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  1. olePigeon

    Auto inject floppy lubrication

    @LaPorta It's like butter. The mechanical action is super smooth. Once you try it, you'll see what I mean. It's completely different from lithium grease.
  2. olePigeon

    Auto inject floppy lubrication

    FYI: I used the EM-30L grease on my recent floppy refurb, and it's WAY smoother than the lithium grease. It's also ... I don't know ... fluffier? It was more difficult to apply as it didn't want to stick to either the metal or the applicator, which I guess is a good thing.
  3. olePigeon

    Compact Mac Test Stand

    Man, I could have REALLY used one of those a couple years ago. Nice work.
  4. olePigeon

    AdobePS & PostScript Printers

    @NJRoadfan Are you certain? I'm pretty sure with the LaserWriter 8 driver + Desktop Printer Utility, you can add a networked printer via IP address. I'm fairly certain you can.
  5. olePigeon

    Auto inject floppy lubrication

    @LaPorta Oh, perfect! I'm going to order some. I've tried both lithium grease (recommended) and silicon grease, and neither work. The lithium grease works for a couple weeks, but then the floppy drive becomes difficult to use. It'll be hard to inject a floppy, and sometimes it won't eject even though the motor and gears are good.
  6. olePigeon

    Developing a portable user-land AppleTalk stack

    @mactjaap I can't download the latest Alpha to test it. I always get an error: --------- GRY SIGNED TEXT --------- custom variation: 200314_032356_695 options : -br 37 -t mc64 -m II -hres 1024 -vres 768 time : Sat Mar 14 03:23:56 2020 failed to build ------- BEGIN GRY SIGNATURE ------- Gry/nUU60LqH9A2V/ITbRA0gZGBnB2ihen6qtACqZ6XA3qptk76S2mp7zHfYsv/t qFT40sQni8uuv6iaf93GYslsm8BfsVxhenPkfqlsrPoj9hYWxtvvpGtpwvq1b6su 5fPWtZIPrMQX6Kd+4w/VXLf3pzk3hdmxjCXd2HCgMtS1p0GHojpwC5B4UWpEIlGg -------- END GRY SIGNATURE --------
  7. olePigeon

    LCII, Performa 456, and empty 800k Floppy Enclosure

    The smooth ones were sold along side the Macintosh Plus. I don't know if they can be upgraded to a SuperDrive.
  8. olePigeon

    Developing a portable user-land AppleTalk stack

    I can't get the Gryphal service to work, I always get an error that it couldn't be compiled.
  9. olePigeon

    Developing a portable user-land AppleTalk stack

    @cheesestraws My suggestion is to take your time and put your health first. If you're looking for a way to turn your brain off for a while, I'd like to suggest Mystery Science Theater 3000. Start at Season 2 just to get your feat wet. You don't even have to think of the jokes. They're either provided by the commentary, or, they just write themselves given how bad the movies are.
  10. olePigeon

    Developing a portable user-land AppleTalk stack

    @LaPorta From what I understand, it's so you can do AppleTalk directly between an Emulator and a vintage Mac.
  11. olePigeon

    Developing a portable user-land AppleTalk stack

    @mactjaap I will this weekend. I have to get my AppleTalk bridge out of the garage, which will be apart of my organizing efforts to label all my storage boxes so I don't have to spend an hour looking for stuff every time I want to get them out.
  12. @wileyc Oooo, thank you. I like to collect ROMs. Backing up hardware is hard to do without the right gear.
  13. I'm partial to the Precision Color Pro 24X series, especially if you get one in the red or blue PCB.
  14. olePigeon

    SE/30 DiiMO accelerator cloning

    Could this be used to also make an 040 upgrade?
  15. olePigeon

    Help with Mac Plus networking??

    Should be in the Compact Mac forum, this is the Conquests forum. In any event, if you are using MacTCP, then you have to manually put in the IP address, subnet, gateway, domain, etc. MacTCP will not work with DHCP on modern equipment.