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Treo 650


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Really nice device. Getting a SIM adapter to try out the telephony. Radiates quality, and the camera isn't as bad as I thought it would be. The screen in particular is crisp and bright.



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I went through three of those back in the day. The hardware isn't... terrible, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it as a daily driver today.

(The radiation you interpret as "quality" is actually mediocrity, they can be hard to distinguish sometimes.)'

(Edit: Okay, in fairness only two out of the three broke. One was a 600, not a 650, and I was upgraded after a year because for some reason the custom software we were using for corporate email syncing made a 650 the minimum spec after a version rev. The first 650 lasted a little less than a year before just "bricking", and the second one... I think I got almost two years out of it, but for the second of those years the camera was broken in this awesome way that made it produce bizarre green-tinted "Predator Vision" pictures and video. Then one day it just randomly nearly caught fire in my pants pocket and that was the end of that.

Edit, again... maybe the PredatorVision one was a 700p? I forget, they all run together other than I remember the 600 had the Color GameBoy-res screen while the later two had the nice high-density one.)

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I always like to collect older mobile phones... I have a couple Blackberry 8600s that I want to use as my main phone lol



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I am a fan of Palm devices, have a lot of them...but don't have any of the phone ones.



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I am a fan also.  I have a few legacy Palm OS PDAs and a few webOS devices as well.  Great products, but terrible business decisions - reminds me of Amiga in a lot of ways.



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I actually do have an old mobile collection (some old Toshiba Pocket PCs, a T|X, Nokia N800 and N900, which was my daily driver for ~2 years)