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  1. unity

    MAC 512k

    $70-ish if in great condition. 512ks are very plentiful. I literally have broke down units into parts because they are not in demand.
  2. unity

    Original Battery in my Mac SE

    Yeah, those Vartas last a crazy long time. Its insane! I never had one explode and I have dozens of SE boards. But I would guess its possible. If its still holding voltage, I would lean towards it being okay to leave. Its when its no longer putting out voltage that I would worry and remove it. These were only on the very early SEs, so its amazing to think that battery still works after 30 years.
  3. unity

    9600 604ev@500MHz

    Pretty sure you don't have to mover resistors, just create a solder bridge. Its easier. At least that is certainly the case in most overclocks like the Pismo, for example.
  4. unity

    Mac SE accelerator card

    I have a few of these board. I think there is a thread about it some place. It probably is a Total Systems board actually, but I dont recall. I find it so weird someone would produce a board with no way to identify it.
  5. unity

    unity's latest

    Picked up an SE/30 today. Very nice clean working system. Came with an external Apple CD drive also. A pretty nice haul for $25 and a 3 hour round trip. But as a bonus, it came with a Micron Xceed SE/306-48! Thats the card for outputting color to an external display. Totally unexpected find and made the trip worth it. The oddity is that the connector panel has a switch to indicate if a display is attached or not. Wonder why they have that. I dont recall seeing that on other output boards.
  6. unity

    ADB Wedge Mouse Variants

    Uggg... mice. Apple LOVES to change their mice. Sure, they may look the same but as noted, there any many differences. Even the original Mac mouse has several versions. In fact, the top and bottom half may not even mate up properly. The changes are often subtle until you notice them. I have a spreadsheet that actually tracks the changes of the original mouse by build date. So I can see what Apple made changes. But once you get to when the mice were made all over the world, game over. So I only track the original.
  7. unity

    Macintosh 128k Video Problem

    You yourself socketed and replace the RAM? Does not matter about board fit, its compatible for testing. You dont have to put the rear bucket on.
  8. unity

    Macintosh 128k Video Problem

    Did you swap just the ROMS or the entire board. I would have swapped the board, a lot easier and would rule out bad RAM.
  9. unity

    unity's latest

    Since my old three got deleted for some reason, I will have to start another. Picked up a Quadra 650 with a Daystar Quad 040 upgrade. Not sure why it would be installed. Like the main board, it has an 040 (not LC) @ 33MHz. I can see the cache being a bonus, but one could have just got a chance card cheaper.
  10. No, they wont work without modification. The Classic II, for example, has audio run though the main connector. Also there is software brightness control. The SE and SE/30 did not have that. While there is much that is the same, you would have to move a couple wires around to get it to work. The SE and SE?30 are interchangeable because they are the same systems, just different motherboard. The Classics have entirely different sweep/power supplies.
  11. unity

    Best Way to Ship a 5xx?

    It must be shipped face down. Lots of padding underneath and on each side. And packed TIGHT. So it can't bounce around. A large box is sometimes a bad thing for that reason, packing material compacts a bit the the item can float around. If one is really paranoid, a tight fitting box with padding inside another padded box works wonders.
  12. unity

    128k > 512k bezels interchangeable?

    The serial is on the front bezel, but besides that they are totally interchangeable. The only parts that are sometimes an interchange issue would be the internal frame/floppy frame due to screwdriver location revisions.
  13. unity

    Here's a new one...

    Clearly the SE/30 has a bug.
  14. unity

    PowerBook 150 - screens all destroyed?!

    Since others dont appear to have this issue to this degree, it appear environmental in nature.
  15. unity

    Xerox 8400 solid ink printer

    I have an Phaser 860 wax printer and a Phaser 6180 (toner). The wax printers are interesting, but only ideal for people who print a lot. When you fire em up, then waste a ton of ink (about half a cube) to prime the system. They are pretty much meant to be always on. They also smell a bit. Not bad, but a strong waxy smell. The print has a glossy look to it that I like. I have TONS of ax cubes for mine, but odds are the whole thing will go to the recycle bin. The 860 was made from "Spindler" plastic so lots of things are braking on it, including internal guides. Its hell getting it working smooth now.