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  1. aplmak

    Dead MessagePad H1000

    There are two caps that need replacement.. at 3.3uf@35v and a 100uf@4v.. one on each side of the logic board. They look like tantalum but they are cylinders in a black casing..
  2. aplmak

    PowerBook 100 Accelerator Insanity

    The only thing about the 100 compared to the portable is the crappy screen on the 100.... It doesn't compare to the active matrix on the portable..
  3. I'd like to get a date fix (hint, hint)... Perhaps someone will take it on after getting the code...
  4. I've seen power supplies and analogs die after a recap... strange but those should be attended to at some point.. why not now.. They are a pain in the *%^& to do.. But they should be done. If you have a working SE you could try it in that machine...
  5. aplmak

    Quantum hard Drive repair

    Ahhhh the Prodrive.. Under the platter in the middle is a rubber bumper that turns gooey.. The head arm sticks to it.. It's hidden under the platter.. I've attempted to replace.. But not successfully yet.. I think it can be done! I just don't put too much effort into those drives.
  6. aplmak

    Classic II Recap Project

    Excellent catch on those pins!!! Yeah the Classic and the II are a pain in the #$%()#... I've been using tants for years.. maybe had one or two burn up.. no big woop.. I just desolder and put on new ones.. The X2 safety caps on the old power supplies really burn and pop and smell....
  7. aplmak

    New Lisa Hardware Coming

    I think it's really awesome!!! As it's been said finding those components and all the hard work, they are justifiably priced. I had a bad shipment by UPS one time on a Lisa 2... was not happy... But hey now I have extra parts and my money back. UPS screwed me when they threw the box around... so you know what.. screw them! Blessing in disguise..
  8. Maybe I read that wrong.. "all three SIMMS"... You do know you need at least 4 RAM SIMMS installed for it to work properly.. Just for the heck of it check your RAM configuration and definitely reseat the ROM SIMM.. Does it work with the original dirty ROM the SE/30 came with?
  9. aplmak

    Recapping a Mac SE power supply and analog board

    I honestly don't mind logic boards when it comes to recapping.. But power supplies and analog boards are a pain in the #$(!@.. I just did a few compact mac analog and power supplies. Some of the caps are such odd values.. Pricing will vary depending on where you go.. I personally do ebay and carefully look at the date codes on the caps.. avoiding old stock ones. But many others on here go to online vendors.. I store a lot of my machines.. so I just end up recapping everything before so when I take them out I am not having to recap something that has died from sitting at an inconvenient time. Some people just leave them until they die... then recap.. The SE/30 and classic logic boards you most definitely want to do since the SMD caps leak and ruin the traces on the boards.. as well as many other models with the SMD electrolytic cans.. Regular axial and radial do leak but not too often.. and I've found they don't cause as much damage as the little SMD cans... Of course I REMOVE ALL PRAM batteries... and usually label the machine with a label maker "NO PRAM BATT"... along with my recap date... So when they are taken out of storage you know you don't have to worry about an explosion...
  10. aplmak

    PowerBook 100 Recap woes

    I've done so many of these.... many, many.... keep in mind the battery compartment has a switch... to tell whether the main battery is installed or not. I have had luck switching the main switch on the back I think in the downward position (battery off) and NO battery installed.. I take the door off the battery and put double sided scotch tape on both sides and put it to cover the hole.. It works and looks pretty nice! Don't stick one of the old batteries in there... They are all dead now.. and the PB does funky things with it installed with the switch in either position on the back. And yes I second the fact that the PSU needs new caps... many of the PSU's I opened had leaky caps... sometimes they rusted the screw that holes the board down.
  11. aplmak

    Mac 512ke with SCSI controller, internal SD drive

    That's actually a pretty cool idea throwing a SCSI to SD in a 512K... (as long as you have the SCSI adapter module)... I have a macsnap board with the SCSI interface on a 512ke of mine... and the 25 pin port where the battery is normally..
  12. aplmak

    I just bought a TAM!

    I believe it comes with an install of the OS.. Perhaps go in the extra's folders on the installer cd... or go to install and select "customize" and see if it's in the list.. I'm pretty sure it comes with the install.. It's easy enough to get..
  13. aplmak

    Dynamac Smokin!

    Yeah it sucks when the pins are bent on the other side... I do my best to glob it with plenty of solder to try to remove without damage to the through hole.. It's not bad on these old power supplies as running a jumper line is pretty easy.. I just like to keep it as original as possible.. I was so aggravated with this power supply I was going to throw in the towel.. It was that broken middle MOSFET connection.. I can't believe I actually found it.. Anyhow she's running great now!!!
  14. aplmak

    Component ID Help

    Techknight any suggestions on what I could throw in it's place???
  15. aplmak

    I just bought a TAM!

    Hmmmmm. I've had this happen before to me... I personally DON'T think it is the screen.... Make sure you are getting the little green light on the bottom left.. It could be something improperly seated.. or the PRAM is not cleared... When this has happened to me it was never the screen.. I also had to fix the wires in the bose subwoofer... I actually directly soldered them onto the pins.. Also try wiggling the connector in the back of the unit. Once again I think there is a config issue here... perhaps the HDD is not plugged in properly or all the way... Try eliminating stuff by removing things from the unit.. I honestly would be amazed if it was the screen...... I've had this happen to me multiple times...