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VST Zip 100 bay module for 190/5300 system hangs


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I have a VST Zip module that used work flawlessly on both 190 and 5300ce. Now after several years of non use I had to fix a series of troubles, from vinegar syndrome to plastic case damages and hinges. Well, out of a complete collection of 190/5300 (190 bw, color, 5300 bw, vga and supervga, and some custom modifications such as a 190 active matrix) I ended up with just three working machines: a 190 cs and two 5300 ce.

Unfortunaltely on all of them the system hangs with the module installed. 190 runs 7.5.2 specific, the 5300 run one 7.6.1 and one 9.0 (I recall using Airport via a lucent wificard), all have Iomega stuff (extension and control panel) but I cannot get to use this Zip module.

Should I look for specific VST extension/drivers?