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  1. Best Way to Ship a 5xx?

    It must be shipped face down. Lots of padding underneath and on each side. And packed TIGHT. So it can't bounce around. A large box is sometimes a bad thing for that reason, packing material compacts a bit the the item can float around. If one is really paranoid, a tight fitting box with padding inside another padded box works wonders.
  2. 128k > 512k bezels interchangeable?

    The serial is on the front bezel, but besides that they are totally interchangeable. The only parts that are sometimes an interchange issue would be the internal frame/floppy frame due to screwdriver location revisions.
  3. Here's a new one...

    Clearly the SE/30 has a bug.
  4. PowerBook 150 - screens all destroyed?!

    Since others dont appear to have this issue to this degree, it appear environmental in nature.
  5. Xerox 8400 solid ink printer

    I have an Phaser 860 wax printer and a Phaser 6180 (toner). The wax printers are interesting, but only ideal for people who print a lot. When you fire em up, then waste a ton of ink (about half a cube) to prime the system. They are pretty much meant to be always on. They also smell a bit. Not bad, but a strong waxy smell. The print has a glossy look to it that I like. I have TONS of ax cubes for mine, but odds are the whole thing will go to the recycle bin. The 860 was made from "Spindler" plastic so lots of things are braking on it, including internal guides. Its hell getting it working smooth now.
  6. Lost Mac Plus keyboard cord

    You might be right about the two pin. If I recall, most headsets only used two wires anyway. They did not the the ringer wire. edit: nevermind, that would not make sense. Still need at least a third for ground.
  7. Lost Mac Plus keyboard cord

    Well he helped design the original Macintosh keyboard. So there is that. Dont get me wrong, I am not saying he is right or wrong. I dont have the schematics handy to actually look. But is was more than just an LSD using buddy of Jobs, he did a lot of board level work. So I would not dismiss him so easily.
  8. Lost Mac Plus keyboard cord

    I am more surprised you dont know who his is.
  9. Lost Mac Plus keyboard cord

    I take it you dont know who Dan is....
  10. Lost Mac Plus keyboard cord

    I am not aware of damage to the keyboard, the old tech notes say the controller on the motherboard is what gets fried. There is no mention of the keyboard being damaged but I suppose its possible.
  11. Just overclocked my Pismo

    There is no need to track the resistors, they are 0 ohm, meaning no resistance. A solder bridge works just fine. I have overclocked a few in the past, even overclocked one with a G4 upgrade.
  12. Never heard of Frog Design? They designed the original Mac II case.
  13. I have several IIcx. While the IIci is a more practical machine overall, I like the IIcx better. It was Apple's first in-house II series design.
  14. I usually just look at the serial, but not the number the color of the label.
  15. Macintosh SE/30 original power cable

    I didn't think the SE/30 normally came with an Apple branded power cord. I think around the time of the Plus they started to use generic ones. The Apple branded ones used on compacts usually were 90 degree down style. The generics went straight out like this one. I guess its possible. Maybe it was a mix and the ones I have come across either were switched out or had the generics. But all the original Macs, 512ks and Imagewriters, I would say about 75% came with Apple branded cords. But SE, SE/30s that I have collected, I dont recall any coming with Apple cords.