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SE/30 HDD Led


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Just pulled the drives out of my working SE/30 and noticed that the HDD bracket has an LED at the front that does not seem to be connected to anything:IMG_0978.jpg


I am assuming their should be a connection between this LED and the HDD, looking at the HDD itself I can see what I think is an LED jumper top left on the following:


Will I need anything other than a pair of wires and some 2 pin connectors?



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There were at least 5 different connectors that could have been used to plug an LED into a hard drive over the years. Usually the SE/30 had one of the larger styles that may have gone onto that drive's connector but if it did it wouldn't have been a good fit. Most likely you're missing the cable from the LED because it was removed indelicately when the original drive was replaced; that IBM drive was never standard equipment in an SE/30 as they usually had full-height drives such as the Quantum ProDrive 40-100MB models, but also the non-factory mounting bracket and the drive's Apple sticker date of 1992 kind of gives it away as a replacement. These are good drives though so if it works I'd keep it.

But yes: just an appropriate connector and necessary wires and you can plug that LED into that drive.