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  1. I'm looking for the settings for a 3 pin jumper next to the 80287 math co-processor socket. It is labeled J4. My guess is it enables the co-processor. I have a 80287 in mine but I'm not sure how to tell if it is being recognized.
  2. I would start with a recap. Pull the main board, clean it and look for any damaged traces around the caps. Then remove each cap and clean thoroughly around it, recap and replace the battery.
  3. ID Mac Plus 030 upgrade card

    I used to have a Novy Quik30 in my SE way back-- I remember the sound issues, but I thought they fixed those by version 5.35.
  4. There's a user here-- @trag that sells cap kits for both. I think they are $10 a set shipped. The caps are tantalum surface mounts. Mouser will charge $7.99 just for shipping. Check the trading post, there's a pinned thread there with his e-mail address.
  5. Mac IIx

    I haven't done much testing yet, but it seems to be about the same speed as a PC/AT.
  6. Mac IIx

    My Mac IIx is alive. It's running System 6.0.8 on a Quantum 230MB hard drive with a Radius Precision Color 24x and an Orange Micro Mac 286 with DOS 3.3. Recapped the logic board and power supply and added a battery board.
  7. I'm pretty sure that's an SE/30 ROM. IIsi ROM is P/N 820-0296B
  8. Ethernet on my CC

    I have a Netgear Prosafe 10/100 switch I could try and see if my systems stop working...
  9. Ethernet on my CC

    That's a good point-- My setup uses a Farallon Ether 10T / Starlet 8 hub with 10 Base T / 10 Base 2 coax
  10. Ethernet on my CC

    Kind of sounds like the card may have problems-- I would think OT would have worked, did you update to the latest version 1.3.1 of OT?
  11. Ethernet on my CC

    Ethertalk is Appletalk over ethernet-- Are you having trouble with that or TCP/IP? or both? Can you ping with MacTCP Ping? That would show that the stack is loaded.
  12. Has anyone recapped the Sony PSU in a Mac II /IIx? I'm looking for a cap list. Couldn't find one anywhere. If not, I'll put a list together and post here.
  13. Ethernet on my CC

    I don't think chooser would load TCP/IP on System 7.1 It didn't support connections with TCP /IP. My chooser on 7.6.1 has the button to connect with TCP/IP, but that's Open Transport and a later version of AFP and chooser.
  14. Ethernet on my CC

    I use Mac TCP 2.1 on a IIci with 7.1.1 and an Asante MC3NB card. Also have NSI 1.5 and Appleshare WS 3.5 You probably already checked -- but make sure Ethernet is selected for TCP/IP. Mac TCP doesn't load the TCP/IP stack until you have an app that needs TCP/IP Do you have Mac TCP Ping? Try loading that and then ping another device on the network.