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  1. $4 Macintosh IIsi

    Phew! Got that Maxell battery out in the nick of time! Could've been worse ... a LOT worse.
  2. Wifi Extension Development Thread

    OK, I ordered a Vonets. It'll be here in 2 to 6 weeks. Shipping from China is cheap, but not fast.
  3. Farallon EtherMac MicroSCSI

    I had the exact same issue with my Farallon SCSI adapter. It was the larger desktop version, but I never got it to work. The lights would flash on boot and when loading the driver, but then nothing else. Also, if I ran the network utility, it'd freeze the computer. I eventually sold it as salvage. I never did figure it out. I sure hope you do, you seem more knowledgable about the technical side of it.
  4. AEK typing gibberish in text entry

    Could you run a patch wire and permanently ground Pin 24? Or would that mess it up somehow?
  5. Scutboy's Stuff

    The RAM might be worth more than the computer.
  6. Wifi Extension Development Thread

    Ooo, can't wait. I'll buy a wireless doohicky and give it a go when you're ready.
  7. The older CD-ROMs don't work well with CD-Rs. I have a 600e that works great, but when it comes to CD-Rs it's hit or miss. If I burned a CD at 1x speed, I can sometimes get it to work.
  8. AEK typing gibberish in text entry

    You could try desoldering a keycap from a good key and put it where the control key is. Could still be the key switch. I think the AEK uses ALPS key switches which you can find online. I think it's worth repairing because the AEK is one of the best keyboards out there for the Mac. Great keyboard in general.
  9. AEK typing gibberish in text entry

    I was thinking it could be the key switch, but if it shows that both the Control keys are pressed, then It's probably shorting somewhere. You can try following the traces on the PCB for the control keys and see where they end up. Then see if maybe there's something shorting it, maybe dust or hair, or who knows what.
  10. RaSCSI Development Thread

    I like the use of the SIPs. Old school SCSI.
  11. Transwarp GS clone made again

    I preordered one with my tax return.
  12. Macintosh ED DOVE enhanced

    Also, I love that Dove badge. I like that it's actually a molded & painted badge and not just a sticker.
  13. Macintosh ED DOVE enhanced

    You should spray the chassis and HDD mount with some Krylon black rust protector. It'd look great.
  14. can Apple IIGS play classic Apple II games?

    I think "playable" is subjective. Running Conan or Karateka at 2.6 MHz is a blast! It's like Expert mode.
  15. Apple IIe without disk drive

    Oh, OK.