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  1. insaneboy

    SuperMac VideoSpigot, first conquest in forever

    from what I remember(been a while) with the rasterops video card in my IIci, it could play live video on the screen smooth, but recording was highly dependent on the speed of my drives/SCSI bus, not the processor speed.
  2. insaneboy

    Original iPhone for free

    but not all cities. I live in the biggest city in the state of Maine, and I only have two bars at my house and my new workplace... have to use wi-fi calling at home, cell calls drop with regularity.
  3. insaneboy

    Software Haul!!

    I always liked WriteNow! Mainly because it would let me write silently with the HDD on my PB165/PB180 spun down. It would only spin up when I saved the file.
  4. insaneboy

    non-apple conquest. Laserjet

    Have not found anyone to buy the old HP at work(last day at my current job today) so its going to come home with me, kids print enough stuff to be worthwhile if just for the extra toner cartridge, one cartridge will last me years. The score is an HP Laserjet 8000DN B&W tabloid laser printer. Only clocked 147k prints since 1999 (service interval is 350k) includes a duplexer, 16MB DIMM, and jet direct 600N network card. it does not bonjour, have to manually enter the IP. Oh and it sits on a nifty old typewriter cart.
  5. insaneboy

    EXTREEM EDITION : goodwill and thrift finds !

    goodwill here sells computers and peripherals, one store has most of it, no HDDs generally crappy worthless stuff. That store and others also have small displays with tested/shrink wrapped stuff that's sold at retail prices. anything rare, vintage, of any value goes straight to eBay.
  6. insaneboy

    Super rare Macintosh II Daystar PDS adapter

    I had a II, I miss it.
  7. insaneboy

    Power Mac G4. What did I find?

    Had a few of those marathon sliding rack mounts for G3/G4 macs. Gave them away some time back. still have the Anthro cart rolling rack that they were in.
  8. insaneboy

    I bought a pallet of macs

    and it appears the web page was made on the classic II cool.
  9. insaneboy

    Reddish hue around Color Classic screen

    car ECUs are a PITA. fixed a friend's Audi S6 ECU years ago, sunroof drain clogged and soaked the hell out of the ECU. enough that the harness corroded and pins started to come out of it. nightmare. but replacement was $1200 so it was worth a shot. I got it to work again, so he was happy.
  10. insaneboy

    PowerBook 180 for 25 bucks

    worth it and then some for the screen alone if there is no tunneling. Think one stuck pixel is fine, even new those might have had one or two.
  11. insaneboy

    Is it a Lisa????? Is it a Macintosh????

    Not sure about the stacked memory... but there was a Macintosh XL that was a modified Lisa...
  12. insaneboy

    What Color Is This iMac?

    That's not Blue, it's gold! wait, that's not a picture of a dress...
  13. insaneboy

    Lampshade iMac won't turn on.

    Have not had time to tinker still. but I was upstairs putting the humidifiers away so I thought I'd plug it in and see what it does. Powered up immediately.
  14. insaneboy

    Good "Think Different" poster find

    I got my 24x36" sets directly from Apple. Never hung them, I have em stored away. market for them doesn't seem great right now so I'm waiting until the value goes back up before I try selling them again.
  15. insaneboy

    Lampshade iMac won't turn on.

    Yeah I'm suspecting caps now too, time needed to wait for start up is increasing. I'm doubting its cord contacts, first thing I tried was wiggling the cord while trying to start up. Maybe I'll have time some night to open it up more and get a closer look, see if I spy some bulging caps... when I did the battery I only opened it far enough to get to the battery. Edit: just to add. So, I fix it, then what do I do with it This was a surplus from my mother's work that I was selling on their behalf, probably have more into it then its worth so it'll be mine... Really have limited use for a G4 based mac, that's why I have a PBG4 1.5GHz model... Just sits in the attic and is used when I want to rip LPs from my USB turntable. so 1.25GHz 17" lampshade(if I fix it) or 1.5GHz 15" PBG4