brett B.

    Bad caps leading to slow performance ?

    Your LC475 is not an LCIII or even close to equivalent. I suspected that it was an LCII for some reason. SimCity 2000 is not going to run well on that, and it never will unless you found a Presto upgrade or something like that. LC's and LCII's were just notoriously slow from the get go. System 6.0.8L is actually not bad, but once you load system 7, it just goes downhill. I remember typing class in 9th grade - we had a lab of LCII's and like 2 or 3 LC475's. We would just about fight to get on the "good" computers. Even typing in ClarisWorks was painfully slow on an LCII.
  3. Brett B.

    Apple PHX 100

    Just my own experience but I saw just as many PII/III boxes back in the day in use at home as I did Celerons and AMD K5/K6/etc chips. Actually the AMDs were really not all that popular until the Athlon series came out. From then on 2-3 years, it was probably 80% AMD chips in consumer PCs that I saw but the vast majority were HP machines. Most of the Celeron based machines I worked on were used in K-12 education.
  4. Brett B.

    Bad caps leading to slow performance ?

    Recapping isn't going to hurt at all but I also have never noticed a decrease in performance. Maybe quiet or dead audio or a machine that won't boot but not just slow. Many times a simple memory upgrade or a faster hard drive will produce dramatic results. I remember when I upgraded my LC630 from 4MB RAM to 8MB, then 20, then 52, then a full '040 upgrade, overclocked to 40MHz and finally to 148MB RAM. Those major jumps were like dropping a new machine on my desk... especially that first memory upgrade.
  5. Brett B.

    Sonnet G4 Zif accelerator

    I wouldn't pass up a G3 ZIF upgrade either if one comes up for sale. PowerLogix made some up to 1.1GHz. G4 CPU upgrades are nice and worth pursuing but there's nothing you'll do on a Beige G3 that you really need it for. The overclocked 400MHz G3 chip I have in mine, currently running at 433MHz, performs quite well in just about any OS9 application. It's a dog in OS X but that is to be expected.
  6. Brett B.

    Power Macintosh G3 Minitower

    Nice score. Both of mine are weird about RAM too - if I move them around, I often have to reseat everything in order for it to boot. Dunno if I'd chase that Radeon 9200 or not. I have one of those and a 7000 as well. Performance is really about the same. There are some Sonnet G4 ZIF upgrades on eBay right now that maceffects is selling but they're the slower ones. I'd pick one up but I'm already at 433MHz and wouldn't gain much so I'll keep looking.
  7. Brett B.

    Has anyone ever seen a cleaner SE?

    I'd like to see a couple other drives swapped in and see if the results are the same. There is just something not right about what's happening there. Besides, the argument that "it doesn't work now in 2019 thus it never worked and was not designed to" does not hold any water when it comes to floppies. I have some that work perfectly in machines A, B, and C but not D, E or F and vice versa. Other disks work fine on Tuesday but not Friday or every 3rd Monday. Quite a bit of our hardware is FAR past its life expectancy by decades now and flaky, weird stuff is to be expected. And that is the reason I have imaged hundeds of floppies and am not shocked when the originals or even new ones do weird stuff like this - I just dump the image onto another disk and move on.
  8. Brett B.

    Has anyone ever seen a cleaner SE?

    SuperDrive = FDHD and thus is backwards compatible... they are the same auto inject drives that are installed in all of the later machines. It's just a name. I had an FDHD SE years ago - pretty sure it had a 40MB hard drive and a single floppy. I had a dual 800k SE too. Cool hardware.
  9. Brett B.

    Has anyone ever seen a cleaner SE?

    Looks original enough to me, all of my SEs have text printed in a very dark gray. Not quite sure why but mine never yellowed much. One of them has been sitting in my office for about 10 years under fluorescent lights and it looks the same as it always has. My SE/30, though... is blotchy yellowed and looks terrible. I should retrobrite that one.
  10. Brett B.

    Couldn't help myself...

    They have a broken 190 listed for almost 3x what I paid for the one I was supposed to get. They also have a LOT of very recent negative feedback. And I haven't even gotten so much as an apology - the ONLY thing they've sent was a return label for the G3. If they deal in volume like that, they have someone on staff who has time to at least say sorry and make it right.
  11. Brett B.

    Couldn't help myself...

    Now it appears that maven_technologies does not have the PowerBook that I was supposed to get. What a rip off. I would almost bet money that they just weren't happy with the auction end price... it would not surprise me to see it relisted.
  12. Brett B.

    Couldn't help myself...

    Well, I have it in my hands, and it's a PowerBook G3 of some flavor, and totally beat up. CLEARLY not what I won. Hopefully they just sent the wrong one and still have my 190 - we will see, I would be bummed to just get a refund and someone else has my 190.
  13. Brett B.

    Dead eMacs (Model A1002)

    I think you're referring to the all-in-one G3, which does share the same logic board. The eMac is totally different, they are closer to an iMac than anything else. Do they power on at all or are they just totally dead?
  14. Brett B.

    Macintosh Plus won't boot from rare HDD

    There are 50 pin terminators out there although the Centronix D-sub style terminator is a LOT more common. I'm also curious if your drive/drive enclosure has termination circuitry built into it and if so, is it enabled? I feel like this could also be a simple matter of assigning the drive a different SCSI ID.
  15. Brett B.

    NEED HELP with a Powerbook 140 to 145 upgrade

    ^ I think that is correct. The 140 allegedly does not need a system enabler, so it must be in the ROM. FWIW after 7.1 or so you usually won't see a specific model there anyway... a universal system software install may just show "Macintosh" or "PowerBook" or something generic. Ignore it. What you really need to do is run a more in depth utility, IE TattleTale/TattleTech and see if your hardware is actually running at PowerBook 145 specs or if it has downclocked itself or something weird.