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SE/30 Logic Board Recap


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My Mouser order turned up today so I have started on my first ever recap on the newest SE/30 with the vertical scan problem.

So far I have removed all the caps, cleaned up the pads, cleared the holes, and done and initial swab down of the board with IPA.

Here is the board:


And some close up shots









I have looked at the traces after cleaning and everything looks pretty tidy.  

Next step is to recap with solid tantalums and radials as per JDW's recent post and then wash the board down with IPA and dry it off.



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As someone who is yet to recap a board I wish you good luck and thank you for posting about it mid-progress. Can't wait to see how it turns out o7



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So almost finished the recap today MOSTLY went well BUT looking at the photos above I think I damaged a trace when desoldering C2 - you can see it in the above photos.  I have some thin wire and solder mask on order so I will need to fix the trace before I can replace C2.  Fixing traces is well out of my comfort zone!!!

I also managed to somehow re-block the hole by C2 and it was a total pain to get the solder out again - I managed in the end with an oversized solder tip and some wick but that is probably how I damaged the trace in the first place.

I used 25v Tantalums as per JDWs post - his choice of caps are Black - the line for +ve is really hard to see and made life a little more difficult.

I also reflowed all the joints on the mainboard connector and either as a result of this or the hot air to remove the caps there is now some damage to the base of the connector, its unsightly but I dont think it will affect the connector, might be one to replace in the future!

Here are some photos:







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So the last few parts turn up and I made some progress.

This is my second ever trace repair, first one on a mac.  Its just above C2 on the left:


The whole board is now having a well earned bath in IPA after a good scrub down with an anti-static brush:


I'll let it soak overnight then dry it off for a couple of days - then we will see



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So its all back together after the recap and the IPA soak.  I switched on got the chime and I can hear the had disk booting but I have still just got a single line display!IMG_1037.jpg

I know the chassis is good - I've connected another SE/30 board and it displays fine, this board exhibits the same problem when plugged into the other chassis.

Its something logic board related but now I am not sure where to start.  I guess I am off to read the manuals and see what to look at next.

Good news is the re-cap and trace repair seem to have worked (phew)