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    • If you have several machines, you may want to look into something like the Zip drive, or even Jaz.  Those are SCSI, are found fairly cheap, and work on any Pre-1996 Macintosh.  Even the Plus!
    • I recently found a guide for ADB to M0100 mouse conversion [Japanese]. Here’s its schematic for the ADB Mouse II:   Translations: A, Bはどちらでも可: Either A/B is OK [orientation on the mouse switch doesn’t matter] 基板上のJA, JBピンをはずす: Remove pins JA and JB from the original board [these are for the mouse switch, which you connect separately] コネクタ端面: facing connector end [but I assume the pin numbering is a better guide] Above the image, it notes that the red circles are direct connections, but the corresponding white circles are equivalent and easier for soldering.   Has anyone tried this sort of conversion? ADB mice are much easier to find, and I rather like the ADB II. It hadn’t occurred to me that you could to this, but it makes sense. Internally, I guess ADB mice still read the mouse ball with quadrature encoding, so if you bypass the chip, you get the M0100 protocol.
    • I bet a single-floppy 128K can be quite painful! I would like to play with one just to see what it’s like though. 
    • Hello, I have recently bought a Macintosh SE, but when I started it, I saw a checkerboard pattern (with some noise). I then inspected all of the capacitors; they looked fine. However, after cleaning the 4 1MB RAM sticks, The screen was just blank. Oddly, if I only insert 2 sticks, the screen is just filled with noise. I have attached a video of the SE working with 2MB and 4MB of RAM. What should I do?   Thank you. VID_20200712_210831.mp4
    • @elemenoh I just took a good look at these sheets, this is fantastic work. Now you've done the hard work of reading those fuzzy old schematics and people have had a chance to review them, a move to a working schematic in KiCad or similar is so much easier. And from there a PCB. I wonder if Apple would shut it down? There are lots of re-done Amiga PCBs around but Commodore is long gone.