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  1. @bibilit Usually, but not always. I've worked on cases with 4 silver screws. I think it just depended on when/where Apple got their screws from.
  2. olePigeon

    haplain's never-ending quest

    @haplain I would highly recommend getting ahold of CuriousMarc. He's a Bay Area local and deals with the Computer History Museum on a regular basis. He and his buddies are the smartest guys around when it comes to the obscure and the historically important. Lots of bearded veterans from HP, Xerox PARC, Bell, etc. They restore all sorts of historical and sometimes not-so-historical equipment, and I bet they'd be interested in helping you out. Including recapping it and transferring the data off the HDD. My favorite project they worked on was restring a Xerox Alto. I watched the series from start to finish as they were doing it, it was great.
  3. The colors for the screws aren't always the same, but whatever the color is, the bottom two screws are a different threading than the top two screws inside the handle. I would recommend what maceffects said. Have someone pull the case apart while you unscrew.
  4. olePigeon

    512k Mac’s-a-Million Upgrade

    Very cool that you got it working. Nice machine. Now it can play Dark Castle.
  5. olePigeon

    How to make disks for a IIGS?

    You can also just swap a SuperDrive into the 800k case.
  6. olePigeon

    radius rocket info

    Heck of a setup. I have picture somewhere when I briefly had 3 RadiusRockets all running inside a IIci. Sold the other 2, but I still have my boxed one in there with 128MBs of RAM.
  7. olePigeon

    Mac System 7 ... on an iPad.

    Well, if it's worth $99 to you, you could get it onto your iPad by purchasing a dev account. While you're at it, load every other emulator onto your iPad or iPhone. For testing purposes only, of course.
  8. olePigeon

    512k Mac’s-a-Million Upgrade

    They could have been bundled together. The SCSI upgrade looks similar to the later upgrades that came out once the Plus hit the market. A lot of companies made them. It essentially turned the 512k into a 512KE by adding Macintosh Plus ROMs and a SCSI controller which (as you noted) snaked out the back. The ribbon cable out the side could possibly be connected to the RAM card to give it Direct Memory Access for faster SCSI transfers. Since it had the Plus ROMs, the RAM upgrade could have been anywhere between 512K to 3.5MB (giving you a total of between 1MB and 4MB.) They're certainly nice upgrades. You might be able to get it working by pulling all the RAM chips and spraying in some Deoxit. If you decide to get rid of it, let me know, I'd be interested in playing with it.
  9. olePigeon

    Androda's random finds

    I fixed a SCSI caddy loader with the same symptoms. The capacitors near the power port had leaked an were going bad. I removed and recapped that area, and then it worked like new.
  10. olePigeon

    Asian Macintosh PCI clones

    I'd still be interested. The pics of that Pioneer are pretty cool. Looks like a 7600 with a nice speaker setup, and a front profile to match the Pioneer CD / DVD / VHS of the era.
  11. @Gorgonops Wow, that is one awesome computer. Too bad my local recycler closed, probably had a more than decent chance of finding one there.
  12. @Gorgonops Damn it! Now I want that sooooo bad for my 486 PC. Thanks a lot.
  13. Only sold in and around Germany. Apparently it came in different colors, too. I've never seen a picture of one outside of promotional material, or even heard of someone who's actually seen one in person.
  14. Fantastic conquest. My dream machine is the MaxxBoxx Tsunami 960/800 MP. It was a German licensed clone with a similar setup, quad 200MHz 604s. I really liked the cube look.
  15. olePigeon

    Radius pivot 0379 Monitor Issue

    I agree, probably bad caps. The fact that it "warms up" and gets a picture eventually seems like a cap issue. I think there's a small chance it could be a cracked solder joint that forms a better connection as it the metal heats up, but it seems to me that would be more of an on/off binary problem and not a gradual problem.