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  1. Obviously some famous YouTuber too good for the likes of this place.
  2. olePigeon

    Broken floppy drive?

    I've had floppy drives that refused to eject, but a good clean and lube fixed it. Gear was fine.
  3. @Bunsen Wow, I didn't think to just look for a generic driver board. That's a good idea. Then it wouldn't matter what display I buy.
  4. That's just the usual clock, phase, V/H position. No options for scaling.
  5. olePigeon

    SCSI to Ethernet Adapter on New Hardware

    Oh, I missed that part. Nevermind, then.
  6. olePigeon

    SCSI to Ethernet Adapter on New Hardware

    @saybur I probably didn't articulate myself very well. I didn't intend for the device to be dependent on the SCSI2SD, just that it'd be cool if you could piggyback them together in addition to having one externally. That way you could put both of them in a single drive bay, then snake out an ethernet cable somewhere (maybe through the Lock slot.)
  7. Got my hopes up with the HP LA1751G as it had Custom Scaling, but no option to disable it. Just choose to maintain aspect ration as it scales.
  8. Edit: It's only on their widescreen displays. Custom Scaling (select models) Selects the method on how displayed information on the monitor will be formatted. Select: Fill to Screen - image fills the entire screen and may look distorted or elongated because of nonproportional scaling of height and width Fill to Aspect Ratio - image is sized to fit the screen and maintains proportional image One-to-one - disables video scaling, displays an image that is smaller in size than the monitor’s capability and centers the image on the screen in the active viewing area I'm thinking that perhaps having a small database of LCD monitors that support this feature would be useful to not just Mac users but any vintage computer user who wants 1:1 pixel mapping on a monitor.
  9. @Gorgonops I get what you're saying. I'd get a brand new monitor if I could find one that supports those features. Right now I'm just going through eBay looking at every single 4:3 and 5:4 monitor and Googling for the manual. I'm hoping maybe I'll be able to find a new one.
  10. @trag 1280x1024 is perfect. Unfortunately that model IBM panel appears to be pretty rare.
  11. @jessenator Nope, that's the MXP model or whatever it's called. I thoroughly searched the user manuals for various different NEC models. That one doesn't have the Expansion feature that I want. It only has the usual adjustments for Clock, Phase, and Vertical/Horizontal movement. But nothing for scaling. Seems like NEC had a very select range that supported the Expansion option. The SONY LMD-1950MD led me down a tangent for Medical Displays. I found several GE USE1913A monitors, but I could NOT find manuals. They were bundled with patient monitoring systems, and the manual for that device didn't cover the OSD controls for the display itself. So I have no idea if the GE Medical Display would suit my purposes. Wouldn't mind knowing since there are a bunch of them on eBay for relatively cheap. I may have to fall back on the Black NEC, but was hoping for a nice white, beige, or platinum colored panel to match my computer.
  12. Old thread, but I'd thought I'd mention that Apple's NuBUS ethernet card is easily the best card of them all. The A/ROSE makes a VERY big different on slower machines. Even on my 040 accelerated IIci, my network speeds were noticeably faster.
  13. Well, I think I found my ultimate monitor. Actually found one on Craigstlist, but it's on the other side of the country in New Jersey. Gonna see if they'll ship. There're quite a few on eBay, but they're all black. I might get a black one for my DOS PC, though, even though I really like my little 15" IBM. NEC LCD1980SX. Man that's a nice looking screen. And it allows you to disable image expansion. I went through several dozen different monitors on eBay. Only other monitor I found that had the same options was the SONY LMD-1950MD. None of the "Professional" Dells or even VueSonic did it.
  14. olePigeon

    SCSI to Ethernet Adapter on New Hardware

    This is seriously cool. I know it's super early in development, but you know what would be nifty? Design a SCSI2SD with a 2nd SCSI port that bridges perfectly to this card. Then you secure the two together with some standoffs. You'd then have a combo storage + SCSI device that'd sit nicely in the drive bay.
  15. Looks like their 19" version also supports it and is more common. Someone even has a bunch of loose monitors for sale. A bit worried about dead pixels and scratches. Wouldn't hurt to ask. $50 shipped isn't too shabby.