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  1. Laserwriter II Toners

    You sound surprised.
  2. Laserwriter II Toners

    I have my Laserwriter II NTX up and running -- I've tried several NOS toners and every one ghost prints. I checked a printout and the ghosting is there before it hits the fuser, so I am fairly certain it's the toner cartridge. I'm thinking that at this point every NOS toner (HP92295A, or Canon EP-S) is going to be bad, with either a bad drum wiper blade or the drum itself.... Can't find replacement wiper blades anywhere, so I guess any NOS toner is a dead end. Any suggestions? There are a couple of places out there selling rebuilt toners still.... Looks like my only option.
  3. Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24x

    Low End Mac has a page on this card. I knew I read about it being the same as a 24AC card somewhere. Says the card runs up to 9.1 with ROM 2.0 http://lowendmac.com/video/radius24x.shtml They mentioned using SwitchRes to change resolutions above 8.6 Maybe find that and give it try? Dynamic Desktop crashes the Mac OS at startup when installed on Mac OS 8.6 or higher. SwitchRes (shareware) works to change resolutions instead.
  4. Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24x

    Yeah, I would stay out of A/UX... for now I have a Turbo 040 in my IIic, I run 7.1 though. I have a Supermac Spectrum 24/III in mine. I almost bought a Precision Color 24x, but the Spec 24/III an 7.1 is rock solid. Maybe try 7.1? -- I don't know what OS version the Radius card supported. Gamba's Display matrix page has a link to RadiusWare 3.3 Not sure what version you are running. http://home.earthlink.net/~gamba2/vid-mon-matrix.html http://www.kan.org/download/drivers.sit.hqx
  5. Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24x

    Yes, it was a higher end card. I think this card and the Apple Display card 24AC are almost the same. What OS versions are you running on?
  6. Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24x

    Are you using the Radius software for the card? (Radiusware ) What version? I can't say for sure, but I don't think C28 was ever there, based on the way the solder looks on the pads.
  7. Vince's Conquests

    Back in the Netware days-- I used to run Netware 4 on a PC Server 365 with Dual PPros. If I remember correctly, it had a daughter card with the CPU's and VR modules. Cool machine. I used to get a kick out the two snakes on the Monitor screen. They got longer as the load on the machine increased.
  8. Vince's Conquests

    It's a surplus warehouse in Pottstown, PA. They have a bunch of old/vintage machines there.
  9. Vince's Conquests

    That one is clean. I saw all those when I was there and I was wondering how many Model 70's were in that stack... What version of OS/2 are you planning to run on it?
  10. Vince's Conquests

    Did that model 70 come from Kemner's?
  11. Laserjet II ntx Error Lights on power up

    Page 67 of the Service Source-- "power supply block".
  12. Laserjet II ntx Error Lights on power up

    It's next to the fuser, and the AC power cord plugs into it. Small assembly, right in the corner with a fan sitting on top of it.
  13. Laserjet II ntx Error Lights on power up

    Yes, When I replaced that cap, the problem went away. IT was a 22uF, 25V electrolytic cap. I also replaced the 10uF 50V cap while I was there. You have to pull the covers, then remove the AC power block (4 screws) Then remove the fan shroud and fan, and pull the circuit boards from the AC power block. The caps are on the small controller board.
  14. Laserjet II ntx Error Lights on power up

    Found a bad capacitor in the AC power block -- on the controller card.
  15. Laserjet II ntx Error Lights on power up

    Found it. There's an Elmwood Thermal Sensor/Thermistor behind a cover plate. That's good too. Took it out, heated it up and it went to open. closed again when cool. I think the fuser is OK.