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  1. unity

    Apple CD SC question

    Rubbing alcohol is isopropyl alcohol and fine for the glass lens. Heck, even Nikon recommends using it on their heavily coated professional lenses. They key is not to apply it and let it dry on the surface, you have to work the surface until clean.
  2. unity

    Mac Plus Display Problems

    They removed the connector on the yoke? Odd. You are talking the male 4-pin connector, right? Are the connector ends good? I have dozens of spares if you need one, just pay shipping.
  3. unity

    Mac Plus Display Problems

    Glad you figured it out. Kinda surprised that a CRT discharge cause it. I really never discharge CRTs, just push the high voltage cable cap to one side, tilt and lift then pop it out. On the off chance I do discharge, I do it when plugged in so it uses the ground.
  4. unity

    Mac Plus Display Problems

    I have never had to re-cap a Plus board... yet. Usually the problems are cold solder joints. I always reflow the flyback and every connector including the motherboard. Before replacing components, look things over again. I have also found cold joints at the power connect, battery, etc.
  5. unity

    John's SE #1 Rebuild

    Easiest fix ever
  6. unity

    John's SE #1 Rebuild

    Yeah... thats what I said.
  7. unity

    Does anyone know how I might get this off?

    Brake fluid. I know some people have used it with great success. I seem to recall a black painted Lisa getting cleaned up that way.
  8. unity

    Apple IIc Monitor Died

    You don't have to discharge it. They are pretty easy to open. A fuse is possible, but I will add that fuses blow for a reason so if it blows again you likely have an issue.
  9. unity

    John's SE #1 Rebuild

    Odd. On the bottom of that should be the hex part. Look through the other side, should be there. I guess they can strip out but I never have seen that before.
  10. unity

    John's SE #1 Rebuild

    Pics? But I am still certain you are just looking at an adjustment pot. If you look inside you should be able to see the hex shape.
  11. unity

    John's SE #1 Rebuild

    You use a PLASTIC Allen-type (hex) screwdriver to adjust those. Do not use anything metal while in operation. Cheap things like these usually work. https://www.ebay.com/itm/6-Pc-TV-Radio-CB-Ham-Alignment-Tool-Kit-Set-Philmore-63-8454-NIP/122426208479?hash=item1c812bb0df:g:IbMAAOSwQaJXRQLz
  12. unity

    Tantalum recap success

    @ants - the other reason I do the adhesive is then I can make sure the caps are nice and square. I hate crooked caps on my "museum" machines. Makes for a very pro look.
  13. unity

    Tantalum recap success

    I always pre-tin the pads and separately the caps. Then I use a tiny dab of adhesive to place the cap. I don't wait fo the adhesive to cure per say, generally something like silicone provides enough "stiction" to keep it from moving. The amount is tiny (head of pine dot) and if you have recapped before, you have seen even the factory uses something. I've seem it in red or blue usually. Although I am not sure why they use it. Anyway, after so many re-caps this method has proven really solid. You can even let the adhesive set if you really want trouble-free soldering.
  14. unity

    Mac Plus Ticking Noise...

    FYI, it may not be your exact issue but a ticking noise is normal with certain 800k drives until a disk is inserted and booted. And check your brightness dial. EDIT: I coud not get your file to play, but now I did. I will leave the above for anyone else searching but its not the issue with yours. You have a problem with the sweep/analog board. It may be something as simple as a cold solder joint. Check all your connections and specifically where they are soldered in.
  15. Are there any cards installed? Have you pulled and re-seated the RAM/VRAM/Etc.? Check for corrosion on the board? Check for leaking capacitors?