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  1. Saw this project when I was looking for a software/hardware combo that would allow me to plug an Apple ][ Grappler Card into it and emulate a parallel port printer: http://www.retroprinter.com Seems like the project is dead/stalled. I wonder how hard it would be to do something similar with the RS422 port on my Mac 512k to allow me to print to a modern laser printer.
  2. Did Kensington ever make a trackball for the Mac 128k/512k/Plus? I much prefer trackballs to mice with my classic Macs and have a couple ADB models for use with my SE/30's and even use them with my PowerBook G3's. My understanding is that even though the mouse port looks like a DB9 serial port, it isn't. I wonder how hard it would be to convert the guts of a serial Expert Mouse to whatever protocol Apple used.