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  1. 68kMacx86

    1.5 GHz G4 Mac Mini and OS9

    too bad theres not a more graceful way to power these electronics up after sitting for so long. sort of like slowly bring up the voltage from 0 to 120.
  2. Cory5412, I am able to procure a Q700 board for about $30. Unfortunately the school does not have any Macintosh II stuff save for a boat load of IIx machines. I would be heavily interested in them, were not for the fact that all of them have serious water damage and rust from being underwater in a flood in the late 90s. they were put in this particular warehouse in 1995 and forgotten until recently when the school decided they need this space for other things. seriously every inch of these machines is covered in rust where there was metal.. the plastics are disgusting. if you can give me one reason to not chuck them.... i'll see what i can do but they are about to be chucked.
  3. 68kMacx86

    1.5 GHz G4 Mac Mini and OS9

    A Mircosoft? You mean a Windows PC?
  4. 68kMacx86

    1.5 GHz G4 Mac Mini and OS9

    Thanks. I doubt it was overclocked. It comes from a pet free smoke free home, and as we all know, every computer nerd has a cat!
  5. I am going to need to get a II series psu. one of mine in a P600 blew up the other evening and so i stole the IIci's power supply. I have the case for it, i might just order a quadra 700 motherboard and stick it in.
  6. So i scored one of the 1.5 GHz G4 Minis from eBay yesterday for $100 shipped. This is NOT the core solo version that was 1.5, but rather a secret model sold under 1.42 ghz name but given a hidden hardware bump in specs. it IS power PC. anyways ive seen that some *other forum based on os9* has gotten the mini to boot into os9. has anyone tried this and what were your experiences. My goal was to have OS9 on a machine thats not so vintage that it needs recapping, but can run mid 90s titles.
  7. 68kMacx86

    Found some Lisa diskettes

    I guess a Fileware or Twiggy Disk Lisa is what I picture when someone says Apple Lisa. I had actually forgotten about the lisa 2. Why someone would trade in a Twiggy Disk Lisa for a common 3.5 inch format is beyond me. Electronically ejecting 5.25 Drives are extremely uncommon in the history of computing, I can think of two: IBM's PS/2 line had some high end drives that electronically ejected, and of course, "Fileware". Such a name. "Make sure you save your AppleWorks documents on your Fileware disks, children. And before you quit your software, make sure you log out of netware, so that Jim the computer guy can come by and upgrade the firmware for the hardware you are using."
  8. 68kMacx86

    Performa 631 Floppy Replacement

    on a PCI based power mac, if you use an auto inject drive, it will repeatedly try to eject a disk. Manual inject drives are relatively cheap on ebay. i just bought a NOS one for only 40
  9. 68kMacx86

    Found some Lisa diskettes

    I thought LISA disks were more like 5.25 disks with two cutouts.
  10. 68kMacx86

    68K (no Mac) Designs OK?

    what would be nice is a 68K mac SE/30 re-release you stick in a ROM SIMM or maybe a USB with ROM File
  11. 68kMacx86

    Performa 600 won’t turn on

    So I found a bunch of capacitor goo all over the Egret chip. I decided as painstaking as it is to remove the board and wash it. Then I used a hair dryer to dry it. First try to power on was death chimes. So I hair dried it some more and allowed it to sit while my wife made dinner. I wolfed down my ribeye steak and put desperate housewives on paws. It clicked. Wouldn’t power up but clicked. Tried another PSU. It clicked. I let it sit some more while I watched the rest of desperate Housewives and then I tried to turn it on. A beautiful chime followed by a power off. Took a few more tries to get it on. Now it seems ok but I’m not sure
  12. So my Performa 600 was in the middle of installing system 7.5.0. I fell asleep and when I awoke in the middle of the night I found it was asking for disk 7 so I inserted it. As a side note I salvaged a floppy eject motor from my IIci and it works beautifully. So, anyways, I noticed the computer froze so I push the power button on the rear but nothing. Nothing when I hit reset. So I pull the power and plug it back in and now it won’t turn on. It’s been perfectly fine before this. I had replaced the PRAM battery but now it’s removed so anything that needs resetting can drain its power.
  13. I was ripped off. The guy said no corrosion. I’m not really an electronics expert and I ask is there any one here who can fix this
  14. I was told that the trickle charge on the PSU was not present therefor the computer would only turn on once then need unplugging. I noticed the ROM SIMM is missing so im going to need to buy one from BMOW and i noticed floppy drive is stuck so another emu it is. any ideas on fixing the PSU?
  15. 68kMacx86

    Performa 600 Anyone Added the Cache

    yes it does