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Just got this in the mail, and threw it in my 800 for 1024x768x24bit@60Hz accelerated with RasterOps Drivers 3.3 which was cool to find on driver museum


RasterOps 24XLTV!  Doesn't have the breakout cable, if anyone has one for sale let me know!

Looks like this: 


But the video is crisp and smooth.  As a bonus it works with A/UX 3.1.1 also, but no acceleration tho, but still to have 24bit at 1024x768 is great!!




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New recruits fully rescued...gotta bump up my sig numbers as soon as I overhaul them, the 800 is strictly a backup machine unless, the one I use dies.  I have to have my backup for my working machine.

G3/266: computer name = ratio


Got him after the auction ended, was local, so I called in a pickup for $100.  Good rev too.

He's going to be a perfect 8.6 Apple Telecom 3.1.3 Answering Machine, Fax Center, with AppleShare IP 6.3 with Tools as a "Bridge Server" for 10.6.8 to 7.6.1 and even A/UX.  For always on, low noise.

This is the 800 for storage.





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Haven't got this yet, but I needed a 68k/PPC machine with WI-FI for the COUCH!


Got it for the Apple 40th Anniversary! Should be my last piece for a while.

Too bad it's only 30GB and only 802.11b

but it still boots 9.2.2 and will run 10.5 if needed when I can get around to getting a 60GB or 120GB SSD

I am just going to run 9.2.2 and 10.4.11 with classic mode, and native 9, hopefully, till that lasts...

if any one knows of a 802.11g option that would be cool...



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Nice one, a pristine Titanium is a thing of beauty (not the knackered ones though with broken hinges and peeling paint).  You can pick up USB 802.11g adapters, I used an ASUS WL-167g in my Ti PB in mine as it came with PPC 10.4 drivers.  There are comparable USB adapters new on eBay, but you'd have to research the chipset to see if a generic PPC driver is available for it.



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Man, I used to have one of these, but it was plastic, I just found two of these bad boys, and now all of my machines can be connected.  Off the last port on my 8 port switch, I got 3 machines in a daisy using these, YES!

Farallon EtherWaves!  Two of them (metal versions):


So, I go from, last port on the hub, to Quadra 800 to Quadra 840 to either PowerBook 520/520c (with an Asante), closing the path.

So happy!  They work well...



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So, I had my Quadra 800 sitting there with a dual boot OS one for 68K and the other for PPC (FAT), just in case I some day find an APMUC, well after a year of having an eBay listing followed one showed up!



Just got it yesterday, opened it up, and put this sucker in, booted to 68K which it was running, went to Extensions Manager and loaded a group just for PPC, then I rebooted.  I went to the PPC Control Panel, and turned on PPC.  Shutdown the computer, counted to 30, then reboot, got the PPC chime, booted right up.

The video card I have has PPC drivers and things were snappy!  But I just wanted this for nostalgia.  Checked About Mac, and listed as Power Macintosh, all crunched up of course, then I ran some PPC only apps I compiled, and boom sauce!  Went back to the CPU CP, switched back to 68K, shutdown, 30 count powered back on.  68K chime.

Last test, boot into A/UX with card installed, NO PROBLEMS.  Smooth sailing, booted back into 7.6.1 (68K) then, shutdown... 

That's my weekend coming up...



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Oh this wasn't really a steal but...

Airport Extreme 4th Gen:


I wanted to post this incase some people didn't know, but:

They have these "Mesh" WiFi routers called Eero and they are like $500 and you get 3 units, that bridge in their own special way, meshing.

Honestly tho, on a budget, and lowendmac style, you can get an Airport Extreme 4th Gen or 2nd Gen, for basically $25 a piece shipped!

But here is why a 68Kmla cat, might want to do this.  WPA, WPA2, WEP, etc

I forget right now, but on OS9 with a Wifi card it isn't FRIENDLY let say with WEP for sure on a 4th Gen, so if you have just a 4th Gen you can't lower the security unless you just have NO security if you want OS9 to connect (This is in Airport Utility macOS Sierra), but if you have say 3 x 4th Gen, in your OWN Bridging design and then ethernet to a 2nd Gen, making it's own 802.11b/g you can still setup WPA for OS9 (2nd Gen), I mean it's low security but...I make mine private/hidden, so it's not visible.

But you can get 3 x 4th Gen and 1x 2nd Gen for $100 STRAIGHT.   If you can live with 802.11n, and b/g for old stuff eBay is A SICK ASS way to go vs Eero...

Plus compatibility with ALL your Devices...

Good Luck Out there...