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  1. Luuklt

    Macintosh classic horizontal lines

    Some chips got corroded so bad i think some chips are dead so Im gonna ritire this motherboard andere look for an new one so I can get this machine working again. Thanks for all te help tho!
  2. Luuklt

    Macintosh classic horizontal lines

    I measured the traces going tot the arrow of technight but they still work. The only real damaged trace are the one going to the battery, but the computer should be able to boot without it right? There is corrosion on some chips so I think they might be damaged internaly, is that posible?
  3. Luuklt

    Macintosh classic horizontal lines

    This is how they board looks. Te traces look fine. As you can see i have replaced all capasitors. I hope these pictures help.
  4. Hi there, I have got a macintosh classic with a broken motherboard. It gives horizon lines and doesn't boot. I have tried a lot. I have cleaned the motherboard with alcohol, I have cleaned it in soapy water, I have replaced all capacitors, I have checked the traces and contacts, all with no succes. When I got this mac it had a bad battery leak but thankfully no traces were erased but I think (having tried almost everything) some chips got effected by the battery acid. What else can I try other than replacing the motherboard? All sugestions are more than welcome! Thanks, Luuk.