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  1. olePigeon

    SCSI Voodoo HowTo

    I don't know if this is bad termination, but it was the only way I could get my computer to boot with all my devices attached: SCSI BUS 0 - MB --- HDD --- JAZ --- CDR --- MO1 --- PT:MO2:AT HDD: ID0 JAZ: ID2 CDR: ID3 MO1: ID4 MO2: ID5 I left 1 open for a second HDD or Apple brand CD-ROM. If I don't have the passive terminator (with the pass-through connector), even though I have the end of the SCSI chain terminated, it still fails. I also tried switching around the order of the devices, but that didn't help. It also fails if I have just a passive terminator at the end. For some reason, this combination works. If I don't have it, then it won't detect one or more of my devices (including the HDD itself.)
  2. olePigeon

    Apple Studio 21 inch CRT....dang

    If you leave it unplugged for a day, there shouldn't be any risk of getting shocked.
  3. olePigeon

    MAC 512k

    If it was great condition with all the accessories, accessory boxes, manuals & disks, original box (also in great condition), etc., I'd say $500 to $750. If it's vanilla but has any upgrades like a 6MB MacSnap and/or HyperDrive, maybe $100 to $200 depending on the upgrade.
  4. olePigeon

    Multiprocessor SE/30!

    @Trash80toHP_Mini I think so.
  5. Those sound cool. I've never heard of them. I know people always talk about Macintosh Garden, but there're a lot of shareware and freeware titles that don't make it on there, like these two Monitor apps. My "The Art of Darkness" book mentions 4 or 5 freeware and shareware After Dark modules that are now unobtanium. All the original FTPs & websites have gone dark, all the commercial sites only ever hotlinked, and no one bothered to back them up.
  6. olePigeon

    Found Athana's Website

    I think floppydisk.com is the last company to sell floppies (in the U.S.)
  7. olePigeon

    RAM contact pads pitted , can I repair?

    Wouldn't hurt.
  8. @Von If you click the Identify button, does a 2 show up on the Radius screen?
  9. olePigeon

    Force 10 mbps on 10/100 hub with Cat3 cable?

    I don't think a Cat3 cable will force 10Mbps. I've had good luck with Netgear. I have an older 8 port FS08 10/100 Netgear, and it works as the perfect intermediary.
  10. olePigeon

    what is this white stuff on board

    That'd be it.
  11. olePigeon

    haplain's never-ending quest

    Ask if they can video document the process. I'd like to see them recover and get it working.
  12. olePigeon

    what is this white stuff on board

    If it's a tough, but semi-soft white goop that looks like it was placed in various areas (kinda like a more resilient hot-glue), then it's likely an ESD & high-temperature safe resin epoxy that they use to secure stuff to motherboards. Sometimes it's hard like a rock, though. You'll sometimes see it blobbed in there to secure heavier components (or components that may vibrate) and keep them from becoming damaged from movement. You can sometimes melt it with an iron, or if you can get a good grip with pliers, peel it off. But you have to be careful not to pull off components as it could have solidified around leads or other parts that might catch. I'm sure it has some official electronicsy-sounding name, but I don't know what it's called.
  13. olePigeon

    Macintosh Plus with internal SyMBiotic 20 MB hard disk

    I just thought of something. If you could somehow get a transparent red Apple badge to replace the one on the front there, you could then pipe the LED through to the badge (it should already have a hole for removing the badge.) Then the Apple would glow with the LED flashes. Could probably do it with some resin and a simple clay mold. Dang it. Now I wanna try it.
  14. @bibilit Usually, but not always. I've worked on cases with 4 silver screws. I think it just depended on when/where Apple got their screws from.
  15. olePigeon

    haplain's never-ending quest

    @haplain I would highly recommend getting ahold of CuriousMarc. He's a Bay Area local and deals with the Computer History Museum on a regular basis. He and his buddies are the smartest guys around when it comes to the obscure and the historically important. Lots of bearded veterans from HP, Xerox PARC, Bell, etc. They restore all sorts of historical and sometimes not-so-historical equipment, and I bet they'd be interested in helping you out. Including recapping it and transferring the data off the HDD. My favorite project they worked on was restring a Xerox Alto. I watched the series from start to finish as they were doing it, it was great.