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  1. Some days ago i was amazed by video play performance and JPEG conversion/play capabiities in a stock (unaccelerated) macintosh IIci. While i was encoding samples with various (cinepak) size & data bitrates to reach the limit of both my micromac and daystar 68040 pds accelerators, the "respectable" performance of the stock 68030/25 has not come unnoticed. In this YouTube video some test with IIci 24/540, 32k PDS cache card, apple 8.24 videocard, system 7.1, QT 2.5, Simpleplayer 1.0, Movieplayer 2.5.1, PICTcompressor. Cinepak encoded samples (320x240 @29.97 up to 2 Mps costant bitrate, 8 bit mono) seems very well playable even in a stock machine. Only occasional hiccups (only when playing bigger files) because of the harddrive. The samples appear well playable either with internal, either with 8.24 video card, even at 1152*870! Just for example, my stock LC475 (512 vram) - unexpectedly - slows down a lot when playing the same video samples with desktop resolution higher than 800x600. I do not know why. PiCTcompressor has been also a nice find. Coupled with QT2.5 extension does an amazing job in JPEG conversion and play. It appears to be faster than the Photoshop 2.5 integrated converter and does a better dithering job when you are in 8 bit mode or low in ram (conversion to 16 bit). In your experience are there better/faster JPEG player ? I ve a curiosity: what were JPEG accelerators made for? Did they help the conversion between formats? Did they speedup the loading or the 2D redrawing? Were they meant to speed up photoshop filters only? Were they useful even in the quadra 68040 nubus enviroment?
  2. Macbuk

    Macintosh IICX No Video After Recap

    Reseat memories and rom chips if socketed. Check fuses on the motherboard (labeled "F") Check caps polarity and overall resistance between +5 and ground. Sometimes you can find shorted (or low resistance) aluminum caps (even new) because of unefficient quality control.
  3. Macbuk

    Advice on repairing Mac IIx

    C6 - R3 to R19 continuity has been reported "critical" in IIx startup (R18 in the original II). If no chime i would also try to reseat chips, memories and rom. I would also measure resistance between +5 and ground.
  4. Thanks for the link you provided. I Guess you're right when you say that FS/3 relies entirely on CPU power. According to my experience even Pathways into darkness has demonstrated similar behaviuor. Its frame rate seems totally unresponsive to the choice of internal (score 1.19) vs external (score 0.68) video card. Neither the LC475/quadra 605 (i restored) provides amy better frame rate. I Will do more test when i get Marathon (i hope asap) that should be quickdraw-accelerated and better optimized. I guess the general performance in marathon should not differ between a 040 accelerated IIci and a real quadra 605/630/650. Thanks, you have highlighted some interesting aspects. I'm sorry. Here some screenshots of 8.24 card with stock IIci w PDS cache card. the use of the 8.24 nubus card (instead of IIci internal) frees up some CPU processing power (0.438 vs 0.40) but the graphic performance score demonstrates a slight decrease. I do not know if the 0.395 to 0.695 gap (8.24) and the 0.468 to 1.145 gap (internal video) induced by Daystar Turbo 040 reflect the overall data limit of nubus slot or simply reflects the 10 MHz cycling limit of nubus slot vs 25 mhz bus in the IIci Unfortunately I do not have any accelerated nubus card/s (8.24 gc or third part cards) to see if the Daystar 040 - 33 MHz would push them beyond the 0.695 score. Perhaps i still do not understand what this speedometer 4 "graphics parameter" does really measure (2d? 3d?). Sincerely i'm not able to percieve any difference either on games , either on Cinepak videoplay between nubus video vs internal video (on 68040 enviroment). I tested a lot of 320*240 and 480*360 cinepak samples encoded with various - fixed and variabile - bitrates to reach the 68040 processing power limit. For example, 480*360 samples over 2000 kbit/s (smaller than 30 mbyte) stress the CPU but not the hard drive. These video samples often generate refresh artifacts: the switch to the internal video card does not help at all. The videoplay on LC475 demonstrates identical behaviour. I would be very surprised if the internal video of the 68040 boosted IIci or if the internal video of the quadra 605 (despite the 25 MHz non fpu processor) impacts in a relevant way the frame per second performance of marathon when compared to the 8.24 non accelerated nubus video card in 040 enviroment. I'll do a report.
  5. Hey mates, I've been benchmarking the PDS Daystar 040 - 33 Mhz. Speedometer 4.0: Some screen. Stock IIci, cache card, 20 -500 IIci, 8.24 card in 1152*870 Daystar Turbo 040 (No quad control no powermath on ) IIci, internal video 640*480 Daystar Turbo 040 - 33 (no quad control/Powermath) Huge score improvement on graphics! Quadra 630/650 alike scores. Finally... IIci, high resolution card - 8 bit Daystar 040-33 (Quad control, Powermath option on). Quad control improves CPU and Math scores only. No impact on graphics. I get very poor hard drive scores , whatever drive i use on both my Macintosh IIci(s).
  6. Thanks Trash80toHP, i tried: No luck. I've been doing some comparison during these days. As you suggested I've found a "still starting" 605 deeply covered of dust. Up today i've had no interest on pizza box models. Now i have 3 "68030" and 3 "68040" in four machines only, to do some tests As far i can say i noticed the lc475/605 (stock 25 MHz 68lc040) is by no mean better performing than accelerated IIci (33 MHz) in both "Pathways into darkness" and "Flight simulator 3" enviroments. I'll do some tests with speedometer 4.0 to see if 475 internal video does better than 040 accelerated IIci internal video. Incidentally I got unexpected (at least for me) results with cvid video playback. I used Mpegstreamclip to achieve some Cinepak encoded 320x240@30 and 480x360@25 samples. I tried to download marathon.sit from Macintosh repository. However Stuffit 4.02 and 3.07 failed to expand the file. Which version do i Need? Can you provide a "more friendly" file?
  7. Thanks. This should save me from spending money and time.
  8. The boost Is consistent when compared to 030. Probably overclocking the Micromac Carrera (that carries a 33 MHz chip) to 40 MHz would solve my queries. Buy i've some concern with both Daystar and Micromac 040 cards for the aforementioned reasons. In the video below a comparison between 040-33 and 030-25 in a 1152x870 8.24 enviroment. To be honest with internal videocard i obtain very marginal inprovements only. The frame rate is almost the same. Am i missing some.software? inside the System i do not find quickdraw libreries. Could they help?
  9. Quotation of 68040 accelerators have grown beyond the limit of reasonability. I would avoid to take the risk of bad soldering (even if i'm enough used to and It implies crystal only) Would overclocking the lc475 interphere (or avoid) with resolutions higher than 640x480? I remember something similar, but i'm not sure.
  10. Thanks Trash80toHP, i'm not searching for anything more than 640 x 480 @ 8 bit. I would have liked somewhat higher framerate in Flight simulator 3.0 / Wolfenstein 3d (full screen) / Pathways into darkness . They appear somewhat unsatisfying even in their "sub-windows". I should already have a quadra 605 deeply stored in my garage (i think with 512 k vram only). I'm curious to test if its built in video scores better results than a IIci built in video driven by 68040-33 MHz accelerator. I had a quadra 650 board into a modded IIcx case but unfortunately i sold It cause i dislike the idea of Frankenstein machines. I will search for a videocard allowing 24 bit at higher resolution than 640x480. Never seen an 8.24 gc. Neither on ebay! thanks IIfx
  11. I'm Sorry. Picasaweb hosting service had a permanent shutdown. I will solve asap. I'm managing to restore the old pre-90 machines i collected over the years (up to 2008). At the time i have recapped/restored only the 2 IIci and a IIfx. The Se30 i repaired in 2008 thanks to the help of this forum still starts flawlessy. Now i have a bunch of Macintosh II board (5) and some Classic Mac to test and eventually repair but i'm more interested in collecting "some" nubus cards. Which accelerated nubus videocard could improve the performance of 3D games in a IIci @ 68040 enviroment?
  12. Eleven years later i restored my retro-obsession and succesfully restored both my IIci boards (suffering from erratically Power on/no sound syndrome). Micromac Carrera 040@33 MHz equipped one (system 7.1) Daystar Turbo 040@33 MHz equipped one with Apple 8.24 card @ 1151x870 (system 7.5) I'm quite satisfied with their performance. However i was wondering if i'm missing some software (quickdraw libraries) or i could trace some of those venerabile accelerators nubus video card to improve the frame rate on 3D games performance (Flight simulator 3, Doom, Pathways into darkness, Wolfenstein 3D). Which FPS 3D games do you suggest? Any better optimized game? I'm asking cause i have read that some nubus accelerated video cards scored less the expected performance when compared to internal video expecially in 68040 enviroments.
  13. I've been troubleshooting my IIfx board erratically behaving in power on/power off... I noticed that the leaking of acid solution from aluminum decoupling capacitors (C9 and C24 were the only in my board) leads to a "lower than ideal" resistance between +5 and ground (nearly 10 ohm in my strange behaving board). The shunt of current towards ground mesh, especially when batteries are "tired", means lower voltage (the voltage spike we can read with the multimeter when we press Power button) between the "white cable" in the supply connector and ground (the ones we use for jumpstarting). Therefore the power supply behaves not reacting or erratically reacting to power button (either power on either power off) and keyboard button. Comparing and measuring several Macintosh II family motherboards which i restored (replacing caps, restoring traces) it seems that 16 ohm value (between +5 and Ground) is the common endpoint for a flawless power on/off as long as there are fresh batteries and not broken/corroded traces. VID_20190223_190321.mp4
  14. Hi there. I'd like to know the actual value of a rare rasterops 264/30 fully functional. It allow 24 bit colour on a Se/30 external monitor. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8vK757y4Rs thanks
  15. Hi there. I would like to know which nubus graphic card to choose for a - IIx with Micromac Carrera 040 33 mhz - IIci with Daystar turbo 040 33 mhz upgrade taking in mind - compatibility with 040 upgrade - ebay availability, - performance (accelerated) - 16 or 24 bit color - over 800x600 pixel I was searching for a radius precision color 24 x / xp / pro. Is this a good choice? Something better? Thanks