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  1. Deacon Frost

    I said no more computers!!

    Wow, that is a great find!
  2. Deacon Frost

    Unboxing brand new ImageWriter II

    Awesome! I'm glad it went to a good home! Sorry it didn't have a manual, is anything else missing? I never really checked it or went through the box. All this detail in the unboxing; I guess I better document unboxing the LCII and 9600 just as closely.
  3. Deacon Frost

    Kinda big question on a small conquest

    Ok, thanks. That's what I was thinking as well. I just didn't want collective heart attacks from collectors upon hearing it was no longer "mint-in-box", lol. Kind of like when Sheldon opens the 1970s collectible Star Trek transporter toy (on BBT) and he immediately breaks it...
  4. Deacon Frost

    Kinda big question on a small conquest

    I answered a local CL ad advertising a old Macintosh for just a few bucks. What she had in the trunk of her car, when I picked it up, has never been used... The monitor was not in a box, but still had plastic around the power cable. My big question, am I gaining anything by leaving it all in the boxes? The boxes smell awful (I think a cat peed on boxes), and will keeping the computer in the plastic make it that much more valuable in the long run (i.e. capacitors/batteries leaking, etc.)? I picked up a 9600 brand in the box last year for $60, and had planned on keeping it mint in box...but slowly realizing that is absolutely no fun, I want them on display and running. What do the professional collector's on here think? Thanks.
  5. Small donation sent, about the only way I can help...I have zero technical knowledge on that level, lol. Please keep us up-to-date on any needed funding!
  6. Deacon Frost

    My first conquest worth posting...

    Ok, thanks. I'm trying to work out a time to go back. The person getting rid of the stuff really didn't much about Macs, and I'm still learning a lot of the finer details. I located a Nubus card there that was labeled Apple Workstation Portrait Display, so I assumed it was for the monitor; but it used a DB-15 connection. I've seen pics of the portrait card with the 13W3 connector, so I was thoroughly confused. There were a lot of Macs (mostly stripped of HDs and RAM) there (school district auctions)...lots of LC II and IIIs and 520, 550s, Imagewriters and LaserWriters...if anyone has interest, let me know...I just think shipping would be really prohibitive.
  7. Deacon Frost

    My first conquest worth posting...

    Thanks everyone. Most of the computers booted, though I've issues with the video/monitors for some reason. The 12" monitor on top of the 475 is a RGB for Macs; and the 6100 is the DOS Compatible (which I did not have). The big box is a IIx, which is the only computer which would not boot, I'm assuming to dead PRAM batteries. I also found the 5.25" MS-DOS Drive (with the cardboard inserts inside it, never used?) along with Nubus card for it. There were some things I didn't grab (and will probably regret, by my car was full). There was a portrait display, but I couldn't find any card/cabling for it. And, a AudioVision Monitor I wanted extremely badly, but couldn't get an image to appear with any computer I tested it on.
  8. Deacon Frost

    My first conquest worth posting...

    I've been collecting Macs for a while, usually one or two here and there, but today was the first haul worth mentioning; well, first one to fill up my small trunk and backseat. Some of the stuff in the pile includes a ImageWriter LQ, and still new in the box HDSC20, two adjustable keyboards, a Sonnet Presto Plus accelerator, and a Quadra 700.
  9. Deacon Frost

    Thirteen Sonnet L2 Cache-slot Upgrades

    Agreed, if they're working and for sale, I'm sure there a few interested parties on here!
  10. Deacon Frost

    iBook G3 tangerine, Apple // -monitor

    Wow! Congrats! Still in the box, in great condition is an awesome find!
  11. Mine does the EXACT same thing...not present at startup, will start a low buzz, static sounds after a few minutes (it seems to me that the static is coming from near the right speaker/ floppy drive area); and lately I've noticed will go away after 20 minutes or so. I have not been able to find a solution, and it's not very loud, it's a very low static sound. When I have time, I plan on a full cleaning of the sub/woofer power supply.
  12. Deacon Frost

    Boxed Macintosh Plus & ImageWriter II

    That is a GREAT find! Very jealous.
  13. Deacon Frost

    22" ADC Cinema Display problem

    What video card do you have in the Cube? I bought a 20" ADC Studio Display when I got my Cube earlier this year and couldn't get it to work for anything. Finally realized the card wasn't sending it enough power, put in a GeForce2 I bought off ebay, and haven't had a problem since.