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  1. Thanks -- is the power switch integrated into the power supply or is it a separate part?
  2. Thanks all. I am not looking to make a buck, just want to make sure my asking price is in the right neighborhood. I am thinking $300 works, given the 8M RAM, and that the Ethernet card is known to work along with all the stock parts.If there's no takers on Day 1 I can lower the price on Day 2, so we'll see!
  3. I am going to the Vintage Computer Festival West (http://vcfed.org/wp/festivals/vintage-computer-festival-west/) and want to sell my SE/30 at the consignment table. It has a lot going for it -- 8 Meg RAM, 80 GB internal HD, and a working Asante Ethernet card. Everything works (fan, sound, 1.4 Meg floppy, external SCSI port, AppleTalk port all known to work). I have not seen the inside of it but suspect it needs re-capping. What would be a fair price? I want to be fair but also get market price. Thanks.
  4. I have an LC III that seems to be in great shape except for a couple things I'd like to fix.... - The fan works but is quite noisy -- anybody know the specs I would need to consider in getting a replacement? - The power switch is flaky -- makes an "arcing" sound and occasionally won't turn on at all. I know I can l leave it "on" and plug into a switchable power strip but that seems like a temporary measure. Is this a standard kind of part I can replace (hint: I have no hardware skills -- I could probably solder if it wasn't in a delicate location). Thanks, all.
  5. Makes sense.... I will research the monitor part number. But, if the monitor and VRAM did support different resolutions, how would I set that? In the same CDEV where you set the number of colors? Thanks.
  6. I just got an very nice LCIII on eBay with an Apple IIe card, Apple CD 300, and an apple color monitor. Still exploring how awesome this machine is... its all in great shape and everything is running well. I have read that the LCIII supports different video resolutions but can't find a Control Panel or other way to change it. I can change the number of colors (B/W, 256, thousands) but don't see an explicit way to change the resolution (I have read it supports resolutions of 512 x 384, 640 x 480, 640 x 870, and 832 x 624 - depending on VRAM of course and maybe on monitor?) Thanks.
  7. Mystery solved! Thanks for that. (I had to google AUi, I have to admit) -- I thought for sure that was a video port. I'm kinda new to the (vintage) mac world, I was an Apple II guy from the get-go (but used my share of compact macs in the 80's) -Paul
  8. here the picture of the backplane from the ebay ad.....
  9. @Bolle interesting... I don't have the tool yet to open up the SE/30 case (I have one on order), I will post pics when I open it up. Maybe Asante OEM'd their Ethernet firmware to some other vendors? Or maybe the Asante card accepted a "daughterboard"? Its definitely a DB-15 plug so its gotta be for video AFAIK. And the Asante ethernet software installer recognized the card. Thanks.
  10. Hi, I recently got a nice SE/30 on eBay with a combo Ethernet/video card in the slot. According to my router, it is an Asante card (and their Ethernet driver seems to work -- for the most part:) So my questions are about the display card: - would I need a separate driver for it? (I don't see any Asante video drivers out there) or will by Sytem 7.1 natively drive it. and -- heres the big "if".... Can I use an Apple IIGS RGB monitor with it? (If not -- what are the specs of a monitor I should be looking for? Any and all help greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  11. PaulM

    Simple file sharing (Mac SE/30 to Mac SE)

    My cable looks just like that one, mini DIN 8 on both ends (I think it has the arrows).
  12. Hi folks, I have an SE and an SE/30 and I want to use peer-to-peer AppleTalk (printer port to printer port) for file sharing.... should be simple and I think I did everything I'm supposed to do, but no luck yet. The SE/30 has system 7.1 (and/or 6.0.8) and the SE has 6.0.8. I have file-sharing turned on and Guest user access etc. But when the SE Chooser comes up and I select, AppleTalk, there are no File Servers listed to choose from. Not sure how to troublehshoot further (other than replace the cable?) Also wondering if there is a step-by-step guide for simple file sharing....