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SE/30 Graphics failure after MOBO wash


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I got a steal on an SE/30 for $30 last weekend. When I went to the sellers house, the machine was fully working (without any audio). I took it home and opened it up to remove the battery as well as replacing all the caps. I ordered the caps online and washed the lobo in warm water to remove any cap goo. I dried the board, and put it back to together in anticipation of the new caps coming. On boot up the screen shows a garbled image. I reseated the video chip, but it still shows the same lines. I have posted a picture below.




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Do you have slow chimes? grab a pair of headphones just to be sure. 

If not, its ROM related, if so, its RAM related. Also, check your 5V and 12V to make sure they are within spec. 

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