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  1. stormy

    Upgraded my on 11'' lcd screen

    1. Massive improvement, I also put arctic silver 5 on the CPU & oiled the fan. Before I did this the fan was really noisy/grindy and the laptop would randomly shutdown from overheating. 2. I can't really measure this as I don't have a good battery, the one I have barely holds any charge. But I read online that the new screen actually uses less power than the old screen and should extend battery life. Here is the guide I followed when replacing the thermal pads: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/my-powerbook-g4-12-journal-full-tear-down-ssd-upgrade-and-cpu-fan.2059980/
  2. stormy

    Upgraded my on 11'' lcd screen

    Yeah it is much brighter and the colours are a lot nicer.
  3. stormy

    Upgraded my on 11'' lcd screen

    The LCD was quite expensive to be honest. About 100 USD all together after shipping. No issues with compatibility, as it just plugs directly into the same connection as the old display the geforce 5200 just accepts it as it's screen.
  4. stormy

    Upgraded my on 11'' lcd screen

    Don't worry there is literally no changes or mods to the lid. The only thing you mod is the new LCD. By the way I skipped the part that said to drill new screw holes into the new panel, I didn't need to do it and I thought it was too risky.
  5. stormy

    Upgraded my on 11'' lcd screen

    Cheers guys, also in the title I mean 12''
  6. Hi all, Just wanted to report I upgraded my LCD panel to a 1400x1050 Res screen. It was quite a difficult process involving a hacksaw but in the end I am very happy with the result. I followed this very detailed guide: https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/PowerBook+G4+Aluminum+12-Inch+1-1.5+GHz+LCD+panel+upgrade/3117 Other mods I've done to my pb12 are: pata to ssd with 64gb drive. Arctic silver thermal paste on CPU, new thermal pads for gpu and lubricated the cooling fan.
  7. ArmourAlley unfortunately I can't put that HDD on the 840av bus as it is a 68 pin LVD drive, the internal bus is 50 pin. The reason the SCSI2SDv6 is reporting such slow speed is because I am forced to use firmware 6.2.5 which is before they implemented large performance increases. Newer firmware's cause the SD card to corrupt on writes unfortunately, but they do double the speed. I am hoping the author might be able to fix this, he has been sharing beta firmwares with me.
  8. Just wondering about Anubis - I also used this to initialize the disc but for some reason the parition/drive won't mount on boot. I installed the driver, I even went into the partition map and made sure 'auto start' was enabled. Any ideas why it won't auto-mount?
  9. SCSI2SDv6 on internal 840av bus (bottom line) vs IBM 17gb 10k SCSI (Hitachi) on SEIV bus (top line) FYI the SCSI2SDv6 is using a slower 6.2.5 firmware, as newer firmware cause corruption on write at the moment (is being fixed)
  10. Yeah that software seems to be PPC only (I tested it) Thanks for the bezel advice, I will keep my eye out for one. Cheers.
  11. Hi all, I upgraded the 2x speed caddy drive in my 840av with a Plextor PX-40TSi. Working great with a patched Apple driver (https://www.macintoshrepository.org/23007-apple-cd-rom-software-5-3-2-5-4-2-) But of course, the old drive didn't need to be opened as it was a caddy system. Once I put the case back on the system it covers the cd tray open button. I looked for various solutions but they all seem to be for system 9+ and ppc only. Does anyone have suggestions for my system? 840av on System 8.1. Thank you,
  12. Yeah I did manage to update the card to 2.1rc2. Today I played around with all the different SCSI2SD options and I also tried taking out all the termination resistors to see what would happen. Nothing changed. I've actually emailed ATTO tech support, they might get a laugh out of it, then again they might be able to help. Who knows
  13. Have you actually gotten the SEIV to boot from a SCSI2SD? Are there any special settings to be applied on the SCSI2SD? It doesn't seem to do anything.
  14. stormy

    Recommended system extensions?

    Cheers, I grabbed MacSSH and disabled a bunch of extensions. My NAS connects very easily with the chooser, so seems compatible. But one peculiarity is that when transferring lots of files, larger ones (like games) seem to lock up finder during transfer. I don't know whether this is down to the AFP implementation or perhaps a memory leak in os 8.1. It could also be the NAS/network not particularly enjoying the 10mb ethernet
  15. stormy

    Quadra 840av - Value of Crystal Y5

    I had my motherboard out today so I checked for you, this is what is printed on top: SO115 93-44