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upgrading to osx 10.4 on imac g3

I am presently running mac 9.2 and osx 10.3.9 on my imac g3. i have installed ex post facto on my mac, and am trying to install 10.4 from a portable dvd drive hooked into the usb port. the upgrade drop in disk is recognized, but when i run expost facto it says the upgrade disk is not bootable and will not work. any suggestions? the upgrade disk is an  offical drop in upgrade disk to 10.4 i bought off ebay.

it's a 350mhz with a slot cd drive, no firewire port. i've upgraded the hard disk and the memory is 512 (i believe maximum)

CD versions of Tiger exist. That would probably be the only way to get Tiger onto your machine, considering it has no FireWire and I'm pretty sure is actually too old to boot from USB at all.