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  1. olePigeon

    Laserwriter / Laserwriter Plus refurbishment

    According to Wikipedia, the LaserWriter used the same paper trays and toner as the original LaserJet. So there's some hope there that they might use the same rollers. Definitely worth checking out. Also, the list of compatible printers with said toner (they all use the Canon XC engine) is quite extensive. One of those might also use the same rollers and/or pickup pads. Lots of avenues to explore.
  2. olePigeon

    Laserwriter / Laserwriter Plus refurbishment

    @pcamen Oh, ok. Yeah, rejuvenator is usually for pickup rollers that have dried up and started cracking. They no longer "stick" to the paper. Looks like you have the exact opposite problem. I assume you've already looked at rollers and pads from other printers and thought about just replacing them?
  3. olePigeon

    Laserwriter / Laserwriter Plus refurbishment

    @pcamen @danda Have either of you tried Rubber Rejuvenator on the rollers?
  4. olePigeon

    SE/30 Schematics and the missing "Page 9"

    I was expecting a "This page intentionally left blank."
  5. olePigeon

    My IIci rebuild video series

    https://youtu.be/3VRS2_MTsBI?t=1888 When I wasn't using solder paste and did it that way, I had a pad lift up from the strain once. I learned that because of the sometimes precarious condition of the pads, after I solder the other side, I go back and touch the solder one more time on the original side so it's not pulling up on the pad from being bent over.
  6. olePigeon

    Laserwriter / Laserwriter Plus refurbishment

    @pcamen Darn. I'm super interested as I've been wanting a working LaserWriter for ages, but I'm in NorCal. I even have a Xante Accel-a-Writer LaserWriter upgrade that I've held onto all these years hoping to use it. It's replacement PCB that's supposed to give you more control over the printer's motors, toner, etc. to effectively increasing the DPI. Xante made Accel-a-Writer upgrades for various printer models. Pretty cool upgrade.
  7. olePigeon

    Macintosh LC Takes Forever to Boot

    You might as well recap everything at once while you're doing it. Save you a bit of money on shipping at the very least with a single order.
  8. olePigeon

    Macintosh LC Takes Forever to Boot

    I've bought new-old-stock LC motherboards before, and they had leaked capacitors. They don't have to have been used.
  9. olePigeon

    Dual 600MHz Cube

    I guess not unless you buy the aftermarket upgrades with the beefier power supply, but they usually include a loud fan that defeats the purpose of a silent cube.
  10. olePigeon

    Dual 600MHz Cube

    Holy cow, nice job. What about a dual 1GHz from a QuickSilver?
  11. olePigeon

    Apple Joystick Potentiometers

    I found 100K and 200K at my local recycler, but not 150K.
  12. I have a regular LaserJet 5M in my office store room. It's the non-P version, and it has a JetDirect card installed in the expansion slot. Edit: Also, the contents of the floppy disks had LaserJet III and IV PPDs, but just a regular LaserWriter driver. So it spits out generic PostScript. You just need the PPDs. However, it also had a JetDirect Configuration utility.
  13. It's still on HP's website. I found floppy disks at my work for "JetDirect Utility" for LaserJet 4MP. I'm going to see if the contents are different than what's on HP's website. Macintosh, DOS, Windows 3.1, and Novell disks.
  14. olePigeon

    My First Recap - LC

    I agree, replace ALL the caps. I've encountered caps that didn't look like they were leaking, but when I removed them, all the electrolytic stuff was completely dried and the cap was almost useless.
  15. olePigeon

    Best macOS version for IIci?

    I'm a big fan of 7.1 Pro. It has the functionality of 7.5, but all the extra bits can be disabled or uninstalled. So depending on your memory configuration, it can be either very lightweight or robust. You can, of course, pick and choose which features you'd like.