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  1. duxbridge

    My new (to me) SE/30!

    Awesome! Thanks for posting the pictures too! Please post how you get along with your new machine, the SE/30s is a great little machine to work on! I'm still (slowly...) working on mine! Enjoy!
  2. duxbridge

    Did I kill my SE/30? Help!

    At one stage, I thought I did this to my SE/30 as well, until I realised that I forgot to plug in the SCSI connector. Like Byrd says, check all your connections, especially the power and SCSI connections.
  3. duxbridge

    CompactFlash in a Compact Mac

    Since it was Macintosh's 28th birthday yesterday, it got me thinking about the Compact Mac line. I stumbled upon this project by Roberto Barrios, where he places a CF into his Korg Trinton. This post was inspired by Roberto's project. I thought: "I wonder if the same could be done in a Compact Mac?" I did a quick search of this forum and found where similar ideas have been discussed in the past: CompactFlash in your Mac Compact Flash in se/30 I know that technically it is possible, since, successfully booting up with CF is possible. The only drawback my current CF setup is that it is quite an effort to remove the CF card, though I think Roberto has a much more elegant and integrated approach. I bit of investigation lead me to this vital part from Startech CF IDE Adapter So the plan is to replace the FDD with this Startech 3.5" CF IDE Adapter, use I-O DATA R-IDSC SCSI to IDE adapter to connect back to the SCSI bus. What do you think?
  4. duxbridge

    SE/30 operating system install problems

    Sorry for being brief, I am posting from an iPhone. Brett, I've got almost the same machine that you've described. I've experienced similar issues with my SE/30, however when I followed the instructions on Gamba's page on installing on a SE/30 with IIsi or IIfx ROM, it worked. Give it a try. As for the suspect HDD, it might be that when formatted the disk is larger than 2Gb and System 7 doesn't play well with disk volumes over 2Gb, try partitioning say 1.5 and 0.5Gb and install on the larger partition and see if that works.
  5. duxbridge

    32-bit Addressing in SE/30

    Thanks for your help Zuiko! I don't know if anyone else has experienced this problem before, but I'll describe it so that if anyone else runs into it they can read this and save them some time: I have my SE/30s installed IIsi and IIfx ROM SIMM, following the instructions found on Gamba's page. I was able to boot into System 7.5.5 with 32-bit clean SIMM, but I noticed that whenever I go into the memory control panel on the SE/30 and restart, it causes a Sad Mac (see post above) and make the previously bootable drive unbootable! When I attach the drive into the my Power Mac 7200, it tells me the drive is unreadable and needs to be formatted! Luckily, I had a DiskCopy image of the ResEdited System 7.5.5 and I reformatted the disk and copied over the image onto the freshly formatted disk. I then restarted the Power Mac using the ResEdited System 7.5.5 and turned off virtual memory and then restarted again. Then I plugged the disk back into my SE/30 and it started up fine, restart, no more Sad Mac. Now I can get onto the easy part and install more RAM. First I need to convince my wife...
  6. duxbridge

    32-bit Addressing in SE/30

    Hi guys, Just to clarify, I have an IIsi ROM SIMM installed in my SE/30. 8Mb RAM. I was able to start up to System 7.5.5 with the 32-bit clean ROM SIMM installed but it was still not addressing more than 8Mb of RAM, I went into the Memory control panel and turned off virtual memory and turned on 32-bit addressing, rebooted and got this:
  7. duxbridge

    32-bit Addressing in SE/30

    For those that having been reading my posts on the forum, I'm now a little bit closer to scaling to the peak of Ultimate SE/30! Now, that I've solved, with the help of my fellow comrades: SE/30 startup problems Successfully booted from CF and Installed System 7.5.5. My next step is to install more memory, but the issue is the 32-bit addressing issue. I've read Gamba's page on this topic and I've sourced myself a 32-bit clean ROM, but my question to my comrades is:
  8. Just for the record, Mac OS 8 is HFS only, only Mac OS 8.1 onwards supports HFS+, I only have Mac OS 8 installed on my Power Macintosh 7200/120, so I don't think formatting is the issue. I figured that the problem was actually with how System 7.0 interacts with a disk with multiple volumes/partitions on the same physical disk, I tried several times to use control panel to change the startup disk, but to no avail. It always boots up from the first partition, so when I moved the installation onto the first partition, I was able to start up with System 7.5.5 on my SE/30: :b&w:
  9. I wasn't sure to put this topic here or to put it in the Compact Mac forum... I'm having difficult installing System 7.5.3 on my SE/30 equipped with a CF-IDE-SCSI adapter. I used my Power Macintosh 7200/120 to install System 7.5.3 on the CF card, selecting the option "system software for any Mac", I noted that the system folder is blessed, but it still doesn't boot in my SE/30. So my question is, can a PPC Mac be used to prepare bootable drives for 68k Mac (or more specifically, a SE/30)?
  10. duxbridge

    Sourcing 3.5" 50 PIN SCSI SSD

    Zebity, I can test your SCSI SSD setup in my machine if you like, PM me if you are interested. I've posted a summary of my experience on making a 50 pin SCSI SSD with CF on this thread here. It is certainly possible!
  11. duxbridge

    SE/30 booting off CF success

    For those that have been following this thread know that I've been attempting to boot my pigeon pair of SE/30s from CF for a while now. I'm pleased to report that I've successfully done so. :b&w: I decided to put together my experience so that others can try it themselves. Hardware CF card Transcend Industrial CF150 4Gb (Details here) I-O DATA R-IDSC SCSI to IDE adapter (this is the most important component of the entire project), I'm indebted to the Rob Braun who wrote some very useful material on this subject, you will find his pages linked here and here. You also need a IDE to CF adapter, anything will do, I got mine from eBay for $2 and a Molex power Y-splitter. The jumper settings on the SCSI to IDE adapter are: Pin 1 Y (SCSI ID 1) Pin 2 N (SCSI ID) Pin 3 N (SCSI ID) Pin 4 Y (SCSI-1 Mode) Pin 5 Y (SCSI-1 Mode) Pin 6 N (SCSI-1 Mode) Pin 7 Y (DMA ATA Transfer Mode) Pin 8 N (Flash ROM) Pin 9 N (Internal SCSI Termination) More detail of the jumper settings can be found here. The CF-SSD when all setup looks like this: Mounting the CF-SCSI Drive You need a Mac that can run Mac OS 7, 8 or 9 with a CD-ROM drive containing the software listed below, (you can use floppies, I didn't, because I don't own any). Other people have used an external SCSI drive like Syquest or Apple SC to format their CF cards but I could not find one so I used a Power Macintosh 7200/120 instead! Software StuffIt (to unstuff the files) Disk copy 6 (to create and open disk images) Harddisk formatting software, I used FWB Harddisk toolkit 1.6, others have successfully used Patched Apple Tools and Rob Braun recommends Lido 7. Tips Formatting the drive can take a while, especially if your CF card is large I partitioned the formatted CF card into 4 equal partitions, the first partition is the one your Mac will read by default. Don't use Mac OS X to format your CF card. Finally, here is a screenshot from my Macintosh SE/30 with the 4 CF-SSD Volumes:
  12. duxbridge

    Power Macintosh 7200/120

    I just discovered that! Would have saved me some time if I'd read the forum before I fiddled with it! I managed to format my CF and boot up from with it! Success!!! Now on the SE/30s!
  13. duxbridge

    SE/30 booting off CF success

    Hi guys, I finally got FWB Harddisk tools to start a low level format on my CF card, but it says that the process will take 254 minutes! Is this normal?
  14. duxbridge

    Power Macintosh 7200/120

    I'm not sure if this is exciting to anyone else but me, but I acquired a Power Macintosh 7200/120 today! These machines are fairly rare in Australia Specs: Power Macintosh 7200/120 96Mb RAM 1Gb HDD Mac OS 8 Apple Color High Resolution RGB Display 640 x 480 13" I cleaned up the file system and opened the machine up, it is very clean inside, no sign of dust at all. I bought the machine to finally solve my CF on SE/30 issue that you can read more on this thread here. Anyway, I removed the SCSI CD-ROM and mounted the hard disk from one of my SE/30s and it worked! One more step towards my goal!
  15. duxbridge

    SE/30 booting off CF success

    Just a quick update of my progress on my SE/30 CF journey for those that are following this thread. :b&w: I disconnected the internal HDD of my SE/30(A) (that is known to be readable and bootable) and mounted as an external drive on the SE/30( SCSI bus, but it still does not read it. The problem is either with: 1) SCSI termination (the HDD does not have built in termination) 2) SCSI DB-25 and 50-Pin connector (though they are just cables and adapters, what could go wrong?) Try and buy terminating resistors? Try and buy this dual drive internal SCSI cable?